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  1. Beyond the lack of horns, equipment and uniforms problem, let’s look at a bigger this an official organization? Has it been filed with the IRS or a local bank? Personally, I have no idea the process behind that, but there has to be some financial work done before the organization can start pulling in members, right?
  2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the July 5th show in Bridgeport. This will be the first time since 2004 that there will be DCI competition in Connecticut with Division 1/World Class corps and the first time since 2002 Bridgeport will host a Division 1/World Class competition. The area is a pretty good hotbed for drum corps interest too- not as big as the Midwest of course, but we still have interest in the area due to competitive high school bands and the Connecticut Hurricanes DCA corps. Before now, the closest show for a lot of people in the area was The Cadets' home show (hour and a half away) or Allentown (3 hours away), which I believe prevented the more casual drum corps fans from seeing a good drum corps show, so it should be a fun time for all attending. A small show- only Spirit, Crossmen, BAC and Phantom are scheduled so far to perform- but a show nonetheless. No venue has been announced, but I will bet more than anything that it will be Kennedy Stadium, which has surprisingly played a big role in drum corps history, playing host to 2 of the first 3 DCA Championships and multiple World Junior and Senior Championships (you know, before DCI existed...). No "name" has been given to show either, so I'm beginning to wonder if anyone has picked up the duties of hosting the show yet...hopefully it will still go on....
  3. -George Zingali rose from his grave just so he could offer to write their drill....and they still turned him down. -They are hands-down, the top fan-favorite and have the cleanest show every year. So much, that there has NEVER been any threads on DCP containing 20 pages of nonsense debating on whether or not they deserve first place or the perfect 100 they always receive.
  4. DCP-I User ID: umasstpt12 Corps Name: Regiment of FC Corps Division: World Class Corps Location: Fairfield County, CT DCP-I User ID: umasstpt12 Corps Name: Junior Cadets of FC Corps Division: Open Class Corps Location: Fairfield County, CT
  5. Log-in name on DCP-I site: umasstpt12 Corps Name: Regiment of FC (formally Trumbull Golden Eagles) Corps Division: World Class Location: Trumbull, CT
  6. two questions 1) i was new for DCP-I in season 10. how do the scores work for the off-season "seasons" ex. season 11? will the scores be used from 2008 corps? 2) where can we register to host home shows? or is it not up yet? thanks
  7. im a hopeful for marching Citations this summer (theyre Open Class so theres not too much of an audition process- good attitude and youre in). im a freshman at UMass Amherst so ive met some people here that march there. im not too confident in my playing abilities so an Open Class corps is perfect for me. then depending on how this season goes, me and a friend may try out for Bluecoats. while we talk about alumni from our HS that marches corps- in my old HS band i knew of only one kid that marched Phantom (he graduated in 99 i believe and did Phantom from 01 to 03....oddly enough, he was the member chosen to write the online member journal for 2003). other than that, we've had one girl that marched 7th Regiment last year and a couple of guard girls that have marched DCA (Bushwhackers, Cabs and Hurcs) so if i do Citations, ill be only the third person to march a DCI corps from my school and if i march Bluecoats, ill be only the second person to march a world corps. pretty cool i guess.....
  8. From Trumbull Golden Eagle Drum Corps (will be switching name to CT Thunder DBC soon) Location: New Haven, CT Venue: Yale Bowl
  9. thought it probably wont happen- how amazing would it be if those corps were playing us the entire season and came out of nowhere and placed high in finals???
  10. how are you using the scores from the corps that performed twice? taking the evening scores?
  11. i think the biggest surprise of the night was cadets coming in 5th and crown in 3rd especially after cadets had been like a point on crown the past couple of shows. i think performance order played a huge role tonight.