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  1. For the sake of modesty, I hope the kilts aren't too high up. Thanks for all the great pics!!!
  2. That's terrific news!! Heck, they should compete!
  3. Maybe we've just realized as a group that the " Flash Mob" concept is as fresh as leisure suits and pet rocks.
  4. That's a complex question Ed, probably more suitable for another forum:
  5. "Sattva" is a hindu term that is used in Yoga. It refers to an object or being having purity and resisting in creating evil in the world. Dave Monette borrows terms from Yoga for most of his instrument types. He's been involved in Yoga for many years and incorporates it in his business philosophy. You should definitely contact him and provide him the very important feedback you cited. I'm sure he, as does the rest of the world, would benefit greatly from your wisdom.
  6. Hmmm...better late than never: link
  7. Can't wait to see this. Watching them warmup and perform numerous times that season, I still believe them to be the most talented line I've ever encountered.
  8. Because you can't be the foshizzle without the mixolyzzle.