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  1. A while back, the Bluecoats press release about lost revenue from the virus stated their operating budget is 2.5 to 3 Mil per year. A couple of organizations you mentioned have annual budgets in the 5-10 mil range. I know an open class corp who is approaching the 800K-1 mil budget range.
  2. Take an office staff of 4 with salaries, taxes, and health insurance, you are at 250,000 maybe 300,000 not including the corps staff. Throw in stipends for the BOD (not all groups have volunteer Boards). Now add in rent or mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, travel expenses, etc., etc., your easily up well over 500K per year in operating expenses. I did not even include the six figure salary for the corps director. Most World Class corps are now multi, multi million dollar operations.
  3. Maybe they will. I just want to see someone show leadership and confidence in a time of crisis. By stating plans for 2021 that show a group is confident moving forward.
  4. Without even trying and searching every DCI corps. I found FAQ's on websites for Blue Knights, Blue Stars and Cavies that they all are extending contracts to 2021 for members. Boston may not have announced but I hear they are doing the same.
  5. Yes I am WELL aware they are reorganizing and that just reinforces my points about still being behind on info about the organization. I was actually one of the first people to bring the reorg subject up. My pulse has beat for the long term stability for the Cadets and my feeling is they are MISSING the opportunity that is before them.
  6. The Cadets have let the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and use it to their advantage pass them by. I look at the other top 12 corps and see everyone else already putting out 2021 plans, being honest about difficulties that lay ahead, and what to expect going forward. This has been a problem of the Cadets for an extended period of time. Answers to the simple questions like have the Cadets guaranteed 2020 members a position with them for 2021 as other corps have? should have already been answered. I personally know two members families that are saying their marching members will not go back them in 2021 because of the continued lack of information provided by the Cadets this winter. The DCI statement specifically states to watch for announcements from and to contact your corps for membership and other related questions. Being able to address problems as they arise is a sign of a well organized operation. DCI led the way and the corps needed to be prepared to follow, Something that the Cadets appeared NOT ready to do!!!
  7. Not frommy view! I think Cadets need some PR lessons. Maybe they should have consulted with SCV, BD and Cavies on how to prepare an informational press release instead of 2 or 3 paragraphs of non information. They have had several days just like the other corps to get a professional, informational press release. WAY TOO MANY QUESTIONS LEFT UNANSWERED!
  8. You can add in "All it will take is 1 person to be diagnosed with the virus while on tour and 200+ people are quarantined for 2 weeks in who knows whereville USA."
  9. Everyone! They all are the best time for a 17 minute bathroom and food break! LOL
  10. Heard the same at the WGI Regional in S. Brunswick where Cadets had a recruitment table. They are going to use an existing 501c3 and they will be based in NJ. At 1st I thought the YEA one but heard about an inactive 501c3 of another drumcorp.
  11. Last night Denise specifically said they DO NOT have a 501c3 at this time. They are in the process of applying for it. Until they have a BOD in place I believe they would not be able to even apply to the IRS. That tells me that the earliest they will even be able to apply for it is 4/1. Remember the 501c3 is not only for contributions but is also a way for a non-profit to save on sales and other taxes!
  12. Cadets can fundraise without a 501c3. The bottom line is the DONOR cannot take any tax credit without the 501c3. Be careful if you donate now as your donation would not be tax deductible. My recommendation would be wait to donate until they have their non-profit status confirmed. I know with the IRS that can take several months or longer. Especially if you are a new identity with no previous filings.
  13. Many bands that compete in US Bands are competing and performing in other circuits during the competitive season. Other than CT. almost evry other state US Bands are in, have one or more other circuits to compete in.
  14. My point was did Cadets sign a contract to sponsor the shows or was it YEA? Which is what you also were asking. From a DCI standpoint if it is owed by the Cadets then the amount due could easily be witheld from 2020 appearance fees for the Cadets. Not every show is sponsored by a DCI corps. I believe the debt restructuring is still TBD.
  15. I read that it was a "Mandatory" Brass camp for 2020 members and also open auditions. My understanding was that at mandatory camps attendance by all is usually required.