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  1. Yes, but Sev, can you zip the jacket up while wearing it? I cannot.
  2. Blue Starts 1972 Phantom Regiment 1989 Those are two that stand out for me.
  3. Then nine Emerald Knight members did come up to LaCrosse to march in 1979 and you took the summer off!
  4. This is great! Very funny. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I remember 4th of July retreats being a good time. In 1978 all the corps sat and watched the fireworks above Soldier's Field in Chicago.
  6. I was lucky enough to be there that night. The run-off shows were very emotional. What I remember most is Phantom had a very ###### off looking tymp player front and center.
  7. According to a poster on the Blue Stars messages board, the Blue Stars received a 1.5 point penalty.
  8. In another thread someone mentions the Long Island Kingsmen from 1979. I went and checked out their scores from that year and saw that they began the season in early June with a 62 and ended the season in 21st place with a 72, a 10 point change. We have had plenty of talk about big changes in score throughout a season. What about little changes? What was the least amount of score change for a top 25 corps through a full season?
  9. Wait a second, don't lump the Blue Stars in with Phantom when it comes to complaining about the Marquis beating them in June of 1976. I don't recall any Blue Stars who marched that year saying the Marquis did not deserve to beat them early in the season. The Marquis came out very prepared that year and deserved the scores and placements they received.
  10. Sev - the Blue Stars were a top five hornline in 1979 as well. I wonder if Don Hill still uses the Bobby Knight teaching style? What is interesting is that we never had more than two or three horn instructors. The Blue Stars list eight members of the brass staff this year plus a ninth as the arranger. There is no doubt the members today receive much more individual attention.
  11. In 1977, the Crossman drum major slipped off the podium while jumping on it right after tossing and catching a mace to start the show.