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  1. I'm sure "that discussion" is not going to be forgotten anytime soon...but in Cadet2000's defense(who I don't neccessary always agree with) "the powers that be" have made a seperate forum for the G7 talk....with tensions and emotions high right now it's obvious there will be spillover here... On another note I'm very excited to see BAC and thanks Brigadier80 for a really nice balanced review on their show. I will be at Ewing, NJ and Bridgeport, CT shows and then have to wait till Allentown....I can't wait to see them and all the other coprs for that matter....Thank goodness for FanNet...
  2. Do you know where the list of live streaming videos for this season is located?
  3. So why did I march? Well I need to take a journey back to memory lane circa 1986...I really loved marching band in high school and my band director used to show us VHS tapes of DCI shows. I don't think watching the tapes gained me any benefit, but they were still fun to watch at the time. I really had no clue who DCI was and that I was even watching drum corps for that matter. The corps that stuck out in my mind at the time were the Troopers and Phantom Regiment from the 1986 PBS broadcast. Though I was introduced to drum corps in 1986, I did not take an active roll in trying to join any group as I was involved in so many other musical groups at the time. It was not until a HS band competition in 1989 (a year after graduating HS) that I walked over to a booth that was run by the Boston Crusaders. I had no clue who they were or what they were about at the time. All I remember at the time was a kid playing VHS videos on old TV set. It reminds me of the DCI booth at Championships. I thought to myself that's pretty cool and I spoke with the kid and since the application was right there I signed up. I marched with them in 1990 and 1991 before I aged out. Though I contiplated trying out for Cadets for the 1991 season which was closer to me I choose to stay and age out with Boston because they really became a family to me and I really felt the passion for the corps coming from the staff at that time. Thanks BAC for a great experience!
  4. I'm not sure what the big deal over "lot watching" is anyway. I'm usually in my seat to watch all the performances also...EXCEPT if I didn't have time to do my souvie run. I've done my souvie run during G7 performances before...BUT that was because I may not have really been interested with the show for whatever reason that season (not any particular corps for that matter)... I say just let people enjoy "the event" how the wish to enjoy it. I think it would be cool to enjoy the behind the scenes look(part of the event itself) and really like your crazy idea, but perhaps for just "smaller events" to make them different. It would be at least interesting to see whether people would be into it on a trial basis at the very least IMO (much more entertaining IMO than kids spinning in circles and running till they fall over).
  5. Yes!!!! I would definitely do it again today even knowing what I know now with all the "changes" that have occured since I marched over 20 years ago. I may not agree with a lot of the changes for various reasons, but the experience itself far outweighs any changes or the even the politics IMHO. I cherish that time in my life quite deeply.
  6. As I've already stated my strong oposition against the proposal on many levels....I see you mention here "the top 12 is the elite". I agree with that statement. Do you think that things would have been better swallowed if the current "Top 12" had basically presented a similiar proposal and shunned the other 17-21 and open class groups? I think even with that extra inclusioin ala G12 it probably still would have fallen flat on its face in public opinion perhaps ?
  7. I think that if the future fortells of this new "Class of Champions", there will be a lot potential members wanting to flock to them. After all, it has its supposed "snob appeal" if your into that sort of thing...not that it is a bad thing. I also think it will create a greater rift then already currently occuring in the activity now as non "Class of Champions" groups will not be able to SELL/market to new members that we could pontentially have a break out year. I guess though that this premise is predicated upon WHAT are the reasons people march corps in the first place. I would think that the writing on the wall is that if you are out of the Class of Champions it could potentially take at least 3 years to get in if ever. Do you seriously think someone would want to spend 3 years with a group on a maybe in the first place?
  8. I was going to comment myself on the DCI quality, but glad that you set that guy str8.
  9. I'm glad you spotted this also! It certainly sounded quite fishy to me when I read it. There will be no other groups breaking into AAA and those 7 will see to that.
  10. Stu...You also clearly make a valid point concerning the decreased funding...I did not think my idea through clearly. The benefit from keeping a member an extra year is obviously outweighed by the negative impact that would result from having less operating capital in the year in which they paid tour fees. I am not as much sold on your first point "a", but you idea is still sound and I would also have to say factual from my understanding of things.
  11. I would have to agree that you make a valid point.
  12. One of the basics of contract law is that there must be some benefit to both sides of a contract in order for the contract to be valid. Why not offer those members a DEEP discount on tour fees if they sign a 2 year non-compete for example, but not be obligated to do so? Obviously, if they are under 18 I'm sure parent/guardian would have to be involved in this case.
  13. I really like this idea, but I don't think that it will ever become a reality. How about the participants/members sign a non-compete agreement for a certain time period? This is done in the course of business in many fields already. ~Roger
  14. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote 2500 years ago: "There is no calamity greater than lavish desires, no greater guilt than discontentment and no greater disaster than greed." If he's right, then the G7 have concocted a mighty sick drum corps world for us all. The "Greedy 7" proposal may turn out to be a mere dress rehersal and precursor for one of the most spectacular greed surges in DCI history, with jaw-dropping degrees of folly, skullduggery, decadence, excess and high-octane narcissism. As corps members of the G7 continue to reshaped by these educators and administrators into restless, dissatisfied, and all desiring pawns, greed is being redefined as a virtue and a legitimate guiding principal for the G7's prosperity and general happiness. In the process, it will steadily eat away at the cornerstones of the drum corps society and undermine the visions, values and collective aspirations that made us strong. Though I believe the above to be true, without greed, our current drum corps structure might have imploded before our very eyes. Greed produces preferable outcomes most times and under most conditions. Greed is also the only consistent human motivation. Most alternatives have revolved around altruism, and failed. Altruism does not seem to be congruent with the way human beings are constructed. No one has been able to construct a society (to my knowledge) where communal altruism dominates individual greed. It is quite obvious that the current state of the drum corps world is no different in that respect. Some of the posts I've read over the last few days have indeed supported this notion. ~Roger edited: typo with direct quote.
  15. This is EXACTLY what I have been feeling....and so eloquently said I might add...
  16. I've decided to keep my comments private...REMOVED IN EDIT
  17. It is sad to say but TRADITION is DEAD in the eyes of DCI im my opinion of course.
  18. To the 2009 Boston Crusaders, THANK YOU for such a great year. Your maturity was very obvious Saturday night. The color guard this year was gorgeous and sexy I might add...the drum line QUADS were just plain on FIRE! This was your best finish in 6 seasons, so I hope that you build on its success. As an alumnus, I am VERY PROUD of your achievements this year. In my humbled opinion this was my most favorite group to set foot on the field from BAC ever. To the 2009 Design Team, Brass Staff, Percussion Staff, Guard Staff and Visual Staff, What a wonderful and enjoyable production from TOP to BOTTOM. The best part is EVEN the judges enjoyed your work. I really hope you stay with Boston because I see only great things in the near future on your quest for the TOP. Eat em' up Boston and best of luck for 2010.
  19. didn't expect Denver to be so high....I think the WEST has been seriously deprived of their fix...
  20. I don't think noise from planes would be an issue as much as the planes actually flying over an open stadium itself is more of a safety concern for the crowd. And to get the FAA to move a Jet airway is also not an easy task. Would this location be on the approach end of a runway do you know?
  21. Please tell them to come to Connecticut. We have absolutely NO professional sports teams here in Connecticut!!! Not even hockey anymore!
  22. Isn't it really the same criteria? For the fans...great acoustics, sufficient room to sit, good parking,pleasant weather, stuff to do etc. For the corps..a whole complete different list of priorities...