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  1. Brandt Crocker: "Presenting the award for best general effect, this years reigning Miss America ... " Random crowd member: "SHOW US YOUR ****!"
  2. Filling out sections for balance, just as I alluded to, maybe less elegantly in "needed numbers to perform." If that were the case, I should've been down there drumming with the Star almuni corps - and does not change the fact that I would have felt COMPLETELY out of place in doing so. Could I hang with the notes? Yeah probably. Does being taught by their staff make me part of history? Not a chance. It's more of a question, I suppose, if the intent was to honor the corps or the music. Whatevs. It was better than Miley Cyrus during retreat last year.
  3. Pardon the salty response here, but that's why we have online videos these days. It's a nice gesture to the fans, and no doubt the alums had a fabulous time getting back together. But a few points to consider: 1) If the people next to you didn't even know about drum corps, or have ever heard Planets played live, or whatever - how could they possibly appreciate the value as we consider it? The simple fact that some people lived and performed those shows adds value TEN FOLD compared to someone hearing it or learning about it for the first time. 2) When I heard of the Star Alumni corps I was PSYCHED. I got incredibly less psyched when I learned that a number, if not many, of the "alumni" on the field had no affiliation whatsoever with Star of Indian other than perhaps, say, Donnie Van Doren consulted with the corps for a couple weeks during their summer tour. That makes them an alum? Maybe they needed numbers to perform, but this was pretty silly to me, and took away from the entire idea for me. That being said, I hope everyone involved, and especially the actual alums that were present had the time of their life, again. The historical contribution Star made to DCI deserves to be honored, but i would have been happier under the impression that it was the actual corps members.If nothing else, bring back the members and introduce them - but as Tom said, playing with the Star alum corps for the sake of trying to be a part of Star is ... well
  4. Don't talk about all black. You kiddin me?!? All black? I just hope we can win a championship! All black?
  5. I'd like to direct some of your attention to the threads after last years retreat, particularly the comments about how a few choice performers decided to play America/Canada. Yall raised high hell about butchering the fanfare, and now complain that they don't play it. Point in fact... whether you want to believe it or not, I'd wager to say that up to 8 or 10% of the members are in no condition to play their instruments by the time retreat rolls around. If even 1 out of 20 members are inhibited in some respect, that would be roughly 60 people (who play an instrument), and it only takes one bad apple. I think there should absolutely be some time alotted for pics on the field, mingling, etc. As much as the activity is about the fans, its also about the members - let them relish the moment with their friends awhile. If you love encore that much, you'll appreciate the value of the moment for the members and hang around - what's an extra half hour.. really?
  6. Boston Crusaders 4 4 4 5 5 5 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 5 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 5 2 4 4 ...ehh... what about 4th across the board..??
  7. all my passwords are some rudimental lick... in fact, you can have the lick, but only I know the keys tapdrag tapdrag sixlet 4 a [enter] paradiddlediddle puduhduh [enter] bookreport 2 grandama [enter]
  8. Deep down... EVERYONE wants to be a drummer.
  9. People who, having heard the announcement between every show, think its ok to traverse the bleechers/stands during a show. Homer crowds that utter little more than a clap for anyone but the host corps (I'm talkin to YOU Naperville...). Impatient audience members/parade goers that break ranks. When your busmates CLEARLY take more than their space in the overheads/under seat. Rookies that punk out on rookie talent night/do something totally lame Not having cell phone reception on bus rides Abnormally long walks from the lot to the stadium ..and my #1.. - When we pull into the housing site at 4am and people take there sweet ### F'ing time in the aisle, instead of GETTING OFF THE #### BUS!!!!!!!! AHHH it makes me want to RIP HEADS off.