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  1. wow mandarins that was just super...nice sound
  2. This just made me laugh my ### off!!! Not sure why...
  3. Noone is holding a gun to your head to remain here and read the negativity either...
  4. I'm going with BD and Boston....but would like to see HNC on top.
  5. Performance order and times anyone? Is it the same judging panel as last night?
  6. I see you must have seen my post over in the review section Although last year technically was in Bloomington...I stayed in Indy...To me it's not the greatest vacation spot on the planet...well nowhere really is anyway...I could understand TWO years maybe....BUT another 9...that is just aweful...I especially enjoyed the variety of venues...I may go again 2011 but I'm not even sure I want to do that....i'm not too sold on those expensive premium seats that are outside the 4o either...Besides Allentown has Dorney Park and it's the last major regional before's great to watch the corps warm-up in the park also...and they have the upper stands open again...and I'm sitting in them...I guess that's why finals is not so attractive to me this year anyway...
  7. people south of the border don't have Internet
  8. I also see no purpose in going to INDY either...I also planned vacation around finals and have picked Allentown over Indy this year as I went to Indy/Bloomington last year...
  9. KUDOS to DCI for such a great product!!! The thing that impresses me the most is each year they really IMPROVE the product. Knowing the Internet business well myself...people on here sometimes don't understand how special this FN really is...granted its not Hi-definition DVD quality...BUt is still fairly good overall... The only thing I might suggest is using HD quality video coupled with Flash technology...but the servers needed to handle the bandwidth may be cost prohibitive to DCI...I am still VERY happy with what we already have....Mid-season DVD's...mehhh
  10. I agree...I was being patient considering results came in late...BUT come on now it's almost NOON eastern...
  11. I have to agree with this. Stop being cheap ###. $3.25 a month for an incredible archive of stuff, live web casts, etc. It's an incredible steal if you ask me.
  12. I am just happy to see them in the mix of things....rather than the usual comments lst couple years..I think they will be a 10th place corps...their spread right now with blucoats is on par with the spread of BD and HNC.
  13. What did you play in 1990? I think I may remember some real young members then? Were you in the pit? Did your dad march corps?
  14. In all seriousness...Please tell me what this means in english? I think it is above my head.
  15. Not to agree or disagree...just to comment…Having played a two-valve bugle for corps in the early nineties ...for me anyway...I really did not find a difference in terms of learning a new instrument. I would compare changing to playing a "C" trumpet ... fingering is the same…Pitch/tone is just different...if you have a good ear it is not much of an adjustment..."G" bugles felt like a more aggressive instrument though...
  16. You might consider moving some stuff to an external hard drive? BUT if you only experienced the problem with Cadets...then maybe that is an unnecessary's never a good sign when you have so much stuff that you can't defrag...I feel your pain...I used to do everything on my laptop up till April of this year....bought a desktop...I just bought a netbook and it has video issues also...The netbooks are horrible for video renderering...don't buy one and expect to watch drumcorps videos!
  17. I also think it would be cool to get a judges' commentary...perhaps one that is not judging that night???? Just an idea someone mentioned in another post ...
  18. You may be having issues with the following on your PC...Fan Network in my SOLID: 1. Check Video Memory...What is your video card? How much RAM does the video card have? if integrated on-board then you may have problems due to your hard drive being too full..Space? 2. System RAM not adequate for operating system? XP or Vista? Vista uses more memory....You may consider turning off unnecessary programs running in background etc. under run/search type msconfig and goto startup programs...uncheck them. 3. You may consider trying using Google chrome just a little bit faster than firefox. 4. Has your internet speed changed that you are not aware of perhaps? goto to test this... 5. I have also found the Divx codec to work wonders with video at 6. Last time you defragged your hard drive? 7. hopefully your not experiencing any browser hijacks your not aware of?...virus scan? hope any of these help.
  19. I never understood GE either...judged on showmanship, variety, originality, overall setup, demand on individuals, exposure to error, coordination of musical/visual elements, command of audience, and spectacular effects???hmmmm
  20. I guess you may have been under a rock maybe? ....BUT there visual program is not been up to par so far this year with the other corps...
  21. I think calling out a judge like this is poor taste in my opinion....I'm an alumnus of BAC....I think it is wonderful that judges this year are not just playing numbers management and calling each show as they see it...NUMBERS are all over the place...makes for a fun and interesting season no matter where anyone ends up...I think the judge IMO maybe didn't call it right..I'm sure others feel different...BUT that's just how it is....I'm sure BAC is not crying foul here and you should not either....they don't GAVA...Anyway...He didn't seem to like HNC either..and I LOVE THEM this year!!!!!!! I can only imagine how their alumni must feel....SO PROUD of such a talented corps!!!!! This years show has reminded me so much of 1990 in so many of my favorite cadets shows of all time... I seem to remember another judge having the same trouble with people on this forum either last year or the year before I can't remember...Though I don't always AGREE with the judges is MY BELIEF that they are trying to do the best job possible for all the corps out there....