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  1. Brandt Crocker: "Presenting the award for best general effect, this years reigning Miss America ... " Random crowd member: "SHOW US YOUR ****!"
  2. Filling out sections for balance, just as I alluded to, maybe less elegantly in "needed numbers to perform." If that were the case, I should've been down there drumming with the Star almuni corps - and does not change the fact that I would have felt COMPLETELY out of place in doing so. Could I hang with the notes? Yeah probably. Does being taught by their staff make me part of history? Not a chance. It's more of a question, I suppose, if the intent was to honor the corps or the music. Whatevs. It was better than Miley Cyrus during retreat last year.
  3. Pardon the salty response here, but that's why we have online videos these days. It's a nice gesture to the fans, and no doubt the alums had a fabulous time getting back together. But a few points to consider: 1) If the people next to you didn't even know about drum corps, or have ever heard Planets played live, or whatever - how could they possibly appreciate the value as we consider it? The simple fact that some people lived and performed those shows adds value TEN FOLD compared to someone hearing it or learning about it for the first time. 2) When I heard of the Star Alumni corps I was PSYCHED. I got incredibly less psyched when I learned that a number, if not many, of the "alumni" on the field had no affiliation whatsoever with Star of Indian other than perhaps, say, Donnie Van Doren consulted with the corps for a couple weeks during their summer tour. That makes them an alum? Maybe they needed numbers to perform, but this was pretty silly to me, and took away from the entire idea for me. That being said, I hope everyone involved, and especially the actual alums that were present had the time of their life, again. The historical contribution Star made to DCI deserves to be honored, but i would have been happier under the impression that it was the actual corps members.If nothing else, bring back the members and introduce them - but as Tom said, playing with the Star alum corps for the sake of trying to be a part of Star is ... well
  4. Don't talk about all black. You kiddin me?!? All black? I just hope we can win a championship! All black?
  5. I'd like to direct some of your attention to the threads after last years retreat, particularly the comments about how a few choice performers decided to play America/Canada. Yall raised high hell about butchering the fanfare, and now complain that they don't play it. Point in fact... whether you want to believe it or not, I'd wager to say that up to 8 or 10% of the members are in no condition to play their instruments by the time retreat rolls around. If even 1 out of 20 members are inhibited in some respect, that would be roughly 60 people (who play an instrument), and it only takes one bad apple. I think there should absolutely be some time alotted for pics on the field, mingling, etc. As much as the activity is about the fans, its also about the members - let them relish the moment with their friends awhile. If you love encore that much, you'll appreciate the value of the moment for the members and hang around - what's an extra half hour.. really?
  6. Boston Crusaders 4 4 4 5 5 5 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 5 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 5 2 4 4 ...ehh... what about 4th across the board..??
  7. all my passwords are some rudimental lick... in fact, you can have the lick, but only I know the keys tapdrag tapdrag sixlet 4 a [enter] paradiddlediddle puduhduh [enter] bookreport 2 grandama [enter]
  8. Deep down... EVERYONE wants to be a drummer.
  9. People who, having heard the announcement between every show, think its ok to traverse the bleechers/stands during a show. Homer crowds that utter little more than a clap for anyone but the host corps (I'm talkin to YOU Naperville...). Impatient audience members/parade goers that break ranks. When your busmates CLEARLY take more than their space in the overheads/under seat. Rookies that punk out on rookie talent night/do something totally lame Not having cell phone reception on bus rides Abnormally long walks from the lot to the stadium ..and my #1.. - When we pull into the housing site at 4am and people take there sweet ### F'ing time in the aisle, instead of GETTING OFF THE #### BUS!!!!!!!! AHHH it makes me want to RIP HEADS off.
  10. I'm gonna go w/ ... it depends... I'll just say, memorial day sucked. One week is not enough for a quad player to get their back in shape for a 2 hour parade (or maybe I'm a huge pansy). By the end I was so drained and playing so top-head I would've hated watching me. July 4 was much easier physically... although I'd honestly rather have rehearsal than do 3 parades. A particular memory sticks out: I think the general spectator probably doesn't know a ton about DCI. 06 we got poured on, and as we were fumbling to cover the drums w/ garbage bags there were a couple disgruntled people on the curb booing, yelling "why are you even here?!" at us. Pretty disrepectful considering we're there for the community - and stuck with me 3 years now. On the other hand, it's pretty great watchin the people dance along, making babies cry and kids cover their ears -- and of course stealing the snare drummers implements, playing quads traditional grip, with brushes, improv solos during the parade tune, and the generally accepted goof-off level that parades afford.
  11. as the caption mentioned, NO DOUBT two snares will provide vision for new unheard rhythms....
  12. Luckily, not this guy. Self proclaimed computer nerd at your service. Who knew programmers would be in high demand? On the other hand, my employer is on an indefinite hiring freeze, so had I not gotten an offer last spring, I would not have a job. Sorry to hear about your boeing job. If I got laid off, I would be at a complete loss of direction. No going out, probably get rid of cable, stop contributing to mutual funds.. until I got a new job. Scary prospect. Good luck!!!
  13. Yours is one of the only compelling reasons i've heard so far to allow a free ride. Of course, some people may argue, why not just volunteer its use for the summer as long as you're marching anyway, and reserve damage liability in case of an accident.
  14. There seem to be a few hot points in this discussion: ability to pay dues vs. high talent, and school vs. marching. My initial topic was not about foregoing school to march, please void that from discussion. Simply the ramifications of a corps providing monetary incentive to march with them. A couple other points to keep in mind: while there have been good points about members not having the financial means to march, the people I know on a free ride are not in financial crisis, they simply were either not going to march, or going to march somewhere else and pay dues there. Secondly, they are not soloists. Someone touched on it earlier, should someone who plays, say, mellophone be considered over someone who plays baritone? marimba vs. lead sop? More generally: a smaller section pool vs a larger section pool? Also, no one has addressed yet how to justify this to other members. Obviously its mostly kept under wraps between those involved. I for one did not know anyone in my corps that was receiving assistance, however if you do know a person in that situation, do you think they have a responsibility, an obligation even, to be a standout performer? a leader? What duties curtail a free ride for member? Lastly, in my true loyalty to DCP'ers, please avoid the "thats life, deal with it" argument, as well as the "my &*@! is bigger than yours, shut up" argument.
  15. I don't know statistics here, but at least a couple of my friends who would otherwise be either a) not marching or b) marching with a different corps, were propositioned to march with [enter corps name here], and in return would not have to pay any dues all summer - marching a saturday night corps... for free. Is this fair? How can you justify this to the other members? Discuss...
  16. I debated... coulda gone with Cat's meow, c0k of the walk, the big cheese... http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/the-bees-knees.html One of my best friends marched quads and was diabetic. Lucky for him he had better hands then most people in the line, so it wasn't a horrible issue when his levels got low and had to sit out and down some fluids. Another one of my friends was contracted, but had an attack of chrones disease around march, and his doctor/family decided it was in his better interest not to have something like that happen on tour, so he gave back the contract. You're absolutely right - these conditions could easily prevent a person from marching.
  17. I'll add my 2 cents. A few points) 1) Getting cut b/c of weight, too heavy or too thin, is totally legit. Sorry. Even if it was NOT a weight issue, are you willing to put in the effort to get yourself in shape and dazzle them next year? how bad do you want it? 2) Judging from the posts of the OP of the original "fat" thread.... I don't know you... but I don't like your attitude already. You've defended your own abilities vehemently and all you've called out on yourself was slipping on a flag. ContraJedi hit it on the head for me with the American Idol analogy, with the auditionees who cannot FATHOM why they wouldn't get called to hollywood, CLEARLY they were the bees knees and at least deserved a callback. You've done a great job of calling out the fact that other people's inferiorities earned them a callback. You remind me of one of the girls on the bachelor where they are all smiles until they get halfway through handing out the roses and suddenly their smiles disappear and they look hideous, expressions just SCREAMING "o..m..g... he gave HER a rose..? this is total bs, i'm over it." -----tangent, when you dont have cable, the primetime shows are pretty good to watch, f off. (besides, cmon, some of those girls look fab.. yum) .. ----- back to it: Do some self-introspection... for real. You said you did at least pretty ok in all categories. Granted its november, but do you think pretty ok is good enough? I know at rosemont they'll put the rookies between vet drummers, and so help you god, i dare you to tick. A mantra of mine, which pulls particular weight (no pun intended...) at the exclusive top 8 corps, was Don't GIVE them a REASON to cut you. Zero. This is part of personal accountability. How bad do you want it? 3) Are you going to hold a grudge against this corps?? My roommate auditioned at the same corps 5 years in a row: cut, cut, cut, cut, his 5th try? contract. How bad do you want it? 4) I take my lawyers over-easy, with franks red and a touch of garnish.
  18. Stryfe... you've just lost any respect gained from reading your posts in the WC forum... I "lol'd" as well at you calling out your own ignorance. - then blaming it on generational standard? pffh. 24th notes are neither ancient nor unusual to hear. Do you play in any meter but 4/4?? say... 12/8 for example?? cmon man. I'm almost disappointed.. its so elementary. Adam picks you apart like the detroit lions pass defense and you try defending it like "oh, in that case i'm laughing at something else.. *nervous smile*.. " laughable.