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  1. ElCajonSalvo

    Drum Corps in Weddings

    I've been begging, 4 months to go.... Begging.....
  2. ElCajonSalvo


    dont get me wrong, I love scv and their brass line is phenomenal and in tune, but it would take an incredible off night to beat the blue devils technical superiority...
  3. ElCajonSalvo


    Oh My!!!!! Nice to see the scores leveling off
  4. ElCajonSalvo

    Favorite Championship Show

    winged victory changed my life....
  5. ElCajonSalvo

    BD wins it

    a couple more pics
  6. ElCajonSalvo

    BD wins it

    The funny Part was the gal on the guard pretending to climb up and down the non existant chair... let me see if i can find a pic.... I wonder how much that affected their score last night 2nd chair back, 2nd chair from the right Here's the judge standing where the chair should have been
  7. ElCajonSalvo

    BD wins it

    The Blue Devils were absolutely amazing last night.... Incredibly clean, More melodic than previous shows... Guard was flawless.... but there was a chair missing which was a little awkward... did anyone else cacth it...
  8. ElCajonSalvo

    The Vista Vendetta

    So my fiance is beast... during just the open class shows, she took more than 200 pics last night....
  9. ElCajonSalvo

    The Vista Vendetta

    watched crown (via fan network).... watched blue devils 3 times now.... West coast inflation AT THE TOP is non existent... Mandarins... should be scoring higher... great show... I would love to see them pass academy. Bloooooooooo.... was good, but still not the full show I think..... and it just felt anti climactic... I thought their drums were hot. My fairytail corps is Gold.... Watched them rehearse in sections for about an hour tonight... They looked realy good. and confidant... more in the morning
  10. ElCajonSalvo

    How Early?

    Just Going to watch....
  11. 5:30 pm Vista High School Tonights Line up Bluecoats - Canton, OH Blue Devils - Concord, CA Pacific Crest - Diamond Bar, CA The Academy - Tempe, AZ Mandarins - Sacramento, CA Velvet Knights - Pasadena, CA Impulse - Buena Park, CA Mystikal - Long Beach, CA Incognito - Orange, CA Gold - Hawthorne, CA SoCal Dream - Fountain Valley, CA Prediction Blue Devils 84ish Blue Coats 82 ish Academy Mandarins Pacific Crest Gold Velvet Knights Mystikal/Impulse Incognito So Cal Dream
  12. ElCajonSalvo

    How Early?

    Hey all, I am taking my family ( a bunch of DCI virgins) to the show in Vista tonight. It starts at 5:30... how early is a good time to show up and catch some of the preshow action...
  13. ElCajonSalvo

    Best head?

    What are the best top side and snare side heads for the Yamaha sfz?
  14. ElCajonSalvo

    The Federation Starship USS Stanford

    agree, has come far since walnut.... brings chills