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  1. If you watch through a browser use uBlock Origin. It gets rid of the RM ads and any others that are inserted by the video player and aren't actually part of the live stream. As a bonus it gets rid of ads on Youtube too.
  2. Thank you @DrumCorpsRadio for sharing this with us! It has been a great read!
  3. Interesting where many other circuits are canceling their seasons, often with a unanimous vote, but MCBA states that 96% of their membership supports moving ahead with a full slate of October shows with only state championships cancelled. Knowing band directors, I somehow get the feeling there was less of a consensus in that meeting than they claim.
  4. Looks like Guardians and White Sabers were the two most recent to use it, in 2016. Fantastique
  5. They've been contacting high school band directors in the Carolinas to advertise auditions to their students. Hope nobody gets burned. I knew some kids who were in Coastal Surge in 2015. They paid their money, moved in with the corps and worked their tails off, and then had the rug pulled out from under them. None of the ones I knew ever even considered auditioning for another corps after that experience. On the positive side, at least Carolina Gold is an established organization with years of touring in DCA under their belts. So maybe it is a bit different than a group that has only bee
  6. IIRC he was injured early on so they put him in that role. Pretty sure he returned in 2007 and was a soloist.
  7. So someone is going to be in a banana suit, right? Maybe the drum majors.
  8. Having the flub line definitely makes the whole group better. At least some of those snare and tenor players in Vandegrift's battery probably marched flubs in past years and were much better prepared to move up because of it.
  9. The ones in the back are commonly called "flubs". Usually flub players are younger members who don't have the chops yet to make the snare or tenor line and they play a less technical part that's more focused on impacts.
  10. Their percussion director is Joe Hobbs so yes, they are definitely on the radar.
  11. 1. Blue Knights 2. Carolina Crown 3. Blue Devils 4. Blue Stars 5. Boston Crusaders 6. Santa Clara Vanguard 7. Mandarins 8. Phantom Regiment 9. Bluecoats 10. Cavaliers 11. Crossmen 12. Cadets