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  1. Thank You very much for the quick response
  2. I was looking around on the site for how to contact a MOD..anyone know? Im sure its right in front of my face. Also do they answer questions? I hear no but hope so. Thanks All
  3. Sorry Trish for the post not trying to be disrespectful at all to you, it just seemed like scolding as well as condescending.
  4. Oh here we go ! The topic was started a while ago , why didnt you stop it then. Lets see... 1we cant talk abut if we think a guard is good or not or we like or not 2 we cant talk about if we think some costuming is hidious or not ( That offends ) 3 we cant speculate or say anything against about who we think should have won or not and why 4. we cant talk about or give a real review not a narration of what happened 5 Anything else? I never post anything bad and try to keep my opionion to myself but as you can see so few post on CGP now so with all of this included thers no point I guess. Oh yeah was a mortal sin done to speak about how crazy it sounds that people are merely asking and supporting if i might add. If you too the time to read the guards in question you would see people were glad " IF" they are coming out. NUTS !
  5. AWWWWWW..everyone playing nice , hehehehehe....got to love DCP
  6. I remember the uproar when the high leg lift was mostly a thing of the past. WOW, some comments were " they can't march thats why they do that" " Thats not drum corps anymore" funny
  7. Not sure I care for the WW either although I dont think you will see it other than in solos. pits, and things like that but I totally agree with you on your other comments. There are many corps I dont like every year and I voice that but to actually BOO a kid ? HMMMm why not throw produce next or get a big hook when we dont like something .
  8. Obviously there is a passion here and as said before debate can be over if you dont like something dont go! With all due respect
  9. Well then problem solved , no need to debate , you don't go.
  10. Totally agree....Change can also be an exciting time. afterall it gives all the arm chair experts something to talk about
  11. So what Im hearing is give me change just not alot..hmmmm
  12. So then pull up your support stockings and enjoy however it its presented hehehe
  13. The difference with Sal and george was that If George believed in Something he fought to the end for it and would be upfront to your face, not trying to please everyone. George was a man all his own !!!
  14. I actually hear though the show was about a " Hurricane " that slithers through the NYC area destroying anything in its sight. And all for a drag Queens Crown.
  15. I did hear about that one , but I heard Bridgeport. Either way that was soooo predictable2 years back but now the question is , what will happen to a certain world guard from near prox. HMMMMMM interesting news ahead I'm sure.