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  1. Evans bottom heads seem to let the snares be snares. I other words they dont get in the way if you know what I mean
  2. Why did ya'll react to this troll (Martin I. Zing) Troll !
  3. First show 1976 I still want field judges Geez
  4. Yes! End Of Story. People will argue Mumbo Jumbo BS but I WAS THERE and I HEARD it AND Crown this year was the closest yet But still not quite there.
  5. <sigh> wow. uh Only a few have mentioned it BUT!!!! The ULTIMATE IMPACT of ALL TIME !!!!! <Reality> 1979/1980 Spirit of Atlanta Opening <sheesh people>
  6. Pro Baseball games on TV will usually tell on air right after the seventh inning. Pro football sometimes will say on the air during the third quarter right after the half sometimes
  7. Until the switch to the new horns this year BD's hornlines in my opinion had the brightest sound. Very bright and high end oriented. I've even see people post that on here in other threads. To me they had the "brightest horn sound" much brighter than Cavaliers. Cavaliers just haven't brought the power in some of the last few seasons (Mezzo Forte at the loudest in some shows). Crown and Phantom tie for my Favorite hornlines in the last 5 seasons. Very Entertaining and I walk away humming their stuff the most.
  9. FACT FACT FACT !!!! I Love BD. Didn't like all of the show this year. Didn't hate it either. DID NOT CHANGE MY OPINION OF BD ONE BIT!! Still love BD. Excellence rules. BD could have played ASPHALT COCKTAIL if they wanted to. Corps do it all the time when other corps play the same schtuff. Maybe they'll play it in the future. Who knows. Would it have changed my mind about the show? Again, who knows.
  10. Nah That would be me <---6'6" 450 LOL
  11. Yeah People don't stick with what the OP intended hardly ever on this forum <sigh> Sorry. But I will. I think it has been succesfull. I love the large hornlines. Marching holes is an age old problem. I don't think the corps size increase changed this. I always heard discussion of holes even when the rules were 128 members. 34th season of following drum corps here.