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  1. I would assume everyone can see the corps using in ear monitors now? There are several since 2015.. Bluecoats started this years ago, even before Downside Up. BTW, suggesting someone is using a met is an ridiculous statement. If someone was using a met, it would blow up the ensemble timing since one group would have perfect time and the rest would still be reliant on field time and space.That makes NO SENSE. Thats just crazy talk if you know anything about timing on a. football field. LOL. In ears, BTW, are a perfectly legal way to allow designers to place soloists wherever they want on (or off) the field and for the music team to be able to have them play in time without trying to reinvent the wheel. As someone who plays professionally for a living, this is a good thing!! I'm sure brass guys would prefer not having players 100 yards apart, but if they designers are going to do it, then by all means, we should be using the technology available to help them achieve it. It's not cheating, btw. It's using technology to elevate the activity and move it forward. And I don't care how good of a teacher you are, if visual folks want total freedom, then music folks have to make it work somehow. IMHO, the loud speakers and goo are way worse than kid(s) using in-ears to help hear time from the pit when they are 60 yards away. But that's just me.. I don't care how they do it. Whether its a magic show, Cirque or DCI. Im more concerned with the entertainment than the man behind the curtain. It's still a game and if you choose not to play it, don't complain.
  2. Had to double check to make sure I wasn’t on the BLOO thread.. tough crowd..
  3. Agree with you. Will be a testament of whether they stay status quo and make the kids simply earn whatever performance level they can and leave it alone. Or, be world class designers and come up with solutions to improve the product. I'd like to think it's the second one. We all know BD will be doing that until Finals night...
  4. Totally agree., But wouldn't you think this design team has what it takes to make changes with three weeks left to fix the show? They could change uniform color and add things, they could give them all a unique look, etc. Plenty you can do easily to pop better off the tarps than changing the whole show. I mean, they are still in it with everything you just mentioned, .7 back from first, with unreadable tarps at this point. That tells me that some tweaks and it just might be a possibility. I get its not a fan favorite again this era, but this is ridiculously talented corps that knows how to win , just like BD. In fact, more recently than BD to be fair.. I'm just saying that you never know and should not count them out anymore than BD passing Bloo. Gaines, Toth and that design clearly team know what they are doing and I'd be shocked if they couldn't make real changes to the visual program and design that aren't noticeably better in the coming weeks. I'd be scared of both Cali corps at this point finishing 1 and 2 and making every Bloo fan livid in the process!
  5. Yep I agree. I think GE Music could rise a bit and visual score proper if they adjust some things. But yeah, GE overall will keep them down. They’d have to win all music captions, be 3rd or higher in every caption and how Bd and Bloo get some 4th place. Crazier stuff has happened and it’s such a great design team, i have to think they can make changes to improve the program at this point being this close with lots to fix.
  6. Most dangerous of all?? SCV.. nothing to lose, wining music and likely good changes coming to show. I’d be nervous behind me as much as in front. They are .7 back being 4th in all visual. If that goes up, and it will, even to 3rd, then what? We might have 3 corps within .3 on finals night! Exciting!!
  7. Im with you. It seems they’ve set up the show visually to work 5 times this year in the domes. If the design is going to connect, we should see a bit of a jump in GE and visual tonight. If it’s the same as previous shows score and spread wise, then it’s gets clean and hope for an upset Finals Week!! Tonight’s panel is A team and will tell us if they have a shot with Vox Eversio. Musically, I think they can still catch some folks as the hornline is extremely talented and percussion may well 4 peat if they can keep it up. It wouldn’t be enough to win, but could they possibly sneak into 2nd this way? Maybe.. Hoping for the show to come alive in the SA dome and make some competitive headway tonight!!
  8. SCV holding serve tonight. Crown will always be able to hold their own in Brass and MA, but have a hard climb to catch top 3 right now. Anything is possible, but no different than SCV catching fire and passing the Blue teams in the same fashion. Heckuva collection of corps this year! EVERYONE has upped their game and all of these kids are incredible!!
  9. And remember it all works together. The better you can dance and do movement, the better your posture is and the better body control you have doing hard drill. Crown only looks that good in the drill becuase they have great movement people teaching there as well. Some corps just choose to use dance and movment as a more primary basis for their visual content as opposed to tradionally had drill That’s the crux of this whole discussion. It’s a choice and each are equally challenging.
  10. You might be right. But when I look at the staff of the groups, there are several well known dancers and choreographers on them. Like Broadway and Grammy/Tony award winning well known. SCV is one of them. I’d gather those groups probably do it about as well as any none life long trained dancer can do it. These kids now seem to have that training when they show up, it’s crazy. I know BD has separate movment/dance auditions before kids are even given a spot. I never would have made it if I had to dance/choreo like that.
  11. “The artists formerly known as the Green Machine!”
  12. That’s what I think people misjudge at this level The top hornlines and drumlines can move like dancers and are getting that training lots of places these days. That’s easily as hard, or harder to do while playing than dressing a curvilinear form for the 1,000 time since high school band. Those on here that are familiar with the WGI world, whether you like it or not, recognize the level of difficulty in movement training. Doing a bug squasher or lunging to cover a form doesn’t hold a candle to what the world class groups are being asked to do now with choreography and dance. If you don’t dance or move well, you don’t make a top 6 hornline anymore, fact. It’s not my cup of tea either, but I know for sure I couldn’t do any of that choreo and play, these days. March and play was never a problem!
  13. Great topic for debate!! I’m going to use Crown and SCV for my comparison. Crown is doing extremely fast and difficult drill, ala Cadets during Sacktig days. SCV is doing more minimal drill, but WGI World Class level choreo, while also playing a challenging music book. What one lacks in drill demand and speed, they make up for with difficult choreography and challenging physical layering. Those that say drill is “harder” and choreo is “standing” just is not either seeing what these kids are doing or are just not willing to acknowledge that you don’t have to do hard drill to create demand and content within a drumcorps show. I’d say SCV is more in line with what is “in now” versus Crown making the statement that they want to be successful with an older formula. I love that they are both great and on opposite sides of the fence and wish we could put our homer biases aside to look at what demand and content really means in 2019 DCI. We all like what we like, but saying that choreo is easier than drill is simply discrediting the entire role of the pageantry arts as it’s moved forward, developed and changed in the last 10 years. To each his own and we can let the experts decide who is “subjectively better” at this point. It’s only going to change more in the coming years!