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  1. If I went and bought a used car it is still "NEW" to me as the owner.
  2. Just asking. Thank you for your insight!
  3. She conveniently left out where the horns came from. They may be "NEW" as in, for the Cadets. Are they "NEVER" used "NEW" from the factory???
  4. The same arguments were being said 25 years ago about WGI Percussion. Look where that has progressed to today. I know a CG circuit that said they will never allow drums in a gym. Guess what, that CG circuit does not exist today.
  5. It is more like "Don't Leave the Room" or you will be next in charge. Make sure you wear the extra bladder protection Depends when at the meeting.
  6. I also find it very interesting how WGI introduced Winds and the following year DCI created Soundsport to compete against Winds. Still surprised DCA groups have in general not gotten involved with Winds. Several DCI Corps now sponsor competitive Winds groups.
  7. WGI Winds has had NO age limit since its inception. Winds Rules for 2020- 1.1 Winds groups in the Independent Class may compete with performers of any age. WGI Percussion is the only area that still has an age limit for all classes.
  8. The Bristol people were offered Mon. 6/29 as their show date. They wanted a July 3 show date to go with the parade but most of the corps were committed to Crown's show and on their way to Fla. then.
  9. Only approval needed was being granted access to the schedule as an Open Class member which DCI did. My understanding is they were already a touring DCI all age corp and already have access to the DCI schedule. No other approvals needed. Meet the 55 member minimum and 21 and under age restrictions and they are good to compete.
  10. They will soon be based out of Revere, Ma. and known as the 27th Cadets
  11. How will this play out with potential members? Will they want to audition for an organization who may seem to be on "thin" ice financially?
  12. These announcements about a smaller tour and front office reductions just kind of confirms what I heard about them being 750K to 1 mil down on 2019 revenue from US Bands.
  13. 2 out of the 4 is a start. Have to wait and see on the talent level and the financial situation.