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  1. Oh sad to hear this...he was very passionate about BAC and also a great guy overall. I really enjoyed our chats over the years and this past summer as well. Rest in peace.
  2. Ok...pacific crest surpised me with a level of maturity I was not expecting...please keep going in this direction...awesome sound as well..
  3. I love it! You are on of my favories this summer! They made some nice changes since I last saw them...way to go Surf!
  4. Can't wait for the the show..crowd just popped for them too...
  5. Nice show Scades. Lot's of energy right to the end. Enjoyed the mello sustain as well.
  6. I marched in the 50th...dang I'm old...reality check...haha
  7. an alum I'm there in spirit..would have loved to have joined them...
  8. You are not allowed to take a must see EVERY show 100%....LOLOLOLOL
  9. I pray that this is not of a contagious nature...that is to start to affect "other" corps as well...about 10 days out from finals...anyway hope all Trooper members feel better...
  10. Did not realize my post would reach far and wide...LOL
  11. I have not been to this show in was always just a little bit too far from me for mid-week(now way too far geographically)....but I seem to recall really liking the crowd there and it was a nice venue as well for being in the pocket for getting your face blown thing I always loved about drum corps...
  12. I have one if you live near NYC metro...In Harrison NY across from's near White Plains. Tratoria Vivolvo - If you like Italian...I also recommend a reservation. I personally guarantee you will not be disappointed.
  13. Madison who? I kid. Honestly, I really can't wait to see them on the broadcast this coming weekend...
  14. BAC used to have a show at Southern Connecticut State University back when Tom Spataro (sp?) was still director. I remember it being rained out due to T-storms. We waited a real long time before it was actually called. Well that was the last year for that show...I think they tried open class the next season, but it was poorly attended. Rain outs are obviously a disaster for the Host...I imagine Cadets(YEA) lost a lot due to the mid-show cancellation...It's not like they are rolling around in money right now. I feel bad for THEM as well.
  15. I remember that! BAC was the last corps to perform in the DARK. It was the year they ventured out to Cali. I hope I am remembering the correct show...
  16. Yes...This is a tribute show to that...BAC actually won Nationals in 1964, 1966, and 1967 before the formation of DCI in 1972.
  17. This is what happened according to several of my sources...I'm not blaming them...this is just what happened... Unfortunately, it indeed was the Cavaliers props that dug up the field...specifically the battery ramps on the field off to the left caused the problem. Cavaliers I'm told were seen by stadium officials attempting to replace the dug up grass divots as they finished their show as they were dragging their corps stuff off the field. At least Cavies were trying to fix it...but I don't know if this is anything like having to fix a divot on a golf need to fix the divot within a specified period of time or it's ruined til replaced...
  18. This is not official. It's just a really BAD rumor.
  19. Their show in Lawrence used to be the same night as Friday Night at a-town, but was moved to Thursday...not sure reason now...
  20. I remember doing this show TWICE in one day BITD...once in the early afternoon to qualify to be in the night