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  1. SO........we have this new cat. Showed up at our door, just a stray, a vagabond, if you will. So his name........his name became General Butler. As in, "General Butler (the) Vagabond". Only Drum Corps people, especially old school Drum Corps people, get this.
  2. We truly miss the old days. Thank you all so much for posting these awesome memories. We mourn the loss of these great Drum and Bugle Corps and the traditions left behind. Some of us cannot possibly relate to today's "Drum Corps". From the uniforms that are all just slight variations of the same, to the music which is not identifiable, to the dancing, emoting, out of synch guards and the electronics that make it all seem just like marching band. We're so sad to see what has become of the activity we held so dear. I realize that some of you are comfortable with the current state of the activity, and that's just fine............some of us would prefer to remember the way it was and enjoy the memories here posted. Thank you, thank you, for giving us these wonderful snapshots of the great and glorious past of the great Drum and Bugle Corps that are gone now.
  3. You have to ask?............Pretty please, with sugar on top? I have several photos of each these corps if you want to see them. SCV Sacred Heart Crusaders Madison Scouts Commodors (I think) De LaSalle (I'm almost sure) Cavaliers Bridgemen Several I don't knows Nehi Ambassodors (guessing) Troopers Argonne Rebels Boston Crusaders (I have some really nice shots here)
  4. 1. I don't know, did it matter, back in the day? Let's see, we had alumni from some top 12 corps, some local musician guys, some age outs from our own corps. People who loved us, who loved Drum Corps, and who worked insane hours, took care of us, and were selfless and caring. 2. Lots...........We also saw it as an inconvenience and a reason to shrug our shoulders, shake our heads, joke about the circumstances, and go to sleep in our sleeping bags along the roadside because there was nothing we could do about it anyway. 3. Let's see..........Scrambled eggs with bacon, cereal, Bug juice, yummy sandwiches, Donald Duck Juice, whatever our cooks could come up with using their ingenuity and their limited budgets, and all topped off with love, dedication and good wishes. 4. And who had camps for hockey, volleyball, soccer and cheerleading? Never heard of such a thing where I lived. Football and basketball, maybe, but those were supported by fundraising by caring parents and citizens the same as Drum Corps. 5. All the members were local, or at least within 40 miles. All supported by people who were local, or at least within 40 miles. I think that's a good way to run a local youth organization. It sure helped me to be who I am today.
  5. Does anyone remember these? Speaking of miniature headgear, these were little Phantom helmets to store your used chewing gum.
  6. I have, for 30 years, regretted not buying a Phantom Regiment Helmet gum saver.
  7. Phantom Regiment = Phagum Ragument Bluecoats = Blowcoats Cavaliers =Cavil-queers Troopers = Sooper Dooper Troopers Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders = Okey, Dokey, Etobicokie Santa Clara Vanguard = Vanta Sara Clanguard Star of Indiana = Scar of Indiana
  8. Robert? What'cha talking about? Madison won EVERY year. (I'm not biased, either)
  9. Oh, geez.........I've been without a 'puter for 3 months now. I just reloaded Windows, and now I cannot see the photos on this forum. What can I do to fix that, guys? Please help! Roma
  10. What? DCI is working to reverse Drum Corps' obscurity? I think DCI is trying to make Drum Corps more elitist. Fewer people know about the activity because fewer people are involved. DCI is NOT encouraging the development of more Drum Corps! Seems to me that they are more interested in paring down the activity to an elite few. Just my humble opinion.
  11. Most importantly.......is it pronounced "RAM-D" or, "RAMMED"? It's almost as if we've become insensitive to what's important here!
  12. Now, come on..........you're too young to say that. There's Viagra. There are some herbal concoctions. There is hypnosis, therapy, all kinds of psychological help. It'll be OK.
  13. Call me a naysayer, call me a Doubting Thomas, call me late for dinner. I don't belive Terrance is his real name. Really. Check it out. There is a sports guy, maybe a basketball player, a (possibly) well known personality named Terrance I. McGee. Is this guy who used to post on DCP an imposter, or is it really the famous athlete that is trying to pretend that he is a fan of Drum Corps?