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  1. Maybe DCI should also mandate that the corps that go on later at a competition have to stop practice earlier, so that the earlier corps get the same amount of rehearsal can't be serious...LOL
  2. Blue Devils have doing the least amount of shows on tour for
  3. There are a few videos out there (on YouTube) from the CrownBeat show of a guy in the box recording sound and video (and one video from a drone) and all I have to say is the quality of sound and video is a million times better than anything flow has produced this year by granted this is not a live stream video....but it is really great HD quality...with that said....there must be some room for improvement for flo's's not like it's their first rodeo...they have been doing this for awhile now...perhaps they should consult with the guy from the
  4. I absolutely Jersey Surf''s show...among a few others...hopefully they will get more than just my 1 vote for now 🙂
  5. Don't all the corps get paid the same for a standstill though?
  6. I either photographed or recorded video...could not do both at same time...perhaps if I had another hand and
  8. Here is the link to BAC...
  9. Bac was on another level and on Fire fire best Ive ever seen and heard them...evah