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  1. I guess the EEE threat in Mass. can't be that bad if the Patriot's are allowed to play on Sunday night!
  2. Cadets do a "Stairway to Heaven." show. No need for new props! April brings back the Alliance of Miami guard work.
  3. I heard he has a 3 year contract with YEA. So the logical move was to place him in another position within the org.
  4. Darcie was/is the Artistic Coord. I talked with her after she was announced a year ago and my understanding was she was there to oversee costuming and set design. Basically be the color coordinator for the production. It just seems everyone wants to blame/question her on all their 2019 staging/music/drill problems.
  5. Don't think that will happen. DCI's "pre-intermission corps" need their paydays too!!!!!!
  6. Well there goes my plans to drive down and go to Finals on Sunday night! Glad I did not buy my tickets in advance.
  7. Heard they are reuniting with an old "Staff/Program Coordinator"
  8. She did when Santa Clara canned Jeff Fielder. She was the messenger then when Jeff was sent home midseason. She can be the Cadets messenger now.
  9. Don't know on the director. He was handpicked by Dan Acheson and DCI
  10. Spartans had already planned their week and were scheduled to depart after semi-finals and the age out ceremony to return to Nh. by Sunday morning. Many members and staff have to be at work and band camps for some members start on Monday. They also had no housing for Friday night into Saturday.
  11. This is NOT the message I receive when watching the 2019 Cadets. If I was a school teacher I would give the program design an F. There is little to no coherency thru transitions and and the lack of musical(Brass) content is alarming. They do not even have the best quality arraignment of Bridge over Trouble Waters in DCI (see Academy). WAY, WAY, WAY toooo much time and energy maneuvering props. Where is the UNITY they describe? Feel like this is a WGI percussion show with a non-supporting cast.
  12. I would also be concerned with the .65 drop in score. Largest number of the 9 groups competing in Broken Arrow. Recent growth, or lack thereof, over the last week or so is alarming.
  13. If anything happens it will not be DCI but WGI where the DCA corps land. As WGI has the weekend only model DCA needs for their groups.
  14. Full Panel or not. Friday night scores are sending a message that the show may have become stagnant as Crossmen took 1st in 2 comp/rep sub captions