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  1. All in good fun, but it’s pretty simple if anyone wants to just ask me about the account. I opened it with several people, and have used over the years with them and former students. It is easy to open an account, but it’s also easier to just use someone else’s when you just don’t post on here much. May seem odd to you, but not as uncommon as you might think. I’d expect as much ribbing as I’ll get right now, but it’s not a conspiracy. It’s the sense of humor and sarcasm in here that makes it fun to follow, so no offense taken. Enjoy the announcements forthcoming!
  2. Hi Tom, Chip here. I just wanted to apologize if my posts have ever offended anyone. Over the years, I have enjoyed following DCP and posting in good fun with all of you. In recent years, I have stayed away as I was much more active as a teacher and allowed a couple of former students to use the account in that time. I regret some of the comments made by them which don’t reflect my thoughts or feelings about the groups or people I’ve worked with in the past. They are emotional, as we all can be at times. I’ve rescinded access and will likely be shutting down this account. I’ve always enjoyed the passion as a fan and enjoy the sites, but the volatility can be just too much for those of us on this side of the activity. There is a reason why we use certain pseudonyms to post in here. I’ve been off for months in my real job, but since my reputation is being dragged through the mud on here, I figured I’d respond in real time since this place tends to feast on each other at times. Its a great time for DCI with lots of great teachers, musicians and performers. We hope you all enjoy the upcoming season and like all of you, am excited about seeing upcoming changes.
  3. That's interesting. Has their guard ever been all male before? Or are you laking about the corps proper?
  4. Hello Kajarlo, all facts about 2019 SCV. However incorrect, this account not run by Crotts. It was opened years ago by a number of friends to join DCP and to share with fellow dci lovers and colleagues to stay active off season and when away from teaching. In fact, there are a number of users like this on the dci site and use these accounts to enjoy the threads from time to time without feeling like they are getting called out personally for whatever reason. If you haven't noticed, but as evidenced by your post, this is clearly why they have to do this. If there is a need and clear agenda to call out people in the activity, why do it here? If you'd like to speak in PM, I'm glad to share with you, but no reason to try and drag someone's name through the mud here when you don't have current factual information. All of us as users, are entitled to our opinions. I personally do think it's a big change going forward, and many others feel the same as well. He was instrumental in the brass change and improvement, all clear facts. I think many of the other changes that have been mentioned recently are big ones as well. I get you must be someone close to the folks you mentioned above and likely sound upset about him leaving, but really a need to do this on here?? I suppose we could also just talk about all of the other real and currently teaching and designing users on here (Bruckner8??) and so on??
  5. Im with you, but regardless of titles, SCV losing their arranger and some brass leadership from a championship and high brass winning team is going to obviously hurt them. It seems logical that Crotts will fit great at BD, he marched there after all. Shaw is no brainer at Phantom. Seems like Crown folks now going to be leading SCV. Lots of changes at one time, going to take a bit to get things settled back in. I'm sure SCV will still be great, and they've kept some key brass spots, as well as a top percussion program, helping with the transition.
  6. He meant to quote me. I reclarified my thoughts, but still believe the new percussion team COULD be better long term with the other incoming additions as have been discussed on here. IMHO of course.
  7. Oh you guys.. Does this make you feel better? "Cadets with major overhaul, bringing in big name team across the board. Huge upswing in brass and although percussion is a strong suit already, the music program could potentially get better collectively moving forward." Like Cappy said, silly season!!
  8. My understanding is they made an arranger change and said person wanted to bring their own team in. Happens all the time. Sounds more like some of the younger Crown folks. Much like when several went to Cavies a few years back. Not sure the need to blow it up after championship season a year ago, but hindsight is... 2020. BD and Phantom getting major staff additions with these folks and it will be interesting to see if these changes for SCV can produce similar results as last 3 years. Tall order for sure with first time arranger and caption head. (Great pedigree obviously) Just one of a few fun storylines for next season!
  9. Back to updates.. Most of SCV brass staff fired in favor of new Crown staff with the Van Doren team. Prior to this, Brass Caption Head leaving for another West Coast gig. Staff going all different directions, breaking up one of best brass teams in the activity. Hope it works out for them. Shaw leaving may haunt them moving forward. Cadets with major overhaul, bringing in big name team across the board. Huge upswing in brass and percussion. Phantom trying to bring back magic with Shaw/Sage/etc. Blue Devils adding a key brass position to already great team for first time in a number of years. Other Blue teams making changes of their own. Entire activity will feel shift of theses changes of 2020! Fun time of year!!
  10. Well, letting an arranger like Shaw go and losing their Ott winning brass caption head to another corps, I guess you decide? Sounds like a little step back, at least in music land. I’d assume the visual design with a Gaines/Toth around should still be very strong. Drums aren’t going away, so that should be a plus. Crazy that these changes pale in comparison to the massive overhaul that is The Cadets.
  11. More moves than usual at the very top this year. Interesting Blue news all around and SCV changes will potentially make LARGE waves across the activity. It’s the silly season!
  12. Interesting side note: Realized that 2 of these 5 shows had the same music arrangers (Shaw/Rennick) and Brass Caption Head (Crotts) Phantom 08 SCV 18 It clearly shows how special the performance and design have to be to compete year in and out with the Blue Devils. What an amazing run!
  13. I would assume everyone can see the corps using in ear monitors now? There are several since 2015.. Bluecoats started this years ago, even before Downside Up. BTW, suggesting someone is using a met is an ridiculous statement. If someone was using a met, it would blow up the ensemble timing since one group would have perfect time and the rest would still be reliant on field time and space.That makes NO SENSE. Thats just crazy talk if you know anything about timing on a. football field. LOL. In ears, BTW, are a perfectly legal way to allow designers to place soloists wherever they want on (or off) the field and for the music team to be able to have them play in time without trying to reinvent the wheel. As someone who plays professionally for a living, this is a good thing!! I'm sure brass guys would prefer not having players 100 yards apart, but if they designers are going to do it, then by all means, we should be using the technology available to help them achieve it. It's not cheating, btw. It's using technology to elevate the activity and move it forward. And I don't care how good of a teacher you are, if visual folks want total freedom, then music folks have to make it work somehow. IMHO, the loud speakers and goo are way worse than kid(s) using in-ears to help hear time from the pit when they are 60 yards away. But that's just me.. I don't care how they do it. Whether its a magic show, Cirque or DCI. Im more concerned with the entertainment than the man behind the curtain. It's still a game and if you choose not to play it, don't complain.