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  1. It's February. We need something to talk about other than the Cadets and Yea. Danny Boy.
  2. They serve a lot of meals.
  3. This Blue Stars' thread has been very quiet this winter. Based on the content in the very active threads, I assume the Blue Stars are doing just fine this winter. I saw on Facebook that they met their $450K funding goal for their new kitchen trailer. That is pretty exciting. Any camp news?
  4. Decades begin with the year ending in the numeral 1 and finish with a 0, so this is not the last Monday of the decade.
  5. Had to lay claim to 20/20 early. Good for the Blue Stars.
  6. Not sure I would count the years a corps did not compete at the world class level against them in the percentage column.
  7. Dude, it is a diabetes medicine commercial. The band is not important.
  8. And we know Jim Wunderlich is staying with the Blue Stars.
  9. Not sure if I should be excited they're putting the band back together, or disappointed they are not moving forward with younger talent with new ideas. Time will tell.
  10. That was a quick post and delete. Looking forward to knowing what you know.
  11. I am sure the Stars will bring in talent that will keep them at the same level or move them up. Bottom line they were an eighth place corps with an eighth place brass line. If they want to move up, they need better captions across the board. If Jim Wunderlich is still on board, he may be putting together his own team.
  12. You have to choose your battles and taking a stand against the occasional rank breaker (who has no idea that this is even a thing) is not one I would choose. Not excusing the assault, that is criminal, but talk about unneeded escalation.
  13. Blue Stars rolled out a new web site design sometime over the last few months and have not had a staff link since. There is a staff page available if you search for it, but it appears to have never been populated with names. I don't think anything was pulled down today, just never posted.
  14. If that is what they were, dumb to not try to sell them (obviously, an illegal t-shirt sale is the same regardless of what is printed on them). There would have been plenty of people who would buy those shirts just to wear them next year at finals.
  15. Goo? Sure, voice overs, but Blue Stars use less electronic support than most.
  16. From section 139 we believe a very slight bit of weirdness from the Bluecoats during Eleanor Rigby and a flawless Blue Devils show means another Blue Devils gold medal. We could be wrong. 🙂
  17. The judges usually it get it right finals week. Occasionally I think a couple corps should be flipped, but not so often that I let score going into finals week concern me. Blue Stars were fairly flat last year between Atlanta and the last show before finals with just 1.2 points growth. Their score grew three points between the Sunday show in Buffalo and semi-finals. The Blue Stars end seasons well.
  18. One man's bad show is another's great show with a couple of glitches. We look for the errors and when we see one it becomes a rough run. It's called confirmation bias.
  19. Maybe, but I think, over the past 11 seasons, I can count the corps the Blues Stars have beaten during the season that beat the Blue Stars at finals on one hand. The Stars know how to grow a show so that it peaks at finals.
  20. BK beat the Stars last year the last weekend before Indy. We know how it turned out in the end. In my opinion, Blue Stars have a little more going for them than the Blue Knights. I think next Saturday the placements are flipped.