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  1. Blue Stars rolled out a new web site design sometime over the last few months and have not had a staff link since. There is a staff page available if you search for it, but it appears to have never been populated with names. I don't think anything was pulled down today, just never posted.
  2. If that is what they were, dumb to not try to sell them (obviously, an illegal t-shirt sale is the same regardless of what is printed on them). There would have been plenty of people who would buy those shirts just to wear them next year at finals.
  3. Goo? Sure, voice overs, but Blue Stars use less electronic support than most.
  4. From section 139 we believe a very slight bit of weirdness from the Bluecoats during Eleanor Rigby and a flawless Blue Devils show means another Blue Devils gold medal. We could be wrong. 🙂
  5. The judges usually it get it right finals week. Occasionally I think a couple corps should be flipped, but not so often that I let score going into finals week concern me. Blue Stars were fairly flat last year between Atlanta and the last show before finals with just 1.2 points growth. Their score grew three points between the Sunday show in Buffalo and semi-finals. The Blue Stars end seasons well.
  6. One man's bad show is another's great show with a couple of glitches. We look for the errors and when we see one it becomes a rough run. It's called confirmation bias.
  7. Maybe, but I think, over the past 11 seasons, I can count the corps the Blues Stars have beaten during the season that beat the Blue Stars at finals on one hand. The Stars know how to grow a show so that it peaks at finals.
  8. BK beat the Stars last year the last weekend before Indy. We know how it turned out in the end. In my opinion, Blue Stars have a little more going for them than the Blue Knights. I think next Saturday the placements are flipped.
  9. It is going to be fun in Indianapolis. SCV was incredibly intense tonight. Now they can add ###### and disrespected to what they are feeling. That should make for three memorable performances next week. They might not win this year, but I think they will be the buzz of the weekend.
  10. I would place them: 1) SCV 2) Devils 3) Bluecoats Probably won't happen. I doubt there is more than a few tenths between first and third. We could have three different corps win the three days in Indy, and I would love that.
  11. Crazy. I love the Bluecoats, but after what SCV just threw down, this show feels tame.
  12. SCV says don't count us out. Holy crap that was intense. They should beat Devils tonight.
  13. I find it interesting that the Blue Devils are the championship level corps that does the most marching. I love this show.
  14. Blue Stars have everything a corps needs to score well finals week. Very well designed show and strong in all sections. I expect they will be spectacular next Saturday. No one behind them now will catch them. Blue Knights and Blue Stars will be very close for 7th.
  15. This probably the most promising post in this thread to date. Of course there are people responsible for why the corps is rebuilding, but the Scouts are at where they are at and rebuilding is necessary. What remains to be seen is if things have stabilized and if we see growth and improvement next year and the years that follow.
  16. While sucks is over the top hyperbole, I did like the old ending better. Maybe more to come for finals.
  17. Yes, you really can't get a feel for how a corps is performing musically on FLO. Impossible to capture the live sound.
  18. I kind of miss the old close of the show. In my opinion, cooler ending.
  19. I find the Cavies show more compelling than two shows before them. I think they could jump to 4th by finals.