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  1. Madison had a great show tonight in Alabama. Crowds responded very well as they mostly have all season. This is a great group of kids who are fighting with a lot of class. They know things are not what they wanted this season... they are happy with the uniform they are asked to wear this year.....and the program they have been handed .... crowds do like the show this year. There are things that are positive this season over the last couple of years. I enjoy the show much more over some of the last few efforts.... so I am seeing the glass half full. Keep pushing Scouts. Are there issues that need to be examined closer? I believe there are. I think those "issues" should do some self evaluation and look in the mirror and ask themselves some serious questions. Somethings gotta give...... but I will stay half full... always room for improvement.
  2. I am just proud to be discussing a Madison and SCV matchup. It has been a long time coming. Both classy groups. Madison has come a long way with a great staff, and management in place. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for the future, it has certainly helped Madison to date. I see more great things in the near future. As for tonight, I believe Madison will be on top. They too have had some productive rehearsals. They changed a good portion of the drum solo, new drill and did a few cuts here and there. They added / changed over 50 seconds of drill. They will present it tonight. Again, just very proud to be discussing Madison and Santa Clara Vanguard in the same sentence again. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers this year of the Scouts !! You are making some alumni very PROUD !
  3. I agree. The want what they want to stay financially viable so they can stay on top. I do not want to see this happen to them or any corps, but taking from the other corps to help feed the "elite" of drum corps is not how we help the youth in drum corps. Very ironic. Best of luck to BD and DCI.
  4. Go Madison You are making us Alumni proud! Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave. Keep up the work! Enjoy it!
  5. Just got back from Scouts dress rehearsal. Uniform is much improved over past years. Very classy, very clean. The alumni will be very happy. Everyone will be happy. Great show, great design. Simple, yet satisfying. A real Madison Scouts show.
  6. From Madison Scouts facebook page: Madison Scouts If you would like a sneak peak of the Scouts, we have secured IU's Memorial Stadium on Monday at 9:30p for a full dress rehearsal. The public is welcome, but we cannot enter the stadium until 9:30p. Access to the stadium will be through the SW gate (back side, open endzone side of stadium). No other entrances will be open. Souvenirs will be available for sale as well. Come see the 2010 Madison Scouts!
  7. I hate to admit it too. It is 5:45 am and I have been awake since 3:30 thinking of the Madison Scouts and the days when I marched. It hurts to see what has happened over the last almost ten years. Internal problems, loss of identity, a fan base that IS losing faith to name a few. I am an alumni who is asking the BOD, directors, staff to please, look back, look forward, look inward, for the sake of what was and what we all hope will be again. I am sure everyone involved is doing the best they know how. We did not get here overnight, and will not get to where we need or want to be in one or two years. But really, what is going on? Financial problems need to be a worry of the past and one we learn from. Other corps seem to do well financially, lets learn from them. Consistent, crowd pleasing show designs, that appeal to our fans, and our peers, and the men who wear the Superman suit, other corps seem to do it, lets learn from them. Find our identity again, reconnect with our base, our fans, our alumni, and create a new generation of fans who do not have to hear of the old days. Lets carve our own future by setting high standards for our membership, our staff. And, if we do not meet our goals, find out why, and fix it !! Other corps seem to do it, lets learn from them. We cannot go one step forward and two steps back. We do not have to live in the past to be successful...but going back to what put us on the map to begin with might not be a bad place to start looking for answers. I love the Madison Scouts and know it must be hard for any staff or member to read some of what has been put here. We all have dreams and ideas of what we want to happen for the organization. It is all easier said than done I am sure. This thing is bigger than any one of us, but together, lets look back, look forward and look inward for the answers. There is no blame being cast here, just my thoughts. But I think a consensus is building. It is being heard on a website forum, heard from a crowds subdued response, heard from members that go to other corps, heard from alumni who just want our corp back. We are gonna have to earn our respect back from the drum corp community, the fans, members, alumni, judges. Lets find our footing in a way that is good for the long term survival and growth of our membership and for everyone involved. From a very respectful alumni and supporter. Go Scouts...POW !
  8. Saw the guys last night in Murf. Great job, keep it up. Don't quite understand the placement !!?? Anyone know where the Scouts are staying today in Gadsden, AL ? Wanna go see them rehearse. Thanks! POW
  9. There has been three Executive Directors since then.
  10. I stumbled on this thread too, but it is funny. I was there and do remember where I was at "the exact moment" of the "Frack". Saw the poor guy in the parking lot after retreat, sitting on curb, just staring at the pavement. It really is not funny. Had to hurt something awful. He is still probably in therapy over it.
  11. Place Corps Score World Class 1 The Cavaliers 85.950 2 Bluecoats 82.500 3 Blue Knights 79.700 4 Colts 74.800 4 Troopers 74.800 6 Madison Scouts 73.550 7 Cascades 65.550
  12. Yes, you have that correct. That is exactly what I am saying.
  13. Madison was in twelve place at this same show last year and Spirit was 2.5 points ahead. We all know how the season ended. It is still very early. Congrats to both Colts and Spirit.
  14. Just got home from the Jacksonville show. I spent the day with the corps at rehearsal too. Man, was it hot. A few of the guys had to sit down on the sidelines for a few minutes. Water breaks every 15 min. Rough rehearsal, but they fought out a decent run thru. Guard looked rough at run thru. Horns were not too intense either. The show was a different story! Much more intense than the run thru and it was a solid performance on all fronts. Guard looked much better tonite. These guys have come a long way. The Men do know what is ahead for them the next 12 days. The staff is asking a lot from them and are pushing them hard. They are responding well and doing what is asked of them. They seem very confident on what they can clean over the next few days and there seems to be no let down that I can tell. I am going to get a few hours sleep and am driving to Sevierville, TN this morning. I am going to try to catch some of the rehearsal and will be at the show. Let you know what I see from there. Go Scouts !!!