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  1. I'm really excited to see River City Regiment sitting in 3rd after Prelims! I haven't been active on the forum this season (whole lotta real life going on at the moment), but I've been trying to keep up with scores and the point increases to remain competitive. Hoping for continued success!
  2. Corps name: River City Regiment Director: Tyler C. Division: World Class Hometown: Columbus, GA
  3. Yeah, I started it, then neglected it after January or so. I'll spectate this time.
  4. I know CV's step-off time is 8:13, and the math works out for everyone else from there.
  5. My first up-close experience with the Brunimen was last year, during and after retreat, when I suddenly found our ranks swarmed with cheerful Statesmen. That certainly left an impression, but nothing could have prepared me for Hornell last month, when, after blowing the house down with our hornline, their drumline marched their street beat all the way out to our truck where the percussion was already loading. They jammed for a bit, and then the hornline joined in for Elk's Parade, and we absolutely partied. I will never forget that. The Empire Statesmen embody everything I love about drum corps. I hope their members continue that spirit with other corps. Our activity could only benefit from that.
  6. Passed Bucknell a while ago and just passed a billboard for the Lewisburg show on our way to Hornell! First show hype!
  7. I feel very comfortable with where both River City corps are heading into regionals, especially the B corps. We'll be debuting some re-writes later this week that we're all hyping over here.
  8. My girlfriend (a drum corps vet) will be in attendance, and I'll summarize her thoughts here later. SCV and BK are among her favorite corps, so it's a good time for her to be out there! She'll get a second read on these WC groups in Atlanta.
  9. Maybe, just maybe... The Cavaliers are improving during the season as they are known to do? With reduced panels, the numbers are going to be weird for a while. Take every score with a grain of salt until Minneapolis.
  10. The Medford DCI show is an exhibition, in case that is what's delaying scores.
  11. There are tweaks to be made, especially with the B corps, but with three weeks until regionals, we'll take the patient route and gather more data... for now. (Gonna try to not overreact when there was only one small DCI show tonight, but it's hard to ignore a 4-point gap.)
  12. Crown- 77.8 SCV- 75.4 Pac Crest- 64.00 Mandarins- 62.1 BDB- 65.2 SCVC- 64.6 Recap
  13. The cost for a corps for each caption is based off of placement at the previous year's Championships. You get that corps' actual score in that caption throughout the season, though. On nights where that corps doesn't compete, you get a generated score that I believe is based on the weighted total for that caption (which is explained in more detail on the site, I believe).