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  1. I have one Friends of DCI ticket for tonight’s competition, Section 239 Row 7 right next to the aisle. PM me if interested.
  2. Tickets are in section 239 Row 7 near the aisle. I’m in town so shoot me a message and we can meet up to exchange. Will sell seats individually. Selling at face value
  3. My friend is unable to attend last minute. 1 seat available all 3 nights section 239. Selling the set at face value $287. I arrive tomorrow afternoon to Indy so we can exchange any time after. Contact for details - Tix go to 1st legitimate buyer
  4. UPDATE: Semis tickets sold, only Prelims tickets (2) remaining.
  5. I have 2 seats for both Prelims and Semis in section 239 available. Just looking to offload at face value. PM me if interested.
  6. I’m sorry but I’d really prefer to sell these as a single transaction.
  7. 2 Friends of DCI tix section 239. Looking to sell both seats for all 3 nights rather than individual seat or nights. Selling tickets at face value. Previously posted tickets for sale but the buyer fell through. Interested buyers message me.
  8. I’ve got 2 extra tickets to finals for sale, at face value in Section 239. This is for Prelims, Semis and Finals. I’ll also be in attendance so we can exchange in Indy.
  9. My total for my world class group is incorrect. It should be: The Elite Brigade 6/16- N/A 6/30-6 7/7-10 7/13 (regional prelims)-6 7/14 (regional finals)-10 7/28-10 Total 42
  10. To me this argument is similar to a complaint many have with the film industry. The films that win the Academy Award for best picture are not usually those that break box office records. Many of the best films don't bring in $300 Million, there isn't a wizard, a comic book hero, or blue people that are 8 feet tall. DCI is an activity that's made up entirely of young people that sacrifice much and work extremely hard at what they do...top to bottom. Cheer excessively for those whose efforts and performance you appreciate, go get nachos during those you don't care for.
  11. I'm also unable to edit captions and tour schedule. My corps' names are not in the drop down. Is there a fix for this?
  12. Corps Name: THE ELITE BRIGADE Corps Division (World, Open, Class A): WORLD Corps Hometown: RIVERSIDE, CA www.drumcorpsfantasy.com username: OTGFP951 Corps Name: RIVERSIDE ELITE Corps Division (World, Open, Class A): OPEN Corps Hometown: RIVERSIDE, CA www.drumcorpsfantasy.com username: OTGFP951 Corps Name: INLAND EMPIRE ELITE Corps Division (World, Open, Class A): A Corps Hometown: RIVERSIDE, CA www.drumcorpsfantasy.com username: OTGFP951
  13. The Elite Brigade World Class Riverside, CA OTGFP951 Riverside Elite Open Class Riverside, CA OTGFP951 Inland Empire Elite A Class Riverside, CA OTGFP951