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  1. I thought that the number was raised to 60 just before covid hit. May have just been conversations about that but no official vote.
  2. Sadly, this was being rumored around at WGI Championships. There was talk that their April CG tryout camp was cancelled.
  3. The bottom line is Denise failed her own Foundation. If she was such a "great fundraiser", she would have had D and O insurance to protect herself and the Bonfig Foundation. Her "friends" then would not have to be begging for money!
  4. If anything this group should be returning donations to the donors who were misled on how their donations were being used instead of asking for donations for Legal Bills!
  5. From what I have heard the Ma. AG's office is investigating the organization now that the evidence came public from the civil decision. Denise could easliy be charged with all 3 of the reasons!
  6. The corps could then form the IMBA (Independent Marching Band Association)
  7. Last year many groups put quality products on the field with a 2-3 week camp!
  8. Sadly SCV, a few years back, had a previous Director that had to be pulled of the road during tour and "resigned" after the season ended.
  9. And this is not the 1st SCV director to have issues with performing members.
  10. WGI is mandating training for ALL their employees, judges, show staff, and volunteers. I know a few DCI staff that DEFINETLY need training just from observing their behavior at shows! Corp members may be more comfortable if reporting was to someone outside of the corps inner circle. These "other DCI staff" people need to be trained on how to handle the issues if and when informed.
  11. The same zero tolerance policy needs to be in place at the DCI office and done for all DCI judges, show staff, co-ordinators and volunteers!
  12. Don't forget the SCV issue with the corps director (former Cavaliers director) and a male guard member
  13. WGI now requires mandatory "Abuse Prevention Training" for all WGI personnel (including judges and volunteers) along with all staff and leadership of all competing units. There has been talk about requiring this for all members Maybe the time has come for DCI to do the same!
  14. This case had been around since 2016. Many people in the activity knew about it for years. Including people in SCV and even WGI
  15. Tony Dicarlo gets his "entertainment" budget reinstated. Dinners on DCI Again!
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