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  1. So sorry. Another thing is that I have never been a fan of The Beatles. Have never liked their music, and every time I hear one of their songs on the radio, I immediately change the station. I didn't hear much thunderous goo from the BD. I can appreciate that immensely. Blue Stars were once again one of the most entertaining corps of the night. FCO!
  2. I hadn't seen any performances before tonight. Blue Devils did a fair amount of drill this show. More than Bluecoats. However their brass didn't seem as strong as the corps around them. I think it can go either way but I would give the BD the nod tonight. Sucks to say it because I have never rooted for the Blue Devils to win anything ever, period, but tonight I think they were the best corps. Brass should go to Crown SCV percussion Bluecoats GE Blue Devils visual BAC guard Holy crap, if there were 5 different caption winners tonight, that would be awesome. I still can't believe that I've lowered my expectations for DCI so much that I have no choice but to root for the BD to win.
  3. If one didn't know better, one might have thought this was the Blue Devils because the drill was just about non-existent. I would have placed them below Crown and Vanguard.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't mind that being the highest scoring 4th place show of all time, if that's how it ended up. Although Finis in 2008 was pretty good.
  5. BAC sounded great. But this show was far fundamentally inferior to last year's S.O.S. show. The colorguard was still very good.
  6. I have no idea what this show was about. What was this old guy remembering??
  7. Cadets did this so well that this just pales in comparison. No offense to BK.
  8. That was better than last year, but not as good as Houdini. But close. Definitely a small step ahead of Cadets. Great show. FCO!
  9. Crossmen sound very good, but I wouldn't have an inkling of what their show was about if I didn't know the title. I think Phantom is better tonight. Just my opinion. Ok, well here is Ride of the Valkries slightly inserted there in the music.
  10. Oh my goodness...I can't believe this show was 12th place last night. I can tell they performed the crap out of that show and that was the first time I've seen them this season. Flo, get your crap together.
  11. I've always thought that with the resources of the entire US military at their disposal, they'd be able to score 100pts every season. But I think they do a bit more than normal junior corps do, and with probably less rehearsal time. They always sound pretty good by Finals.
  12. Well shame on you. You could have easily quit the corps before the Finals performance and watched it live from the stands since you were already there. But you chose not to do that.
  13. Yes I know it's on Flo Marching. But I don't see ab option to watch just tonight's event. It is only showing me an option to purchase a year subscription for $150 which obviously I'm not going to pay $150 to watch Finals.
  14. Cavaliers 2002. Oh wait...I did see them live ๐Ÿ˜„ I would have liked to have seen Cadets 1998 and 2000 live.