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  1. I wanted to have the "complete" performance experience. I loved performing in drum corps, the physical combined with the musical, and I was able to do all of this with people who's company I enjoyed and all for a common purpose. However, I wouldn't consider myself a "drum corps junkie", I simply like too many other things, I certainly don't listen to drum corps stuff on my free time, I'd rather listen to Elton John or Varese. I take drum corps for what it is, as far as watching it is concerned, just marching bands. Aside from the Blue Devils and various other shows of a much higher quality, I
  2. That too, however, I think you're giving the average American too much credit
  3. DCI needs to shut down for a year so they can deal with this whole thing
  4. Hmm, thank you, your post is slightly eye opening. For the record, outside of the shows that I've marched, I've never attended a DCI show. Pour gasoline on me if you must, but I'm just not terribly interested, you all are the true patrons, not me. I'm far too busy now. Anyway, being within the whole thing, and once and a while on tour sitting in the stands at regionals/finals week, I guess I didn't see what you see. You DO make a very strong point though, but I still wouldn't exactly call band people the musical elite. When you have musicologists and Joe Ph.D posturing about the Blue Devils w
  5. Yeah but who's to say that band students know that much anyway? You talk as if high school band kids have this overflowing knowledge of music, they don't, they're still bandos. I hope you aren't implying that a high school bando is smarter than you, sir, I highly doubt that!! And I'm sorry, but Joe Schmo doesn't want to see a marching band show, period. He doesn't want to see a musical, he doesn't want to do any of that stuff, he just wants to pop open a cold one and watch the Packers game. I really don't think we need to worry about "Joe Schmo". You know how the old saying goes, "If you b
  6. Thank you so much for bringing this topic back on track :-) Dance shows are usually pretty intriguing and fun.
  7. To be honest, I have more music education than any of my drum corps friends (ones marching and ones that frequently attend shows) and they love all the shows. So I don't seen how drum corps is catering to any sort of academic elite. In fact, I'm gonna have to call that a flat out lie. Not that I'm talking down to you or anything, I know you're a smart man, Bawk bawk.
  8. But these things aren't objective anyway. Who's really to say that a violin is more beautiful sounding than a plastic garbage bin? Are these things merely accepted by Western society because that's what we're told to think? Yes, there is music I wouldn't say I listen to on a regular basis, but that by no means makes it bad. I don't listen to Norwegian death metal, that doesn't mean it's bad nor does it not take the skill of any other aural creation. Applying objective standards to a subjective art is pointless in the long run, it's really about what the individual happens to like. Of course it
  9. Right, and I made this thread asking what ballets, musicals, etc that people have gone to lately and what they like, you silly goose What are you getting all riled up about?
  10. La Boheme And that's not the point. Everyone has expectations, and chances the audience had an idea going in, and if they didn't who cares? Eric Whitacre has been pretty successful, and from what I've heard so has his opera. I don't understand what exactly you're getting at, but I'm pretty sure it's off topic like the rest of your posts. Please people, this thread has nothing to do with heightened pluralism in drum corps, merely what people on this board happen to like and attend!!!!!!!! At least we managed to go one page on topic
  11. If someone in a drum corps did that, especially back in the day, a fight would've broken out
  12. Post-modernism, baby! We live in a pluralist age, that's why women and brown people are allowed to vote
  13. Why does it bother you if someone on here does not like ballet as much as you do ? This is akin to you going onto a ballet discussion forum board and asking the ballet lovers what do they think of modern Drum Corps and if thry don't enjoy it as much as you do, why the ballet lovers don't have the same appreciation for modern Drum Corps as you do. Why shoould they care about Drum Corps ? And why do people in your view HAVE to have an appreciation for ballet , Opera.... or Drum Corps......anyway ? Why not? I have an appreciation for all things music and performing arts related, I think it