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  1. Blue Stars have everything a corps needs to score well finals week. Very well designed show and strong in all sections. I expect they will be spectacular next Saturday. No one behind them now will catch them. Blue Knights and Blue Stars will be very close for 7th.
  2. This probably the most promising post in this thread to date. Of course there are people responsible for why the corps is rebuilding, but the Scouts are at where they are at and rebuilding is necessary. What remains to be seen is if things have stabilized and if we see growth and improvement next year and the years that follow.
  3. While sucks is over the top hyperbole, I did like the old ending better. Maybe more to come for finals.
  4. Yes, you really can't get a feel for how a corps is performing musically on FLO. Impossible to capture the live sound.
  5. I find the Cavies show more compelling than two shows before them. I think they could jump to 4th by finals.
  6. Blue Stars performance level has been cranked up this past week. Brass more confident and loud, percussion sounds great, and visual is top six quality. This is a show that may surprise come Indianapolis. Competitively, they remind me of Boston's rise in 2017.
  7. Handpicked? They earned their spots with good management, design teams, and talent. For some it took years. Crown didn't luck into medalist territory. It took Boston years to make finals. Three years ago they almost dropped out, now they look like the next first time medalist, maybe not this year, but soon. Blue Stars were not even World Class for more than 20 years and they appear ready to challenge for a top six position. I agree, it is very hard to move up, but it can be done. Madison can get back in finals and can compete at a high level again, but it will take quite a few year
  8. I think Crown has a better chance at finishing third at finals than falling below fourth.
  9. I never thought I would see another corps wear the 1977 Emerald Knights helmets, but darn if Boston isn't doing it this year.
  10. The Blue Stars design staff know how to put a show together that can score well. Add to that strong brass, percussion, and color guard sections, I fully expect the Stars to beat their 2010 finals score this year. They are going to be spectacular in Indy.
  11. Crazy how good corps are getting. Blue Stars are better than last year and may not move up in finals position. The Cavaliers are exceptional, but not likely to be higher than sixth. Once a corps reaches finals, moving up is a Herculean task. It makes what Boston has done so impressive.