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  1. Tony Dicarlo gets his "entertainment" budget reinstated. Dinners on DCI Again!
  2. No word on this year. 2022 Trip to Ireland announced!
  3. We now know, "I HOPPY" coming to you from 2-10 daily! He has the name patent. Answers the ? as to why he would plead "no contest"
  4. A "misdemeanor" conviction like what H pled to is on the same scale as public intoxication or maybe the level of drunk driving.. He could become CEO of DCI with what he pled No Contest to. Not that DCI would vote to do that! LOL
  5. Because he pled No Contest, No Sex Offender Registry required! He could be back once the 2 years probation is completed. Although I think the publicity will keep him away. Probation could be dismissed as soon as 6 months by the probation dept. There will be no record once probation is completed
  6. As of 2011, Pa. bases registration on the date the offender was sentenced, convicted, or released from prison. Pleading guilty in 2020 means he will have to register for a minimum of 15 years or depending on the crime, a lifetime registration.
  7. Saw something on facebook this AM but it has since been removed.
  8. WGI held a zoom call with the local circuit partners and regional show hosts last weekend. The message from that conference call was to look for a decision on WGI 2021 by sometime in November. Many local circuits are planning a season to start in late Jan. or Feb. There was talk about making regionals a 1 day single performance and also about virtual performances. Most scholastic groups do not start practice until fall sports has ended in late Nov. so the Nov date seems logical for a decision. Independent Groups do tend to start their auditions in Sept. or Oct. They may want to delay that proc
  9. Traditional shows would possibly run in the spring (April and May) with a championship show in Allentown, The Meadowlands, or Annapolis on May 22, 2021. The fall season will be Virtual only. tThe idea here is this fall a band from Texas could compete and receive a score against a band from New Jersey or California.
  10. Us Bands announce V-Performances only for the fall. https://yea.org/news/new-virtual-performance-option-announced
  11. I applaud Cavalcade for their ideas to host shows. I just cannot see how there will be no chance at cross contamination as fans move about in and out of the stands. It also seems impossible to sanitize between the different groups performances. Will every person attending and or participating need to clear a health screening before entering the stadium?
  12. Are you saying Cadet's are part of YEA? Maybe you missed the announcement about Cadets separating from YEA! There was no Cadet bashing in my post. My point was to show the influx of funds needed for YEA/US BANDS to survive!
  13. I always thought the word was bull-frog. I learn something new everyday!