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  1. amfgx

    World Guards Folding?

    I feel like this is how rumors start and spread.
  2. amfgx

    setting new standards?

    Agreed. The goal of her local circuit was to figure out that dance.
  3. amfgx

    Performer Dues

    I am completely serious. I know of about 3 SW guards in Florida alone with fees around 2,000.
  4. amfgx

    2009 WGI Scholastic World

    And random, but if anyone happened to see Douglas live.. Doesn't this resemble a portion of their show right before their green flag feature -> " " Choreography and all!
  5. amfgx

    Performer Dues

    I used to march with a SW a few years back.. And our dues for fall were $800. For winter they were $2,000. Fundraisers included: Selling ads in the football ads(etc) Carwash tickets (selling as many as you could) Working at the local hockey arena behind the service counters/concessions. (The program got most of the money.. but about 30% was put towards paying dues.) Selling candy boxes. And when all else fails, try to find sponsors. The dues usually are paid in a $500 or $600 non refundable down payment. This is used to pay for the floor (which was Printed.) as well as costumes. After the downpayment, you were required to pay $150 per month. These payments go towards the paycheck of instructors/additional choreographers, bus fees, plane fees, admission to circuit competitions, admission into WGI, silks. The payments for makeup (usually from MAC. quite expensive.), showshoes, pratice shoes, rifles ($40), Sabres ($200), gloves ($17), tape, etc..Were not included in dues. In reality, Winter usually wound up costing a total of $2700.
  6. amfgx

    2009 WGI Scholastic World

    "Things happen, things you never see coming..." [-cheshire 2008] I thought that fit perfectly. And this is perfect to make those douglas divas push themselves. In 2007, they placed 8th with The Outcome. This is following 2006, The Hunt, where they did not make finals... History ALWAYS repeats itself. [:
  7. amfgx

    2009 WGI Scholastic World

    Oh definitely. But I am not shocked that they didn't make finals..But more of their final score.. Don't you think that a 74 is ridiculous?
  8. amfgx

    2009 WGI Scholastic World

    Since I'm such a big fan of groups like Stoneman and Northmont, anyone care to explain the scores? ESPECIALLY STONEMAN....With the placement of 22nd out of 24?!
  9. amfgx

    WGI Guard Songs

    The flag feature was Everyday by Carly Comando
  10. amfgx

    Rankings And Predictions (SW)

    Now that I think about it, this thread won't really begin untill this weekend is over. And then WGI is basically here.
  11. amfgx

    Rankings And Predictions (SW)

    After numerous hours on the network here I go: Top 3: 1. Flanagan 2.Logan 3. Avon Spots 4- 11, personally, I think can go either way. It depends who changes what before Ohio comes. Bottom 4: 12.Trumbull 13. Stoneman 14. Northview 15. Seminole
  12. amfgx

    Rankings And Predictions (SW)

    I see your reasoning. But personally, I feel that Seminole and Stoneman have a shot at finals. I feel that Florida is well represented, whether it be the first spot in finals, or the last. Finals is Finals.
  13. amfgx

    Rankings And Predictions (SW)

    Completely agree!!! 2009: The year of the bore-your-way-to-the-top shows!
  14. Rankings for SW class have been all over the place this season. Some guards have jumped up some 6 placings within a two week period. So once again folks, looks like some judges are getting number-happy. So CGP readers, what are your predictions?