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  1. We were in the top row (row 35) of section 128c. The sound was pretty good for an indoor stadium, far superior to the Georgia Dome and I would rate it better than Lucas Oil. As other's have mentioned, no concourse noise!! As far as section 128C....WOW! The Delta Club and the field level access were incredible! Such a cool experience! Nothing like getting a refill on my bloody mary and standing 10 feet in front of the pit while enjoying it! The amenities in MBS are just ridiculous. $2 for all the soda one could handle, $2 for a big bag of popcorn...I could go on and on about all the food options. AND THE STAFF!! WOW!! They were everywhere and everyone I came in contact with with extremely helpful and courteous. While standing at field level watching Atlanta CV perform (and enjoying one of my beverages!), I had the pleasure to speak with one of the ushers who had never seen a drum corps and she was LOVING it. When I explained how the night would progress with the level of quality, she didn't believe me that it would get any better. It was really neat to see someone getting such joy out of the activity. I'm a little concerned about the future. I'm sure that the costs to rent the stadium increased significantly over the Georgia Dome. I see that BOA is not returning there this fall, instead opting for a smaller regional at a suburban high school. Anyone know why? Overall-we were really impressed with every aspect of the day and can't wait to do it again soon. (Selfishly I'd love for finals to be in ATL!!)
  2. Does anyone know if the clubs will be accessible/functioning? I'm in 128C which is the Suntrust Club. I know for Falcon's games it is quite exclusive. I'm pretty sure we have to go through the club at field level to get up to our seats.
  3. Same company did both demos (or attempted both demos).
  4. Are tickets for Atlanta not going on sale today, Mega-Monday?
  5. From what I've see of Templin's guards, they never get super clean. They do, however, perform at a tremendous level. This show looks like it is going to require that type of performance level.
  6. I'm guessing someone in tabulation published the results accidentally
  7. Not those tarps, there appeared to be a white 10 on a black tarp that was flipped over the little boxes near the end of the show.
  8. So do the boxes get covered with a new "10" at the end? Looked like the guard members were flipping new tarps over the boxes.
  9. I was just going to state that they look extremely uncharacteristic tonight. I've seen TONS of rifle drops and lots of dirt that normally isn't there.
  10. I went and saw them at 5 or 6 shows that summer and balled my eyes out every time. Still my favorite Cadets show of all time.
  11. We drove from the middle of Indiana to that little school in Teterboro NJ for camp over Thanksgiving weekend. I was a senior in high school and nearly crapped myself when April offered me a spot.
  12. I auditioned for Cadets color guard 1997 and was offered a spot but I chickened out and I didn't take it. I had never marched color guard before and was too scared. Several of my best friends at the time marched in the guard that summer. It was a decision I have regretted ever since.