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  1. Vince Lombardi won multiple championships.
  2. I think Crown has a better chance at finishing third at finals than falling below fourth.
  3. I never thought I would see another corps wear the 1977 Emerald Knights helmets, but darn if Boston isn't doing it this year.
  4. The Blue Stars design staff know how to put a show together that can score well. Add to that strong brass, percussion, and color guard sections, I fully expect the Stars to beat their 2010 finals score this year. They are going to be spectacular in Indy.
  5. Crazy how good corps are getting. Blue Stars are better than last year and may not move up in finals position. The Cavaliers are exceptional, but not likely to be higher than sixth. Once a corps reaches finals, moving up is a Herculean task. It makes what Boston has done so impressive.
  6. Blue Stars were noticeably better since just Thursday night. Great show.
  7. I am sure it looks much different in person. Hard to see what is going on over there on Flo. Plus, this is the July 7 ending. I am guessing the finals ending will take better advantage of the prop.