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  1. No, Gold started in class A. High drums in class A 2002.
  2. I have missed Troop the past couple of seasons and that bummed me out because their show concepts have intrigued me. I was already interested in this year's production but reading this thread makes me want to go out of my way to see them in a show!
  3. Not likely. It's over. I can't wait to see how it ends though!
  4. That's good news! It's been a long time coming! Welcome back!
  5. It's amzaing what you'll find sometimes. I just heard '81 Sunrisers yesterday and loved it. I heard some 80's Bushwackers the other day that was excellent as well. Plenty of Caballeros, MBI and Empire shows that are fantastic, notably 2010 Empire. Glad to hear there's a new fan! I was hooked when I went to my first DCA Championship back in '07, I competed in the minicorps comeptition after having been out of DCI for a few years and my life hasn't been the same since.
  6. The props were purchased by a central NY high school band program. In exchanged for transportation of the props back to NY from DCI Empire was allowed to borrow them. Don't worry, these will be fresh arrangements, also Empire has never played New York State of Mind.
  7. The two have nothing to do with each other. The decision was made well before DCA announced it was coming back to Rochester.
  8. I'd love to, but it's not my place. It's no big scandal and the specfics will come out in time. Someone felt this was the right thing to do. Some will agree, some won't. Persoanlly, I hope this doesn't mean an end to drum corps in Rochester. Hopefully something can fill the void when the Statesmen leave. Tough act to follow though.
  9. It is not because of the Edge. The Empire organization will continue to exist only the competetive field corps will not. And no, electronics has nothing to do with it. That is a silly suggestion.
  10. Ok. But is there any evidence to suggest that a younger membership wasn't inevitable anyway? Empire claims to have had their youngest corps ever, and most rookies since 1983, in 2012 with G bugles and no amplification.
  11. Funny, I've always found Crown '04 hard to stomach (good closer, though) and Cadets '07 is one of the worst shows I've ever seen right up there with Cadets '08. To clarify, in case Hop is still reading this crap, all I could think while watching the '07 show is "I think there might be a good drum corps behind all that noise." I can hear when a pit is amplified, and I can't stand that. I don't like the artificial sound of an amplified pit. One of the things I love about drum corps is that beautiful sound. Something that DCA has had over DCI for the past 10 years, IMO. I don't need to hear the pit THAT badly. Even as a percussionist I can't think of ANY show I've EVER seen where I thought "man, I wish I could hear more front ensemble right now". Not to say that there haven't been some moments in DCI in the past 10 years of DCI that I enjoyed. The drum feature for the Bluecoats in '08 would have been amazing without A&E, but it definitely added to the entertainment value of that segment and the show as a whole. Ironically, th most famous moment from that show was a capella with no mics. The singing that took place in '04 was a disaster, as was the narration from the Cadets in '07 and '08. I can easily think of more things I disliked than I enjoyed due to A&E and SO MANY times where A&E was a non factor and the effect would have been the same without it. Just another opinion for which no one asked.
  12. The last rumpor I heard is they are actually not shipping until at least this upcoming week.