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  1. They need to find a way to dampen the lids of the storage compartments in the props better than they currently are. The sound of those things slamming shut cut right through the hornline.
  2. I did make it out for ensemble tonight. A few thoughts.. -That beginning, yeah it's loud..though it's assisted. -It looked to me that the rain has put them a bit behind in the visual department in adding and getting forms cleaned up. Not a worry though, they'll get there. -The earlier poster who was not as hyped about Gabriel's Oboe, I agree. It's good but it's missing something. The flugel duet needs some reworking and balancing I think. -I really REALLY like the show concept. This is going to be their best show design in many years. I'm pretty sure I have it figured out based on the props and some of the pre-recorded voice. It may not be apparent to all on first viewing, though I think there is more to be added. I won't give too much away, but think along the lines of certain mathematical patterns and how they repeatedly show up in reality.
  3. The Friday show would be cool, but I think I may try to go Thursday if the weather cooperates. I live about an hour and a half away so driving that distance I'd like to watch ensemble for a couple hours.
  4. Anybody know when the corps will be leaving GW? Can't make the preview on Sunday so I'd like to make it out to watch ensemble one evening this week.
  5. Bluecoats 2007. Beat every other corps head to head that year and ended up 7th.
  6. I'm not sure I would say it's their best ever. SCV has had some fantastic shows in each distinct era of drum corps. But 99 is one of my absolute favorites. It's the show that took me as a teenager from "drum corps is cool" to being obsessed. I love the power and intensity throughout.
  7. Maybe those instructors should consider that there are waaaaaaaaaaay more corps members who are injured because of excessively intense rehearsals, and being expected to tough it out when there is an abnormal pain that needs to be addressed, than there are because of unaware field judges.
  8. It is. BOA doesn't even sell recorded A/V products anymore and hasn't since I think 2014. With hundreds of different groups performing at their shows it just isn't worth the time to pursue it, much less the money necessary.
  9. The entire old website was much better. As for 2019, Winston-Salem and Flo for me. Maybe Lexington, SC. We'll see, I'm not a huge fan of driving four hours round trip for a 5 corps show.
  10. $99.95 for the finals blu-ray. It's been $120 at release every year prior hasn't it? I hope this is because of DCI listening to the fans saying they were too expensive, and not due them being unable to justify that price because of a massive amount of cuts.
  11. Not surprised DCI is dropping the DVD option. Everything eventually gets phased out. Considering that Blu-ray players have been available to consumers since 2003 and became fairly affordable by around 2008/2009 or so, and DCI starting offering finals on Blu-ray in 2009, I'm surprised it took this long. How far into the life cycle of the DVD medium did DCI stop offering VHS?
  12. I'm glad that Chad Pence will be back. I thought BK's brass was very underrated this past season.
  13. Daniel Montoya announced on Facebook that he will no longer be the program coordinator/arranger for Guardians. Wonder if they'll move away from their unique "hip hop" style of drum corps or if they'll maintain that identity.
  14. I suppose rumors maybe should be discouraged? I dunno, I guess I'll stay vague. I was told by a corps member of a certain fan favorite..that a couple nights ago the director had a pow-wow with them, without any other staff, and told them that most if not all of the guard and visual staff were going to be fired because of mistreatment of corps members. But that the brass and percussion staff were solid and would be invited back.