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  1. Many times the Saturday show is very competitive at the top...nice to see it happening on Friday....this will be the first time I actually miss the Allentown show live since 1992...I'm kinda bumming about that a bit...
  2. This is usually determined pre-season...soooo
  3. I think the draw should be publicly monitored like the lottery...ahahahahaha
  4. Not related to the thread...I must admit...The Beatles have been stuck in my head too since Saturday...LOL
  5. It is so stuck in my head...not sure if that's a good thing or not...LOL
  6. I wish I could get to see Jersey Surf again live this's one of my favorites this year...
  7. I'm not a fan of that show( just not my taste is all)....but I do like the brass...especially during the ballad...
  8. This is a super nice and awesome acoustic venue for drum corps. Especially because of the great sound you get due to the overhang. The seats are very comfortable as well. I wish I was still living in the Northeast as this was my go-to show when The Cadets started to host there. The Cadets do a really fine job as hosts for this show as well. They usually have a very nice reception (complimentary cheese and cracker platters and fresh fruit and soda) and also parking for VIP ticket holders. I absolutely love it!
  9. I know exactly what you are asking for...I sent an inquiry to Blue Knights last season about this...I followed that page every season for as long as I can remember even before the site was ascending performing arts...honestly I haven't been back to their website since and the suggested DCP for the "graphs" just does not even come close....sorry DCP you are great for a lot of things (rankings etc.)...the graphs themselves are just not the same... This was the response last June... "Thank you for your interest in the Blue Knights Scores page. Due to low interest and limited manpower to maintain it, we have discontinued the Scores page for now. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Feel free to check out this "Scores and Stats" page on Drum Corps Planet: Scores and Stats"
  10. I just want to take this time and say how proud I am with Boston...such a great and exciting live performance both nights this past Friday and Saturday at MTSU and ATL... I have seen this corps perform live (and others) for 27 years now. I have no doubt in my mind this is the best rendition of them in that time-frame. The staff and members really have something to really be proud of no matter the scores and placement. Yes I realize it's a competition, but most of us know breaking into the crème de la crème is no easy task...and honestly they are doing a (bleep) great job at it... The season is not over yet...those that may have written the corps off now to achieve their highest placement...could perhaps be making a error in that judgement...A lot can happen in a couple weeks...I will never underestimate the drive and determination of this drum corps...Never! I am 100% convinced that it is only a matter of time in the very near future for Boston to medal and eventually win a Championship. You are ALL Giants!
  11. That is very admirable. I'm sure that you most-likely donated your time as well.
  12. So that is where I would have been sitting today. Remind me please to not drive or should I say crash a bird(scooter) in the park after the DCI regional show in Atlanta... Wipe-out! ...and my knee out too... In a lot of pain today to say the least.... On the bright side I can at least watch the stream...
  13. My whole body just got goosebumps from that performance BLOOO...that hasn"t happened to me in a real real real long time.
  14. Very strong showing for Boston tonight IMO...that was up a notch since the last time I saw them...
  15. It's a show day! I'm so excited because I get to see BAC live today in Murfreesboro !! ! !!! I can't wait!
  16. Sorry for your loss. I wish I knew you needed a ticket sometime last week. My friend bailed on me because he had to work, but I invited my personal trainer that has never been to a show before instead...he is also going with me to Mercedes Benz on Saturday. Would have loved to have met ya.
  17. WOW...and here I thought I was a warrior for the cause to bring just impressive...
  18. Nice to see someone still calls it nationals...hehe
  19. That's good that you drove through it. You're not missing much. LOL I actually moved to Northern Atlanta this past December.
  20. hahaha...well I'd probably get thrown out of the stadium if I did that...but that looks like a telephoto lens..but I'm no expert either...