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  1. I was such a fan of Aimachi's show...but I have to admit, I can't belive NEi didn't medal. I loved their grace! And frankly, I just didn't think Aimachi was better. Don't get me wrong, I loved their show, Beloved! I just happened to love NEi's production a bit more.
  2. GLG_Guard

    OKAY.... I'm gonna say it

    I have to say I rather disagree. I thought that compared to their last visit to the US, they seemed much more improved. For example, as opposed to a huge focus on the baton aspect of their strengths, they focused on lots of movement and DEFINITELY improved on their equipment books. I loved the emotion behind the sequencing and how each event in the show seemed very well thought out completed before the next event took place. I didn't think Aimachi's Beloved was a let down at all--it was very entertaining, actually.
  3. GLG_Guard

    2009 WGI Scholastic World

    I just want to say this. I was an audience member today during the Scholastic World Prelims and was astounded by a comment made by another audience member after a certain color guard performed. I'll leave names out, but I just want to say this: we should remember that every color guard this weekend has worked for hours upon hours on perfecting their shows--crowd response is often the only source of repayment these ladies and gentlemen receive (other than self-satisfaction, of course) and it should not be up to someone else to decide if their performance was worthy of applause or not if others decide the opposite. It makes me sick to think a man could say such a thing of those kids who performed with their hearts on their sleeves. And I'm almost afraid of the responses I'll get to this post. Although bad sportsmanship is unfortunately part of the activity, it shouldn't just be accepted as something that "happens"--it's absolutely disgraceful. On the upside: I did get the great fortune to be leaving the arena as Avon and Flanagan reached the concession area together. How lovely it is to see competitors congradulating each other on a hard day's work. This is what color guard is about.
  4. GLG_Guard

    Ceres Regional

    Lovedddd the video of Santa Clara!! Holy cow! This show gave me chills and I often find myself logging onto Fan Network just to watch this show one more time. Sooooo impactful. So beautiful. I can't even imagine having been a member of the crowd watching that magic. Favorite moment had to be everything leading up into their all flag feature when all the different sections from opposite corners of the floor crossed and met at the center and "fought" their way with their partner to their ending equipment. And of course, that gorgeous flag feature! Despite all the noise (you can hear the judges recording, the patter of dancers' feet on the gym floor, a police siren!, inevitable drops), it was such a powerful show, the design, the performers, the logic, none of that really played a game with your mind. Yeah, I guess it was a little let down to hear the equipment hit the groud, but we all know all those little flaws won't be there in Dayton. I'm just so excited to see this one live!
  5. GLG_Guard

    Regionals Anyone?

    You know what my absolutely favorite part about the whole WGI Fan Network thing is? The fact that we all get to watch how each program evolves as the season progresses :) I'm sure neither flanagan nor avon, or any guard for that matter, will have the exact same show they put out this past weekend. BTW, Avon's show looks amazing! And Arcadia at the Riverside regional was exquisite. IMHO, I don't know why they didn't take home first, but I'm not certified judge Like I said, I can't wait to see what each of these programs look like in April!
  6. GLG_Guard

    Florida Premiere

    Personally, I have to disagree. I've always been a Flanagan supporter which probably displaces any of my opinions from valid to "bias" but since I'm in no way affiliated with any guards down here, I have to say from what I saw at the Ft. Lauderdale regional, Flanagan will truly be, and is clearly, a contender for the gold medal yet again this year. So long as they keep their pathes straight with a few improvements (I think the audience's attention started to wane a bit right before the all-flag feature), I see these young ladies and gents going far! As far as Premonition goes, yes, they have most definitely improved! No more 80s-styled confetti in their silks! Definite crowd pleaser, but as I've noticed, not particularly "visually stunning, " though there are bits of interesting drill here and there, lots of exciting movement such as their opening phrases, I just don't see how "Magic" quite fits into the staging. If they are able to figure out how to better fit the theme of their show into their productions outside of the enormous robes the males wear as "warlocks," I just don't think the concept will make much sense. Though I will admit, fitting a particular show theme to a T is not what it's all about. Lastly, Braddock. Great. Frankly, it kind of ended a bit too abruptly for me, but that's just my opinion. At the end of the show when the flags had reached the perimeter of the floor and layed down, I kept expecting the music to keep playing. Perhaps that was the effect of they were searching for? I feel like every single world class guard (ok, not EVERY single one) is doing a show about improving the world, change, hope, etc. I mean at the Ft. Lauderdale regional alone, Freedom HS, Flanagan (debateably, though I disagree, my collegues argue that HOPE is in their show title HOPElandic), Fahrenheit, The Knights, and Braddock. However, what an AMAZING sabre book! I think someone said this on the other thread, but most definitely the tightest, cleanest sabreline of the night!
  7. GLG_Guard

    Regionals Anyone?

    OHH! So that's what that was! LOL I was there on saturday night and the section leading up to their flag feature, all of a sudden, there seemed to be this oohing. I figured it was just the soundtrack and didn't think anything of it (I was high up and I guess I missed the facial expressions). Now that I think about it, what a cute addition to their show. Kind of gives it a feel of if the show itself is actually alive. How cool would it be to have the whole dayton arena "oohing" come finals? kind of like james logan that one year with the clapping? How exciting!
  8. GLG_Guard

    Regionals Anyone?

    well, apparently down at the ft. lauderdale regional, the equipment judge had placed the top guards in the IW, SW, and IA classes below some of their competitors. FIU, I think, 12-pointed Medea, yet the equipment judge placed them in 3rd? Same with Braddock Independent being behind Premonition and Flanagan behind Stoneman Douglas. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I wouldn't want to start any unnecessary debates. Just thought it a little funny... Also, just saw the scores for the Dayton regional finals. What happened to the Avon/Miamisburg scores?
  9. GLG_Guard

    Florida World Guards

    You know what I haven't seen on this topic yet? Choctaw! I wonder how things are over there... Anyone know?
  10. GLG_Guard

    Florida World Guards

    In regards to Flanagan's show, I believe this was posted on the WGI website today. Seems like a typical "Flanagan show," but I think I'd be opening a can of worms I don't mean to... In any case, it'll be interesting to see where they take this. As for Braddock, anyone know which Radiohead song they're using? I'm excited now knowing the typical "Braddock show," I wonder how they'll bring the 'Braddock booty' into it... Haven't heard much about Stoneman, but I think this is a tactical move on the team's part; a smart move I believe. As I've always thought, it's better to have others anticipate you're arrival and greet you with an unexpected surprise than allow them time to formulate some sort of idea of granduer, only to be slightly disappointed in the end...not that I'm saying we'll be disappointed by they're performance. I'm a fan, always rooting for an underdog!! I also believe someone mentioned FIU? I do hope they're better than they were in the past couple years... I don't mean to pass judgement (but then again, I think in the colorguard world, what else is there but judgement?), but last year's Amazing Grace?? We'll see how they do in A class this year... Anyone know what they're doing this year?
  11. GLG_Guard

    2009 Shows?

    Nuh-uh! :( They're registered for a couple regionals as a scholastic world guard I thought?
  12. GLG_Guard

    2009 Shows?

    I've been so out of the loop. Anyone hear anything as far as the defending champs go? Rather interested in Northmont. I think someone already said they were waiting to hear about them. What about Flanagan? And speaking of that Florida guard, how's Stoneman doing? I heard they went through a major staff change. I wonder how that'll affect them this year. Yay! I'm excited to get the 2009 season underway!
  13. GLG_Guard


    Oh please, each and every single one of us reads this forum to get the latest gossip on the who, the what, and the where. Don't pretend like you don't click the links that say "So-and-so to not produce a 2009 show" or "Who's show is what?" We're all guilty of it. It's unfortunate, however, that this gossip happens to involve someone so prominent in the sport. All I have to say is
  14. GLG_Guard

    sabre's outside?

    Personally, I like watching shows with this sort of cliche... I guess it's a bit narrow-minded of me, but I feel like this has been something established for years and years and years. As they say, don't fix what ain't broke.
  15. GLG_Guard

    Quick Thoughts

    I wasn't saying I was skeptical about sickle rifles, although I'm not particularly fond of them to tell you the truth. I was actually talking about that new fangled Airblade. Now that is something I'm skeptical about...