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  1. Yes Yes. It was complex. I did enjoy the challenge. I just wanted to see if it was a fluke not noticed. If it stays then I guess my Div III corps will have to rise to the challenge. Pray tell, what is this idea you taunt?
  2. I had a question that I am sure several Div III corps had to deal with. Was it intentional to leave those corps in the corps cost that did not tour in 2008? I know it was very annoying to work with to have at least two spots in costs be dead to use. It meant that if I wanted to trade captions beyond Troopers it would cost a minimum 3 points. So no "bumping up". Was this left in intentionally? If not, could we have something next active season that corrects this? Thanks~
  3. I may be new here (missed Div III finals by one spot my inaugural half season) but the recent post by Fanfare has made me see something: DCPI needs an organization to Rival the Fanfare group. Thoughts on Rival?
  4. More like, you used the present perfect tense by mistake, so obviously everything you have to say is invalid/false and you are a moron.
  5. And when its quoted its all in Blue. And I do count 42 letters there (okay I had to include the comma, but close enough). That makes The Blue 42.
  6. I thank you. 13th just feels better than 27th
  7. I had a quick question about how you make these standings. I am new and maybe I missed it, but what scores do you use for these rankings? The Blue 42 have now been in 9 shows. Last week they were 79.6+ in every show. 76.980 is our second show score from almost two weeks ago, and our lowest score since starting. I was just wanting to check which scores you use so I can use them in my planning... Thanks!
  8. Along the same notes, what is the cutoff for semis. It seems 12 is the finals cutoff. Is it 17 even for Division II and III for semis?
  9. Hey All, I wanted to announce that The Blue 42 has been set up to participate for the remainder of the Division III season. Check out the Member profile or visit for info. If any event planners wanted to update thier events, I have included my proposed schedule. July 15: *Wichita, KS July 16: *Oklahoma City, OK July 18: *Monterrey, Mexico July 19: *Abilene, TX (Div 2/3) July 21: *Baton Rouge, LA July 22: *Hattiesburg, MS July 23: *Birmingham, AL July 24: *Columbus, GA July 26: *Atlanta, GA July 28: *Columbia, SC July 30: *Salem, VA July 31: *Potomac, MD August 1: *Trenton, NJ (Garden State Open, Div 2/3) August 2: *Allentown, PA August 3: *Canton, OH (US Open) August 4: *Port Huron, MI (Coast Guard Open Div 2/3) August 6: *Indianapolis, IN (Div 2/3 Quarterfinals) August 7: Indianapolis, IN (Div 2/3 Semi-Finals) August 8: Indianapolis, IN (Div 2/3 Finals) Thanks!
  10. Username: Blue42 Corps Name: The Blue 42 Corps Division: 3 Corps Location: Salem, OR