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  1. I heard the Blue Stars are moving from "La Crosse" to Indianapolis. Oh wait...
  2. Crown not winning best color guard hurts my feelings.
  3. This show has improved so much from Stanford! When I saw the show earlier this year, I thought it lacked the "power and grace" I love most about PR, and it finally feels like they found a way to bring that back this season. Great job!
  4. THAT is how you end a drum and bugle corps show. WELL DONE!
  5. I liked Cavies ballad, but dear lord, those cutout women take away so much from the moment. At least they arent blow-up dolls...
  6. What a great ending for such a hard summer - good job Cavaliers!!
  7. To be fair, I said one section (especially one member) looked bad. This is a judged activity. I get the support everyone all the time, but this is finals, where everyone needs to bring their A game. When someone messes up, it isn't an attack to point that out. I hear what people are saying though. My apologies if I offended anyone.
  8. HELLO BOSTON!!! Way to up the intensity. They really brought it tonight. WAY TO GO!!!!
  9. BAC starts off with such a powerful, warm sound! Definitely kicking-it up a few notches from the first two groups.
  10. Um, they definitely don't have the hardest book in finals. Not even close. That isn't a knock on their members. They tried hard and performed the best they could - good job to them, but don't kid yourself.
  11. VERY, VERY hard. It is a cool idea, but I think the execution is slightly off.
  12. What is going with the back flags for Blue Stars? HOT MESS! This is finals - no excuses for blanking on work. That was awful! She was out for at least 14-16 counts.
  13. Sorry Blue Stars, I find you boring. This is my least favorite show of the top 12.