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  1. BD was 4th in prelims last year (.50 penalty), 2nd in semis to CC, and Gold in finals. OP comment unclear to me if staffer was talking about perc or total show. Does not change the fact that this year as of now spreads at the top and bottom are paper thin, with some middle thrown in. Gonna be an exciting and amazing championship run.
  2. Be Careful. Academy's closer live could rip your heart out. Sooo good.
  3. MAYBE. Before going to full screen in the bottom right hand corner of the small screen you should see the word "BEST". Next to that is an arrow. Click it. You will find various resolution numbers there. This is available for the live stream, but may also be there for on demand. Speaking of on-demand, an additional FULL SEASON package choice should be added to the current menu that INCLUDES on-demand for an additional $20.00, the subscription being valid to April 30th of the following year. After April 1st, if one wants to see a prior particular season, buy a BluRay or DVD.
  4. 8/2/15 Schuylerville, NY Sunrisers 80.35 High Horns White Sabers 82.+ no other info yet.
  5. I had a very nice and incomparable Getzen G-D Ringslide French Horn bugle. Never gave me an argument. It did stand there and laugh quite a few times, I will confess. Steve
  6. Jim, Nah'lens ALNC was in 1968, if you are going to research it. See post above your post.
  7. Ray, long time. Actually, the New Orleans "plane" trip to Nationals was in 1968. It was more fun than being shot out of cannon from Long Island and back. :thumbup:/>/>/>/>/> IIRC, the cost to each member was $50.00. $50.00 in 1968 had the same buying power as $338.64 in 2013. Annual inflation over this period was 4.34%.(from online inflation calculator) Still can see the hole in the rear cabin wall. It went from an umbrella tip poke hole to a gangster bullet hole in about 10 seconds. And that "emergency landing" from 20,000 feet was similar to being in the first car in the first seat going down the first hill on the Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island. This while holding arms overhead yelling, "Look Ma, no hands" The ride down in the plane was somewhat longer. :tongue:/>/>/>/>/> Congrats on your induction into the WDCHoF. Well deserved. :beer:/>/> Take care, my friend. Steve edit: added ...calculator
  8. Jim, Below is info found concerning stadium. State taxes are paid at concessions on bases, etc, on federal property as additional aid to the states where bases and/or federal property are located.(everywhere it's slick city :rock:/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/> ) Further these states: VA, WV, DE and PA, are contiguous with Maryland and any 501c(3) organization (such as corps)does not pay taxes on hotel room costs when presenting the proper state forms if from or associated with these states. The state and hotel tax is about 14% total. I'm not certain that DCA is a 501c (3) organization, but I would guess all North American corps who participate in DCA would have this status. Navy – Marine Corps Memorial Stadium 2005 Stanford-Navy Game at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.jpg Location Rowe Blvd & Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401 Coordinates 38°59′5″N 76°30′25″WCoordinates: 38°59′5″N 76°30′25″W Broke ground 1958 Opened 1959 Owner - Department of the Navy Operator - United States Naval Academy Surface FieldTurf Construction cost $3 million USD Architect 360 Architecture (formerly CDFM2) 2004 renovations Capacity 34,000 Tenants Navy Midshipmen football (NCAA) (1959-present) Navy Midshipmen men's lacrosse (Patriot League) Games of the XXIII Olympiad - Soccer (1984) Crystal Palace Baltimore (USL2) (2007) Chesapeake Bayhawks (MLL) (2009- ) Military Bowl (2013– )
  9. Given that sunset Saturday is 7:39 pm I suppose the last group of corps wanted to be sure to perform under the lights.
  10. For Sale - 1000 plastic donation jars. Slot in top cover cut to accommodate folded bills. Formerly 10 lb peanut butter butter jars. as is =$1.00 each. Cleaned(sort of)additional. S & H not included. Spread them in your community for your next fundraiser. To order call ONO-NOTAGAIN