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  1. Bluecoats because the show is so well written and performed. It has an emotional hook from beginning to end. BD is too unemotional, except the ballad, and I have seen this show the past six years or so. Ready for something fresh from the Devils.
  2. Love me some numbers too! Added a few others. BLOO: Aesthetic=10, Intellectual=10, Emotional= 10 BD: Aesthetic=8, Intellectual=10, Emotional= 7 SCV: Aesthetic=5, Intellectual=9, Emotional= 6 CC: Aesthetic=7, Intellectual=8, Emotional= 7 BC: Aesthetic=8, Intellectual=8, Emotional= 8 CAVIES: Aesthetic=10, Intellectual=8, Emotional= 10 BK: Aesthetic=8, Intellectual=9, Emotional= 9 CREST: Aesthetic=10, Intellectual=7, Emotional=8 I really dig this show. New kid on the block? soon? STARS: Aesthetic=8, Intellectual=6, Emotional=7 Dig this on
  3. Several judges had them close to Spirit last night and one judge had them over Spirit in a sub caption. 14th maybe?
  4. While I cannot pretend to know the stresses and time management involved in producing a show that is highly competitive in 2019, I do have enough time on the drum corps design and teaching clock to have some opinions as to what some corps need to do now in order to perhaps best elevate their shows knowing that such time for change, balanced with cleaning time, is now crucial. What is your advice for certain corps? My offerings: BD: Make prop movement and uniform change produced and not perfunctory. Year after year of you doing this has gotten old, frustrating. Could be seen as
  5. BOOM! Mic drop. Owned by logic. Go 2019 Scouts, This summer is about you and what YOU bring to the field. NOTHING ELSE!
  6. Some reactions to your three paragraphs offered above (thanks for your civil response to my post): 1. Prior to the events of that evening, I had interacted with Scouts alumni for years. A few I would call friends. Most experiences with alumni were simply one or two-time interactions. It was rare that any discussion regarding Scouts didn't turn negative if not ugly. I appreciate the passion associated with our activity, but there are varying ways to express one's self and a level of control and logical thought that should guide such passion. I have certainly "run my mouth" in regards to d
  7. Yep. Ducking practice has well begun. Helmet on and honesty held as a shield. Bring it !!
  8. Okay. So, I have thought long and hard about this with never finding the impetus, the go-ahead to say what has been on my mind for many years. The sudden and surprising availability to this video (see below) has given me the go-ahead. The video was so great to see. I teared up without expecting to do such. So, here it is: If the Madison Scouts find themselves going the way of 2-7, Anaheim Kingsmen, Magic, etc. the fault will largely fall on the shoulders of the many misguided, un-thinking, and self-indulgent alumni, not the current administration. Drum corps alumni are notorious for crea
  9. Not trying to start a controversy, but I have a legit question. I understand that "wrong side of the tracks" may have different connotations for different people, generations, cultures, etc. I also understand that for some there is a connection to Grand Theft Auto. Does the phrase not come from making a distinction between classes of people? Poor versus not-poor? Lesser people versus elevated people? Specifically, I know the phrase to indicate a racial divide. Not for one second do I think Cavaliers is trying to provoke negative social or class distinction feelings or behaviors, but I am curi
  10. We have all been punked. Right? Obviously? Please say it is so.
  11. So much for attracting talent. These people have done some good in the activity and that certainly has to be recognized, but in a way that no longer attracts the best talent in 2018.
  12. Well, spent about thirty minutes looking through BOA recaps, WGI recaps, and Texas UIL recaps from the past ten years. Not all of them mind you. No, no sign of Mr. Elvord anywhere. Did not need to spend this time on something I already knew, but I thought "what the hell". My point is not to discredit him as someone who has contributed to the activity in some positive way. My point is to question the Scout's on making this hire if Mr. Elvord has little to no design success or consistent judging track record that would at least place him in the middle of the current activity's goings on. And le
  13. Please produce recaps where Jimmy is listed as a judge for BOA, WGI, or a Texas band contest within the past ten years. If such exists, how many? Has he been doing such consistently the past decade? If a Texas band contest, is it a UIL event? or a locally sponsored contest where being asked to judge may not be an indication that someone posses knowledge of current design prowess or those who can produce such?
  14. Ummm. Not excited about this at all. Actually, scares the #*^% out of me. Looking backwards to fix 2019. Just no.