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  1. Through all of the changes, one thing is clear about DCI - today, 10 years ago, and 30 years ago when I fell in love with it... DCI is the best of the best of marching music. Even BOA grand nationals look like a video played at 1/2 speed in comparison. It is phenomenal what these kids and young adults are doing in DCI. It is shocking how good these corps sound today. Keep it going for the next 10 and I’ll be happy.
  2. I agree. It is disingenuous to say that this year’s show, or most of their shows, are low risk or low demand. That’s the problem with doing something so well that you make it look easy. Old guys like me keep harping on how we miss drill. Well, two of my favorite drill moves this year belong to the BD. And many of my favorite show moments in general (guard, music, etc) came from the BD. My HS age son said I laughed through the whole show, and it was because the show was creative enough to surprise this old guy all the way through. All of that is a testament to a well constructed program that the mm performed the heck out of.
  3. It really is astonishing consistency. Within this period of time (let’s say 94 until now), there have been two other sure-fire great corps in the Cavaliers and Cadets who each had their own time of dominance (top 2 or 3 with multiple wins). But both of them had to battle BD every year. And both of them have had periods well outside of medal contention. This current string of top-2 finishes (maybe 14 years?) is even more remarkable when you consider how tough the competition really is at this level. To finish top 2 year after year, you aren’t even allowed to have a “very good” year. It’s got to be great across all captions. As a fan of many shows that lost to BD, I have to tip my cap to this organization. Wow. As for the OP question about judging being influenced by the name BD? I guess that’s a challenge with any subjective, judged activity. But I’ve been coming to drum corps shows for a long time, and I can honestly say I’ve never thought they don’t deserve to be in contention to win. I’m just glad they have produced more melodic/fun shows the last few years. I’m really becoming a fan after all this time.
  4. Stop - squatting every time the corps hits a sustained note. It gets old quickly. Change - please, for the love all things drum corps, choose costumes that we can see. For example, compare SCV and Bluecoats this year. I saw both live in Atlanta, and on the big screen at Quarters, and I swear I could not see what SCV was doing. They sure got a high visual score, but I’ll have to take the judges word. It just looked muddy to me, and formless. I got a little sad when the highlight from the first year in Indy looked so stunning in the classic red coats. But the costuming for Bluecoats was stunning. I LOVED the color tones, the slight variations of blue contrasted with the bright guard. Yes, I’m old, and I miss the classic uniforms (especially Cadets and SCV). But I appreciate the new when it’s done well.
  5. I want to hear Crown play Hans Zimmer “This Land” from the Lion King. Any show concept will do. I also want to hear BD playing some of The Incredibles, which is really some pretty awesome music.
  6. So, I’ve got a funny about predictions for you. I was watching a video of the BD pre-season camp performance in the park with my high school kid (mellophone, trumpet and marimba interchangeably - cool kid). Anyway, he asked me what the title of their show was. I had no idea, so I said it’s either “Kincking Everybody’s A**”, or “We Win Two Out Of Every Three Years, And We Didn’t Win Last Year”. Not a bad prediction, or a risky prediction for that matter. As as for me, I’m no BD homer - I sort of always preferred the Cadets in the 90s and the Cavies in the 2000s, and BD were the chief competitor. But holy cow, I have loved these last two shows in particular.
  7. I think this is very common for sporting events, so why not for DCI? Although, I don’t understand stuffing them in a city trash can.
  8. I’m jesting. About both kids in the isles and three corps doing Cats. We all know it will be at least four corps.
  9. Ah, but next year, when three corps are doing a revival of Cats, some art director will have the kids running in the isles at the Oil Can in all of their fur covered glory 😱
  10. Two thoughts on your comment: 1. I agree completely! 2. I don’t know how old you are, but I’ll bet you are no longer 19 or 20, lol. My wife and I drove past the theater the other night at 9:45, ready to get home to bed, and we both said, “Those people are walking in to START a movie at 9:45. They are crazy!” This, from a guy who knew which restaurants stayed open until 2am when I was in college. It’s gonna be a late night for this 48 year old for DCI.
  11. Quick question for those in the know: What happened to Blue Devils B (and Vanguard Cadets, too)? I’m so used to seeing their scores from Open Class finals that I was surprised by their absence. Thanks!
  12. Here are thoughts from a long time DCI fan about last night, which was a fantastic night all around. For me, my sweet-spot has always been mid 90s fast drill with the Cadets/BDs duking it out every year. But I do appreciate where DCI has gone today. And as always, DCI represents the best of the best of marching shows. Here are my thoughts: Crown certainly has a lot of what I love. That horn line is so good. But, right now, Bluecoats and BD are on another planet with show design. Holy cow, I was laughing, jaw hanging open through most of BD show. It is staged so well. And they DO march! Some of that drill was so well executed and very difficult. And Bluecoats show was like a fun color-pallet art show. I loved the uniforms, the colors, and the creativity. Having watched 30 years of the activity, I’m surprised to see it scoring ahead of BD, but not surprised to see those two ahead of everyone else. And now, for the uncomfortable conversation about my Cadets...I mentioned the 90s duals. Well, I was always a Cadets man. I was trying to explain to my 15yo the buzz that used to fill the stadium as they were coming on the field, usually in 1st or 2nd position (thank you BD,lol). I felt a little piece of history slip away last night. Of course those kids are working their tails off, and like all of these kids, in my middle-aged view, I appreciate. But they have fallen so far behind the top. Highlights for me otherwise: I really enjoyed the Cavies and Boston. I think the Crossmen are under-placed. I was uninspired by SCV - but part of that is my nostalgia for their old look, and part of that is the fact they came on after the two best shows of the night. Anyway, that’s it for another perspective. It was indeed a great night!
  13. I have followed Crown since they were founded, and I have been going to Epcot for 20 years, never missing a chance to hear Voices of Liberty in the rotunda. And yet, somehow I just learned about this collaboration this week. What a wonderful combination! Thank you Voices of Liberty for lending your talent to something we love as much as DCI!
  14. Yes. Yes it was. Even as a spectator at that show, we thought the music was awesome, but the drill didn’t hold a candle to the Cavies or Cadets, who were already pushing drill to crazy places, even back then. This was during a brief 5 or so years where the BD were a fan favorite but not in contention at all. Look at the cadets drill one year later in their championship, and it was terrific.
  15. I think it IS undeniable that both eras represented the absolute best of the best of marching music. If you are new to this activity or young enough not to know the 80s and 90s, a better comparison would be this: Look at what the top High School bands we’re doing and compare it to what the top DCI were doing. The top DCI corps were then, and are now, elite.