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  1. Anyone else noticed guard recaps between prelims and finals? How did MBI's guard slip from 2nd to 5th? From where I was sitting there where incredibly strong and even stronger in finals. Seems strange.
  2. MBI Cabs Bucs Fusion Cadets2 Bushwackers CV Carolina Gold Hurcs Sunrisers Windsor Alliance Skyliner Kilties
  3. I have space on Wed night from 8-10pm at Dunbar H.S. and would prefer 2 hours of space on Thursday afternoon between 12-4pm.
  4. Currently have rehearsal time on Wed 4/10 from 10pm-Midnight @ Forest Hills Country Club. Looking to trade for earlier Wed or Thurs morning/afternoon.
  5. Looking to purchase one CG World Class ticket in section 111, let me know if you have one to sell.
  6. MBI Winter Guard is selling our 2012 Floor measuring just over 60'x80', 10oz vinyl, high quality print. Asking $1200 plus freight charges. Contact with questions. Photos:
  7. How bout a shout out to all the units who dropped a class this year and found the final success they were looking for. Woohoo!
  8. Currently have space on Friday 4/15 from 10am-Noon @ "The Field" - 215 American Way, Monroe (near Cincy) and would like to trade to a later time in the Cincy area, preferably after 12pm. Call or text, 612-325-8645
  9. This sure is an abnormally quiet thread this year.
  10. Let's hear it for the promoted groups that found success in their new challenges this year too.
  11. Looking for space Friday, 4/8, 2 hours between 2 and 5pm. call or text 612.325.8645 - Wil
  12. I definitely agree with the IO predictions, all three are stellar groups this year, two of which were IA mid-season promotions. Should be very interesting to see how MBI stacks up since they're the only group who hasn't been to a regional since their promotion. They were pretty amazing at the Indy show but certainly they're far beyond that by now. The SW prediction seems pretty spot on (not necessarily in that order) but definitely the three that could take it. I just don't see Avon as medal worthy this year. I can't even begin to predict IW, it's just such a crap shoot this year. I can't
  13. Anyone know where, when and details on the preview shows for Wednesday night this year?