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    1981 DCI Semi Finals, & 1981 Finals
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  1. Also the riflers doing the suicide toss over the drum majors head. That took lots of practice & guts to stand under it without cringing as they threw it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I remember doing the sunburst & Mr. Jones making us practice it & making it perfect it was the trademark drill & had to be great. It was used every year in some form or another He was a great drill instructor. The sunburst lasted the lifetime of the Troopers. Still using it modern times.
  3. thanks thats what i actually remember i have been away from dcpi for a few years & I was trying to remember what places I took with the 3 corps. I thought the T Boltz were division 2 & the thunder & lightning were div 3 thanks for the clarification.Thanks Again
  4. on the score page for season 12 it has the T-Boltz winning class A I don't remember winning that year is that a mistake. If not than They have 1 championship. Thanx
  5. Corps Name: ROCKY MOUNTAIN THUNDER Corps Division (World, Open, Class A): WORLD Corps Hometown: LA JUNTA, CO username:glwaits Homeshow site and venue request:CASTLE ROCK, or DENVER,CO AT SPORTS AUTHORITY FIELD AT MILE HIGH Corps Name:THUNDER & LIGHTNING Corps Division (World, Open, Class A):OPEN Corps Hometown: LA JUNTA,CO username:glwaits Homeshow site and venue request:CASTLE ROCK or DENVER,CO Corps Name: T-BOLTZ OF SOUTHERN COLORADO Corps Division (World, Open, Class A):CLASS A Corps Hometown: LA JUNTA,CO www.drum
  6. Thats my corps, Welcome back Troop. Brings back memories GO TROOPERS
  7. DCP-I User ID: glwaits Corps Name: Rocky Mountain Thunder Corps Division: World Location: La Junta, Co DCP-I User ID: glwaits Corps name: Southeastern Colorado T-Boltz Corps Division: Open Location: Southeastern Colorado DCP-I User ID: glwaits Corps Name: Thunder & Lightning (new Corps) Corps Division: Class A Location: Lower Arkansas Valley , Colorado
  8. Also a returning director with a new corps in open class, the "Southern Colorado T-Boltz"
  9. Log in Name: glwaits corps name: Rocky Mountain Thunder Corps Division: World Location: La Junta, Co Log in name:glwaits corps name: Southern Colorado T-Boltz Corps Division: Open location: Southeast Colorado
  10. That's weard The Troopers John was from my home town in southeastern colorado we were best friends & joined Troopers together in 1980 & after I had one year in Argonne Rebels(1979) I convinced him to join. We were in band & graduated from same class, He marched in n1980,81,82.He played Timpani,Snare & Quints. He now lives in another part of the state don't Know where though.
  11. We had 1957 Trailways & it seamed like every year at least one or two always broke down. Pushing & doubling up in the aisles on the other buses, NOW THAT IS THE WAY TO TRAVEL. One timeI remember we had a show I believe in ohio & we had a break down & we were late & doubled up & changing on the doubled up buses HOW FUN. I believe we had a penalty for being late & mr. Jones had aranged for the Guardsmen to go on in front of us so we could still make the show. man what a night nothing went right show was a mess JUST BADDDD
  12. I would like to see what all you had for Troopers this brings back some very fine memories. Had a great time in Troopers Mr. Jones was a great man. Thank you very much