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  1. Listening to Crown ... audio has no cuts, as far as I can tell. I’ve also listened to Cavies ... 11:04 seemed a bit short for them, but I could not identify any cuts.
  2. Yup. I see that now. I bought volume 1. I prefer to have the physical product, so I’ll wait for the CDs to get them all.
  3. Looks like just Top 6 and you have to buy all the shows to get even just one.
  4. Seconded. We’re almost at one year since they released the audio downloads from 2018. And we haven’t heard anything about cuts to the audio or video. Seems a bit weird.
  5. [Walks in, notices thread completely quiet, decides to wake everyone up.] DING DING DING!!!! TOP OF MORNING!!!! 😛 This thread has been way too quiet. There's something I've been waiting to see someone bring up in here, but no one has ... so I will. With the announcement that Jeff Sacktig is going to be Visual Consultant for the Cadets in 2020, what does that mean for his involvement with Crown? Obviously, Crown hasn't posted any staff announcements yet. But, he's not the visual Caption Manager or Designer ... so, I assume he could still be working with Crown? Especially sinc
  6. Plagal Cadence. Or, perhaps, Plagal Cadet-nce. 😛 Only saying that because it's also called the Amen Cadence ... which is in The Doxology. 😛 (among other things)
  7. I just want Crown to keep going with whatever they did this year. Crown is always my favorite show every year with the exception of last year because Santa Clara was just a once in a lifetime kind of show. But, this is the first time Crown has felt like they are back to what they were before the Great Staff Exodus of 2016. And, everyone noticed. So many people compared this show to 2013 or 2015 ... arguably two of the best shows Crown has ever made. Whatever direction they decided to go with this show ... keep it up, Crown! This show was so special, regardless of the placement!
  8. And only did so because of some questionable numbers from two specific judges. And it's taking everything I have to NOT lash out at one in particular. But, I must remain professional. Plus, then I'd also have to go to Confession for that. I'd rather just control myself. lol
  9. This was Erin's first year, and the guard was on the younger side. I know her, and know her work Ethic. They were great this year and will be even better next year. 🙂
  10. Try .037. Because one GE judge gave them 5th while the others gave them 3rd ... and Good sold Chumley tanked their Vis Analysis score to sixth whilst giving BD a perfect score. I try to always be positive ... but, is it time for Chumley to just retire already? I’m tired of him taking out his bias against Crown.
  11. You are correct, sir. And, since both nights are judged by the same judges, it counts.
  12. Incorrect. Flow always cuts off before Big, Loud, and Live starts. Top 15 will only be in the theatres showing that event. They will not be on stream through Flo. Tomorrow and Saturday WILL be the entire show, though.