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  1. I am sure he will be a great fit on the staff. I guess he works well with Jim Wunderlich. I expect the Blue Stars will continue to improve in 2019.
  2. A lot of kids got their start in drum corps with the Pioneer. I think it is too bad we may lose an organization that has been around for more than 40 years. Hopefully, they can restructure and keep it going, but I am skeptical that can happen.
  3. I doubt very much we see Pioneer on the field as a World Class corps next summer.
  4. They will. Looking forward to the announcements next month.
  5. Prepping for 2019 staff announcements. We know the brass staff remains intact and are already recruiting. I believe, other than percussion, you will see familiar names when the 2019 designers and staff are announced.
  6. OUT ProWash Workwear Odor Eliminator Detergent
  7. Nice to read the note regarding Blue Stars brass. They have a good thing going there.
  8. That is why an extra minute is given at finals only.
  9. A friend, who does not have a DCP account, has a good idea for finals. I told him I would share it with the group. At finals only, add a minute between corps to give the finalists a little extra time in front of the crowd. Call it a curtain call. Allow the audience a little more to time to thank the finalists corps for a season well done. This adds 12 minutes to the show, so not a big deal. We both felt last night that show end applause was cut off too quickly because the corps has to start the switch within a few seconds of show end.
  10. They went on early, before intermission in Buffalo. A lower score should have been expected. I think they will do fine Thursday. I still see them as a solid 8th place.
  11. Dump the intermission and the exhibition. Get the shows in, announce the scores, and hit the road.
  12. One comment on it in the Blue Stars thread. Thumbs up from one poster who may be slightly biased. :)
  13. That makes a difference. Blue Stars many seasons have ended their show with a visual highlight. Sounds like that will happen again this year.
  14. They did a soft ending in 2014 that worked well.
  15. Wow, Colts are putting Madison in their rearview mirror. Nice job Blue Stars. I don't think they have a show this year where they dropped in score from the previous show.
  16. Dark Sky says rain arriving in about an hour. May just get it in.
  17. I would bet they have more up their sleeve.
  18. You are assuming the new ending is the final ending.