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  1. Not a reboot show, but if they've chosen to do any kind of good musical, I'll soil myself in a fit of excitement. Don't care if they win or lose with it. Just give us a musical!
  2. Are we ready for the 2019 thread yet? Or is it too soon? Seems like it's always too soon until it begins and when it begins, it's almost over :(
  3. I happened to come.upon this disagreement we had a few months ago. I do understand that you would like to see those who play woodwinds have an opportunity for some kind of involvement in a summer marching activity. I remember our band director had been a part of some kind of college-aged independent marching band activity here in Michigan. It was pure marching band with woodwinds and wasn't directly part of University. I wonder if anything like that exists today? I think if a woodwind wanted to march, learning to play a brass instrument can be done and there are multiple open class corps that might teach younger students to play at a basic level. I'm not sure how the music education is at smaller open class corps. Obviously for world class you have to be at least competent at a high School level to play in most corps, but open class? I would imagine that education is more a priority than competition at that stage. I would hope so anyway. Not trying to beat a dead horse but the idea of students learning to play a marching brass instrument while in an extra curiccular marching setting for some reason came into my mind.
  4. See Plymouth-Canton 1999 if you're unfamiliar.
  5. If this hammer was just laying on the ground by itself, with nobody around it, that's fair game. That's considered abandoned. Just saying. Of course the prudent thing to do would be to return it, but not without some friendly jesting first. I think this is way overblown.
  6. How about a show titled "Zombie" that explores how humanity is turning ourselves into mental and emotional zombies with our wars, technology and drugs (prescription or otherwise). I for one would love to hear a good, powerful arrangement of The Cranberries' "Zombie" as a ballade. I'd also like to see an impact set in the shape of a pill, skull & crossbones, and a phone, computer or some other electronic device. Color scheme in black, white and either pink or red.
  7. Forgive me for not reading through all 25 pages of this. I happened upon a couple of news stories on my Google news recommendations and saw this whole thing hit the fan. What exactly is suspension? I'm guessing Pioneer can't partake in any events while suspended. I imagine they can still rehearse and have camps. I'm also guessing that when Blenski and Acheson meet, there will be list of policy demands that will have to be met, including direct oversight of operations, that will satisfy the rule book. I doubt very much Acheson is gunning for Pioneer to fold. It's more of a "do this, or else" ultimatum. Whether or not Pioneer fields a corps next season will probably mostly depend on being able to attract enough members, staff and volunteers, granted Acheson is satisfied with improvement in policy. Although, the last thing anyone wants is for Pio to field a corps and then end operations in the middle of tour. Given what I've read about this Blenski guy, I'd personally rather the corps didn't operate any longer. There are plenty other places kids can march anyhow. Auschwitz survivor. If your dad beat you, you wouldn't tell anyone. NyQuil and ibuprofen and suck it up. Gee whiz this guy is a piece of work.
  8. Not to mention some states have different laws, thus making any guidelines set by DCI pretty much impossible, having to accommodate the laws of every state at the same time. How about, the DCI BoD decide to create a regulatory oversight committee, that has no power to do anything but report on things and give recommendations. And when something like this comes up, they can vote with a 2/3rd majority to enact the recommendations suggested by the committee. Within the guidelines of state laws of course. The great things about this idea is 1) it doesn't transfer power away from the corps and into a separate DCI committee, and 2) the 2/3 majority can decide to force a corps to do anything it wants to within the law. The 2/3rd majority of the member corps can choose to remove a director from the activity. No longer allowed to attend or be a part of any DCI function. Sure that director could stay director of whatever corps they're with but it would be pointless. They wouldn't have a spot on the DCI board any longer and couldn't attend competitions or be at housing sites that are provided by DCI. And a 2/3rd majority is high enough to where kneejerk reactions won't happen and small offenses aren't severely punished by DCI.
  9. You sound as if people have a right and entitlement to march drum corps. If a woodwind wants to do DCI, they can learn to do something that will get them into one. But turning DCI into glorified marching band would ruin the activity. So I have really no idea why anyone would even propose woodwinds to be allowed to march. I certainly wouldn't watch it. If someone had enough talent to march a corps, they certainly have enough talent to learn a mellophone. It isn't that difficult when you're learning to play the same 5 minutes of material over and over and over again. Turning 80 brass into 40 brass and 40 woodwinds. Lol. I've never even really heard a marching band where I can hear the woodwinds over the brass anyways. DCI is unique because of its sound. And its loudness. That's the very essence of what sets drum corps apart from other similar activities. Loud brass. Take that away and it's no longer what it was. If you want a competitive marching band activity during the summer, nothing is stopping you and others from "band"ing together and starting Marching Band International.
  10. There is nothing stopping a woodwind player from picking up a horn or a flag or rifle. I'm also willing to bet that there are quite a few who do this. It doesn't take much to learn to play a trumpet or mellophone if you can already play something else. Fingerings are much easier. Embouchure is the only thing really. And the music most corps play isn't all that difficult by itself. Not so difficult that it can't be learned in a month or two. The difference in talent level and difficulty in music played only becomes apparent when you get up into the top 3 to 5. Then you might need to have as many members as possible be already competent in double or triple tonguing and already demonstrating a nice tone and ample range. But aside from that, the music itself in almost every other corps can easily be learned by a talented woodwind marcher. DCI is a distinct activity from marching band. It's not the top of the marching band world. We also seem to have a good steady supply of marchers coming in to DCI and that's become apparent with the rising talent level we've seen this season. Madison Scouts provided us with a very, very good 16th place show. And with the advent of Soundsport, there really does seem to be ample opportunity for anyone in a marching band to partake in something great. There are plenty of opportunities. Soundsport is one of the best and successful ideas in the activity in a long, long time.
  11. I was under the impression that non profits have to follow strict laws regarding the people on the BoD as well as the executives and what role they have. I'm willing to bet that the current scenario is in violation of something or other. There has to be accountability and right now it seems there is none.
  12. The solo that came soon after the raindrop impact set in Cadets 2005.
  13. Of course, this would start the pre show, with the impact hit to the beginning of that 2nd part right after Brandt says "...PROUD TO PRESENT..." Starts at 2:30 And who could say "More than a Feeling" wouldn't make for a great ballad?? The part at 3:24-3:31, those double tonguing, I'd stage them as a ripple effect from one side of the field to the other. Each of the 4 notes would be played by a different section of trumpets. Maybe over the space of 30-35 yards as to not be too out of sync with sound waves bouncing all over and can't hear each other play. Would be difficult to pull that off, though, and there's also a very similar phrase in Peace of Mind, which would be the closer. When you're a long haul truck driver like I am, you have a lot.of time to listen to all sorts of music as you drive and imagine it being played by brass on a football field.
  14. I'm a big fan of SP. Not sure how it would work out though. 33 is a good one. So is Mayonaise. Maybe as a standstill performance. I really like the idea or BAC doing Boston's music as a show.
  15. The director of a non profit may or may not have legal voting rights in the BoD. If they can't remove the people causing the problems, then I guess the whole org needs to go *poof*. Or should I say *puff*. Like a magic dragon.