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  1. I think cadet 93 is ML.  why dig a hole further.  If it is him he should say away.  do you agree.  Bob

  2. Yes i was in a lower drum corps at the time. We hosted C vanguard when they won WO back than. Great drum corp world back then. My church had 500 kids involved in drill team and drum corp.
  3. OK no one that is involved this year should be teaching Cadets. Nothing that is going on will with the remainder of the the season should change the judging of Cadets shows.
  4. Come on dose not have nothing to do with anything.
  5. So LB what dose this mean about cadets and people that have been participating in this year's shows. do not understand.
  6. Top drum corps back then BAC. no one else. Love st Kevin's. like all of the rest they went to drum corps heaven . Support BAC they are the only one left.
  7. Right You do not mention Boston they were the best at that time.
  8. Boston. The others same over the past 5 years.
  9. Have no idea what you are taking about. Do you understand what happen to ML on SM.
  10. Dose not mater. both corps any $$$ if they were they or not
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