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  1. Anybody know what time BD takes the field tonight?
  2. Still a huge mistake to remap the URL's, it seems completely pointless. The new website is absolutely horrible, the last website was very easy to use. Here's to hoping that they switch back.
  3. Word on the street is that the show is delayed 17 mins.
  4. I don't know why they keep bringing this Allentown announcer back. He honestly isn't good at all...
  5. No rain at the stadium yet, but there is a strong cell very close by. Looks like it may graze us.
  6. Wow. Over a week before finals and BD already almost has a 97. Peak time?
  7. Traffic is a mess due to construction. I'm sure some corps might be fairly late as well.
  8. Are you joking? It's a given that this is all opinion, it doesn't need to be stated. The topic of this is "favorite", not "best".
  9. Security went in the stands and started asking everyone to leave, that the stadium was closed and the show was over. Not ten second after that, the announcer told everyone to stay in their seats, that the show is not over, and they will be announcing scores shortly.
  10. Apparently the show has started, from what I'm hearing.
  11. I'm watching Vanguard's performance now. I was looking forward to watching them tonight. But... I don't know if I can bare with this horrific camera work, angles and audio quality. Whoever is responsible for recording this show horribly dropped the ball.
  12. Yes, it's possible, but they wouldn't be able to play nearly as loud while half valving. Not even close.
  13. Actually, I think it's just the synth that bends it's pitch, to sound like the hornline. I first thought it was the horns too, and was awestruck. But you can hear the brass re-enter when the chord gets to the bottom pitch.
  14. They won't announce scores until the theater broadcast on Monday, from what I hear.