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  1. ATXguard

    Carolina Crown Narration

    Wow. Surprising how many people are seemingly unfamiliar with Philip Glass' Einstein on the Beach!
  2. ATXguard

    Paradigm 2014

    Welcome back, Paradigm!
  3. ATXguard

    Spectrum will not return to the Floor

    Definitely sad to hear this news! Spectrum has been a consistent favorite of mine, personally, and of the ATX Winterguard performers. Thanks for leaving us with some great memories of amazing shows!
  4. ATXguard

    Work with ATX Winterguard

    We are accepting applications through July 21. Thank you to those who have sent in a resume already. We will set up interviews following the DCI San Antonio regional.
  5. ATXguard

    Creating a show...

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the first question? But I'll try to explain: With guard, many performers (especially at the world class level) also participate in winter guard, where they are receiving instruction and training during the drum corps "off season." The performers may also keep up their skills by teaching with local high schools or even marching their college programs. Many guard programs (both corps and winter guard) also encourage performers to take dance classes. In a field show, the guard, being a large part of the visual aspect of the corps, should have sufficient interaction with the drill writer to state "this is where a big visual impact should happen. This is where my transition to new piece of equipment should take place. Here the focus should be on the rifles, not the flags, here the focus should be on the duet dancers, then take them out of focus during this part... etc." Of course, at the upper levels, you have to trust that the drill designer is considering many of those aspects of the guard integration and responsibilities, and provide feedback based on what is produced. Also, there are designers who will start by writing work and then trying to put it into the drill without having seen the drill, and then tweak the work as needed.
  6. ATXguard

    Thinking about auditioning in the fall?

    YES YES YES!!!
  7. Filing for IRS Tax Exempt status is a very time-consuming process (several months), and costs a minimum of $500 if you do it yourself without accounting and/or legal assistance. Some states also require you to apply for tax exempt status within the state.
  8. ATXguard

    A little rant for some staff

    Bash on the guard staff time? So unexpected. At least you realized they had a guard out there due to their reaction, even if you didn't like their reaction. So often, especially in forums like these, guard is underrated and undervalued. At least someone was in the audience cheering for the guard moments. i expect to see at least 10 negatives for this commentary :-)
  9. We are seeking 2 part-or full-time performance technician interns for the 2014 season. If you are an "age-out" (23 or older) with drum corps and independent guard experience at the Open or World class level, please contact us at atxguard @ to be considered for one of these positions. Applicants should be proficient in movement and all pieces of equipment. Prior teaching experience is preferred, but not required.
  10. ATXguard


    personal preference: I don't like the plastic hilts, but i think they spin pretty well.
  11. ATXguard

    Please Help Me ID a Show

    I'm guessing it was this show: In 2006 "Independence" winter guard performed to "Cathedrals" by Jump Little Children. here's a video from YouTube:
  12. ATXguard

    Bring back the mini-donuts!

    Does WGI really control that aspect?
  13. ATXguard

    Guardbuzz '13

    Thank you for this site. Sad to see that you are taking it down now that WGI is posting rankings. But, again, thank you!
  14. ATXguard

    World Championship Practice Exchange Board

    You have to log in on WGI website, Then go to the Championships tab, then at the bottom they have a link to "register" for rehearsal space.
  15. ATXguard

    glueing 2 floors together

    duct tape on the back, double-sided carpet tape on the top (overlap the two edges of the floor and use the carpet tape in between.