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  1. Very nice. I hope they get to break it in sometime in 2021.
  2. The charges he faced might not be what he is pleading guilty to. The deal could be for less serious charges, so it is a little premature to assume anything when it comes to jail time or sex offender list. Heck, just because it is on the docket doesn’t mean a deal has been agreed to. It could fall apart between now and the court date.
  3. It sounds like he was given an opportunity to have complete control over an organization and jumped at it.
  4. One person who moved on from the Kingsmen who had a big impact on another corps was Bobby Hoffman. His move to the Blue Stars in 1975 was instrumental in the Blue Stars jumping from 12th to 5th place in one year.
  5. When Kingsmen went inactive in 1975, how did it impact other corps? Did some members go to Blue Devils? I know a couple guys ended up with the Blue Stars.
  6. I have never seen video of that prelims show. I wish I could.
  7. Back in the 70s and 80s there was a conspiracy attached to almost every corps. Who made who mad. Which corps instructor was in a relationship with which judge. It went on and on.
  8. Who knows. It was so hot that day in Birmingham and the Blue Stars went on last in prelims, I don't think the show was as good as it could have been. The recaps show it was not one caption that held the Blue Stars back, it was a pretty solid across the board 13th place show.
  9. I did not see the Troopers prelims show in 1979, but understand it was spectacular. I did see the Crossmen's show from the side of the field and thought they gave a pretty underwhelming performance. Gene Monterastelli seemed to really like the Troopers that day 🙂, which should be no surprise.
  10. 1980 was actually North Star 12th 79.35 - Blue Stars 13th 77.05.
  11. The South Carolina Band Directors Association informed its members throughout the state Friday morning that the 2020 upper state, lower state and state championship contests will not be held due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  12. The DeLucia story about Bill Cook sending a jet out to NJ to fly a who's who group of designers into Bloomington for interviews when Star was being started is classic. Considering the financial challenges drum corps consistently experience, flying on a private jet to discuss launching a new corps had to be eye opening.
  13. Azar is also rumored to be the inspiration for the Jeff Buckley song Last Goodbye.
  15. The Blue Stars will at least need to change their show title.
  16. You realize Italy has more medical resources like ICU beds and breathing assistance devices per capita than the US, right? Overwhelming a healthcare system has nothing to do with having single payer coverage or not.
  17. Hard to see how drum corps happens this summer. Almost impossible to imagine enough housing and one positive test on tour would bring down the season anyway. Put a fork in it, the season is not going to happen and some corps may not survive that.
  18. It's February. We need something to talk about other than the Cadets and Yea. Danny Boy.
  19. They serve a lot of meals.