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  1. Can also keep a corps from making finals. Madison's visual scores kept them out of finals in 2002, and I am sure it has happened to others. Gotta have the total package to take gold.
  2. Probably a director that knows something about running a business, advertising, and generating revenue. Unfortunately, there aren't many that do, so they will continue to live in their shoe box. If they did, we would not see corps like the Glassmen have to take a year off. If they did, you would see these things. It's hard to "grow drum corps" as seems to be the big push without making a little investment in the process financially. It's 1st year business school, and most can't seem to use that logic, oh well. Let's hope the activity grows itself then. Forget using tactics that work and
  3. My bad, didn't know I was talking about prime time. Oh wait... There's more time than prime time. There's also more advertising than just on tv. I saw some guy who was selling an album on itunes just rent a billboard in SW Michigan, there are ways to advertise. DCI has never seemed to have the market figured out in advertising. There are ways, and there are ways to advertise for TV and make it viable.
  4. I don't know, I teach high school and my kids seem like they are watch is tv. They're always talking about the Kardashians, Bad Girls Club, etc. I think one thing missing is marketing on TV. I don't recall promos and adds on Comcast, Time Warner, etc. about DCI even when it was on ESPN.
  5. While I like your sentiment, I hope that between design and performance they can be better this year. Too many people blamed it all on design last year, which I whole-heartedly disagree with. Guess I'll take a stab at the prediction thing, since I have chimed in on this thread. 1. Blue Devils-I don't think you can top their performance mixed with this show. 2. Crown-so good every year, but Thom Hannum will overwrite the drum book like he did in 2010 and 2011 with Madison 3. Phantom-They've proven that they can survive musically without Rennick and Shaw. I just hope the show doesn't end wit
  6. Do I want to always be taken serioulsy on here, no. At the same time, jokes that weren't funny the first time being thrown around on this site, sorry, gets old. You bring up the lolcorps thread, funny stuff, I admit. But tired old jokes, enough already.
  7. Haven't we had INT jokes around long enough? Just another reason most corps staff/directors/members can't take this site seriously. It's almost like those corps members that ask the question "water we doing next?"
  8. I've listened to it a few times recently and can't hear it. I mean there are some general timing issues, but Candide almost always has those.
  9. I think we swashed more than Michael Cesario's buckle that night. ####, it still swashes my buckle.
  10. Gotta say, appreciating the love for that show. That was my rookie year and I enjoyed every minute of that ride. Great staff, great show, amazing brothers.
  11. Might be due to the fact that Florida doesn't have a junior corps. Granted, there are many states that host shows without having a junior corps, but those states/stadiums aren't as far from show sites, as it is to get down to parts of Florida. My thought is probably not "the reason" but could be a reason. It is a missed opportunity, but so is not having shows in Canada and many other states where corps draw from and have big alumni bases. Just throwing the thought out there.
  12. I have to agree with much of what you just wrote, at the same time, I don't see the need to have an entire thread devoted to your opinion about the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps no longer being the Madison Scouts. It's one thing to not like the shows as much, it's another to say that they should not be called the Madison Scouts because you simply don't like the shows as much. That would be like fans of the Cadets saying they aren't the Cadets anymore, or the Cavaliers aren't the Cavaliers anymore because to be honest with you, those 2, plus BD and others have jumped ship compared to w
  13. The Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps, is an all-male drum and bugle corps with their headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. They are in the process of celebrating their 75th anniversary in 2013. Since their incepction in 1938, the corps has entertained and educated thousands of people around the world. They are truly a one-of-a-kind organization. Their current alumni total in the thousands, and those alumni are individuals that marched from 1938-2012. They ARE the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps, and will always be, the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps. MYNWA
  14. With all due respect, what do you know of the organization? Did you march with the Madison Scouts? If you had, ESPECIALLY under the Scott Stewart years as I did, then you would not feel this way. I wonder when people spout off about a corps they were not a member of, if they even marched at all. As an alum of this organization I have completely disagree with your opinions and thoughts on my beloved corps. For one, any of us that did march under Scott would accept our brothers from 2012 the same as we would our brothers from 1938. Has the activity changed, absolutely, but then every corps ha