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  1. He was a great friend to the Blue Stars. He will be missed in the La Crosse community. Godspeed Tom.
  2. We had the same rehearsal schedule during the winter and spring. Starting in about February we would add in monthly weekend camps.
  3. I found this book a very enjoyable read. If you marched at any time, but particularly the 70s most of the stories in this book will bring back fond memories. It is well written and nothing like the few other drum corps memoirs I have read. I highly recommend reading this book. I would love to discuss it on here with others who have read the book.
  4. The Blue Stars have invested a lot of money in their food program over the past few years with the food truck and now this. Good job Stars.
  5. I have read it and find it very enjoyable. I think anyone interested in drum corps will like it, but particularly those of us who marched in the 70s. By the way, I am not the author. 😁 Resume March
  6. I live in Myrtle Beach, unless you were near the ocean you probably had minimal if any damage. Those close to the ocean did experience surge flooding. In my part of the state pretty much all communities were impacted from Georgetown to Little River. Nothing like Florida, but for those who were flooded, it is bad.
  7. South Gulf Cove and Rotonda West took it on the chin today. Do you live there? I have friends with homes near the Gulf in Naples and it sounds like the homes are total losses. Luckily they work and have apartments in downtown Miami, so they are safe.
  8. Blue Stars have made plenty of staff changes over the years but they have kept Shapiro for what, 15 years? And when they make changes they seem to do it with one caption only, like percussion this year. That leads to great stability. Corps at the top like Blue Devils and Bluecoats found their team and have built around them. Very little change. Boston appears to be going down that road. No doubt a consistent design and instructional staff over years is great for any organization.
  9. So, who is going into the winter with the fewest changes? Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Boston and SCV seem to have remained pretty static, correct? Crown percussion? Anything else? Cadets appear to have had some upheaval. Blue Stars only percussion changes, arguably where they needed to step it up. Phantom, visual? Anything else change? Cavaliers big changes. i am not sure about Mandarin, Colts, or Troopers. Based on what we know I would say the corps at the top should see little to no shakeup, and Blue Stars seem to be in the best shape to improve, something they have been doing since 2018. Phantom seems positioned well to move up.
  10. The Cadets appeared to be on an upswing this year. It is unfortunate to see staff turnover and in a way that indicates turmoil within. This cannot be good for the organization. Hopefully they have a plan.
  11. His bio says he has been arranging for the stars since 2017. https://www.wunderpitmusic.com/index.php/bio/matt-hernandez
  12. The entire Blue Stars design team is back with the exception of the battery composer. Tony Nunez has joined the team to take over that role. They also have a couple new caption heads. Greg Power for battery and Michael Kern and Brianne Kikuchi for the front ensemble. Link
  13. Yeah, something with the all male corps. They're, they're - you can push them, because, uh it's all male. I-it's not that, uh, uh, uhm I'm trying to think of a way to say it. You can push them with clear direct information because they're male. I don't know. It's a different kind of thing.
  14. Similar dominance, but the Blue Devils never went a full decade with out a title like Iowa did 2011 through 2020. I know the tournament was canceled in 2020.
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