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  1. So still a whirlwind of nonsense and still slapping other posters with snarky comments. Try to spin my comments when I only ASKED if you were threatening me. That wasn't a threat of mine; just a question to you related to your obvious threat. I haven't insulted anyone like you have. You cloak your anger and insults in "brutal honesty" so you come across as gravely concerned about the future of the corps and drum corps in general. I was being honest about my playing ability as compared to other fellow sops so continue twist that if it makes you feel good about yourself. But please don't be a hypocryte when someone expresses a brutal and honest opinion. No matter how you want to spin and rant, your message comes across merely as anger. Or at some level, hypocritical. Thanks for the broadcast compliment although again, I have no idea what that means. Also, I have no interaction with the corps management and haven't for a long time. I help out when i can, contribute when I can, but beyond that I have no communication in any way with corps management or staff. And whomever your friend is, telling you I would be a first responder to critical comments, maybe they are right, but only if the critical comments are unjustified or downright wrong. Opinions are one thing and everyone has a right to them, but if the opinion is based on erroneous information or a total misunderstnding of facts, then yeah I might point that out. But I don't recall that I ever flat out insulted anyone doing it. If you dan't want your truth challenged, then try to be as accurate as possible and through in the information presented. And that is not directed at you so don't get all knotted up. That is a general statement. I am a bit curious about the papa bear comment as well the "choose to use the technique" comment. And to anser your question about the lawn, well think about it. This is enough for me, is it enough for you? Maybe we can talk at the next BAC event.
  2. Well it is obvious you DON'T know who I am. Not that it matters anyway. You have a bug up your butt for some reason. I don't have any idea what you are talking about with flat tires and parasols. As far as playing my soprano; maybe I wasn't as talented as many other sops. There were several really good ones at the time I was marching. But I did know and play all my parts pretty #### well bubba. I also marched pretty #### well too. And not helping the corps? How about the hundreds actually thousands of dollars I put into the corps to pay for equipment out of my own pocket or sponsor a members tour. Driving people to rehearsals all the time. Volunteering my time for over 14 years doing a number of things to help the corps survive. I didn't feel the need to broadcast it. Nice to see you slapped other people around in your response. What is your problem? Why so much anger? Do you feel cheated by the corps in some way? Did you not get enough accolades you feel you deserved? Jeez. And YOU were ousting the Director? What Director were you ousting? There seems to be a bit of revisionist history occuring here. Your follow up rant makes little sense especially the "sycophantic creation". What in the world does that mean? And yeah, I'll be careful about who I advise to sit down and shut up. Is that some kind of a threat? Unlike you, I know exactly who I was replying to.
  3. WOW! That rant was a little hard to follow but the general sense was that you want to know why the world has changed and you paid no attention to it while it did. So in case you didn't know...the ...world...has...changed. Yup, even the DC world you have so eloquently slammed. I am most surprised that you, being an alumnus (btw, what year did you age out?) of BAC would take your bashing of them as far as you have. You've made observations, asked questions and expressed many opinions, yet I don't see much in the way of positive contribution as to how to improve what you dislike so much. I am sorry you can't understand how things have changed and join in to help rather than bash. Be as mad as you want, hate as much as you wish, but BAC isn't your corps (or mine) anymore and it isn't your DCI anymore. There is a saying; "Adapt or Die". BAC has, and is continuing to adapt, and because of that, WILL enjoy what many corps cannot; a 75th anniversary. I for one am all for that and am happy to see them step it up to re-establish BAC as a leading DC. So please save your rants, help the corps where they need help (not only by pointing out things that #### you off) or step aside, sit down and shut up, whatever. And if you have a problem with DCI itself, I suggest the same thing. So good luck to you and watchout for kids on your lawn.
  4. It may be difficult for you as I have read posts from you over the past years but you are now just being a jacka$$.
  5. Is there a problem with getting back on the topic and staying there? The constant slapping each other is getting old. Give it a rest.
  6. You are right and there seems to be no end to it. You used to teach at BAC correct? what years?
  7. I think you are right about the confusing message (I'll not use other words that some of your fan club on another thread have done today). and it confirms my thoughts that it was a number of things culminating in an inability to acheive in the execution of the program and the show design itself. If the program needed the amount of explanation so late in the season that it got, then the designers may have overestimated their communication level of design from the outset. Just my opinion.
  8. Right on the button Liahona. I was think after reading this post that it was not any single thing but maybe a number of things at different contribution levels (I guess would be how to describe it) that factored in to the less than expected result. But overall I still got the sense not enough time was deciated to cleanig the show at the level this particular show design required for it to get is maximum value (whatever that may have been). I would have loved to have attended rehearsals to see how the staff worked on the cleaning of the show. I have my own thoughts I'll keep tp myself but I think there was missed opportunity here. No matter at this point. Onward with all our support. So is it accurate that there is departing staff from the Visual team?
  9. So the thread is Staff Merrigoround but it has evolved into an inciting, spinning, semantic, angry bunch of BS about who said what, how they said, how they shouldn't have said it, what it was they really said and on and on. So let's get back on track, STAY on track and Brasso, Jeff Ream and Mike D can possibly focus on the thread and not the peeing contest they are engaging in. For the rest of us wanting to know and learn about staff changes...please!!!
  10. Yikes! How many people does it take to teach a DC ? That's not a lead in to a joke. That's crazy. I remember BAC in 1982 had 51 members. This is an instructional staff list of 45 people and yeah I realize several are "consultants", but jeez. How much of the corps budget goes to staff?
  11. Sorry for a premature submission of my reply. To continue, There is no doubt BAC was cleaner in Indy. They could have been even cleaner had the tech staff (IMO) been provided more dedicated cleaning time and a bit less time on "enhancing". Adding to the show, didn't pay off nearly as much as being cleaner would have. And I don't know that it would be limited to visual. All that being said I have a good feeling for BAC for next year and am looking forward to an exciting show that brings all the elements from 2014 to the field once again with a litte more simpler in your face production. I look forward to all the winter progress reports.
  12. OK so we are now only 10 weeks away from the first audition weekend and about 5 weeks removed from Finals. Where is BAC at, at this point? What staff changes have been made; confirmed not rumored? How many MM's have aged out? More importantly how many MM's are retained/returning? Has there been any progress on a show for next year. Several DCP'rs have suggested shows. Some suggestions for a tribute type show others for a mixed show. I for one would love to see the 75th anniversary show be a continued progression from 2014. Complex, dark, edgy, progressive (for BAC) with slight, very slight, call back to their heritage. Subtle Conquest references; last year's was more than a reference and was actually quite nice to hear. BAC needs to show they are committed to moving the dial forward. However, the design staff needs to have a better understanding on the MM's capabilities and ability to achieve the execution required of a difficult show. Design wise I don't think anyone would disagree they overreached. I also feel from comments I read here and what I saw of the Indy quaters performance, that although the wer cleaner, they wer still a ways away from being UNQUESTIONABLY cleanr
  13. Any update. I saw nothing related to this comment after this post. Who is not returning and how did this come to be known?
  14. Is there any update on corps staff? Lentz is gone, who else? Saw an earlier note that there was about to be a change in brass staff?