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  1. I really admire the optimism of Scouts fans. But you need to realize that there is sometime wrong with the show design. You can blame slotting, performance order, judges or even the wind when the color guard is bad.......BTW there in no wind in the Alamodome or the Georgia Dome. Musically the show doesn't work. The visual program program is vastly better than year but is not getting clean. The crowd response is always incredible for the Scouts, but if wonder if the ovations they receive are really for the show they just saw or a response to tradition and history .BTW...... Do not thiink that this is an attack but more of a reality check. I have been a fan of the Madison Scouts for more than three decades! But all the red marks in the world are not going are to fix show design problems or hurt my feelings in any way.
  2. Wow. Just when I thought Crossmen were about out of the chase they make on Blue Stars.
  3. I think that would be boring. Can you imagine what would happen once the sound engineers got hold of the recording. We have enough Muzak already. I attended Northeast Louisiana University as a part of the band. Jay Bocook did his graduate work there and a lot of the arrangements for the band. We did the Jensen recordings that marching bands would use to select music for their shows. It had always been recorded in a band room with mics and mixing boards and it sounded really bland. Eventually it was decided to record the music outdoors and sometimes at festivals. The difference was amazing! Jensen had much greater sales from the recordings done with the more realistic sounds created in an authentic environment. So to me when a few fans make a little noise it's just part of the background that makes drum corps so unique. Of course the idiots screaming during the quiet opening of Cavies 1990 show made me want to punch them in the mouth. LOL
  4. Ok then.... you accuse Michael of bias but give no specific examples. You mention that you believe that he has a lack of qualifications to have his position with What credentials do you think someone should have? And what are yours? I have seen some pretty heated arguments on these forums, but I am not used to seeing this kind of personal attack. BTW my comment about being involved in drum corps for all these years was in no way a diss to you and I am sorry if it came off that way. When you say "sour grapes" I have no idea what you talking about. I won't respond to any more of your comments because there is something going on here that is very odd and completely distasteful. Of The 35 years I mentioned only 3 were as a corps member the rest were just " In the stands".
  5. Why are you accusing the "Crown Honks" as you use the term of being the one'e putting down Blue Devils. There are a lot people that dont like the direction that Blue Devils have gone the last few years. And the simple fact is that BD visual program is not nearly as demanding as their top tier competitors nor is it as demanding as their own shows from the past.. This is not to say that show is enjoyable. It is! And as far the booing..... Booing was occuring decades before the BD's furniture shows. The first show I ever went to 1978.... people in stands booed when Scouts beat Bridgmen. Sometimes a boo or hiss just comes is just part of human nature for better or worse. .. I still always applaud at the end of a corps show even I didnt like it.... I am applauding the work and dedication the kids put worth. If something makes me angry I bring it you good people on DCP forums. '
  6. I am really surprised the hear you say these kind of things. Most of the things Michael Boo does for are scores analysis...... like recap and movements within standings. He is just as free as you or I to voice his opinion about what he believes and those opinions are usually in the forums section of DCP. Where do see bias in anything he points out? I have never seen it. I am wondering why you brought this up in the first place. I have a feeling you might be unhappy with a corps you like getting bad visual scores recently. BTW. I have been involved in Drum Corps about 35 years.
  7. 1984 Garfield Cadets. One of Mr. Zingali's greatest masterpieces. He has so many, but this is the one that I think made every other corps realize that the old ways of thinking about visual were gone. My personal favorite is Star 1990, because the end of that show was so intense and each impact point was more than the one that came before. It contains my all time favorite company front as well.
  8. I am not sure if I buy the home show thing. Otherwise the Madison Scouts would have a whole bunch more titles. Yes I know that finals is not really a home show, but you see a lot of locals some of which you wouldn't normally see at a championship. There is something to said for performance order but I think it is given way to much blame particularly by Scouts fans..... I have not really heard as much about it from Crossmen backers.... ... .I heard it more frequently this season than usual... or course maybe I am just noticing it more. Been stuck at home recovering from foot surgery... and DCP and FN are the only things that have kept me sane these last few weeks.
  9. I miss the Astrodome too. It still stands but it is such neglect that it is actually too unsafe to hold events of any kind. The worse past is that it is still not even paid off.. It became a victim of professional sports teams owner/ extortionist. They want the pretty new stadium with all the nicest sky-boxes and if they don't get it they threaten to move the team. And of course want all of this paid for by taxpayers. Can you tell I am still P.Off at Bud Adams? LoL and good riddance.
  10. Matt and Meredith should stick to 8 minutes cooking segments on morning talk shows. Bob Costas is always an embarrassment. He seems to think the Olympics are where you go to play basketball and nothing else. Maybe 2 Americans were even mentioned who were not NBA players. Those guys already get more than fame and fortune than they are entitled to. Even worse was when some of the smaller nations came in He would say " never won a medal". He has no understanding of what the Olympics mean to athletes competing in the less profitable or popular sports.
  11. It may still be too early to say that Crown's chances at the title were lost last night in ATL. I remember quite a few posters writing that Blue Devils had it in the bag after beating Cadets by 0.7 in Atlanta last year just to end up in 2nd at finals.
  12. I will go ahead and LOL this in advance so that no one will call me a hater. It's just a joke..... I love the Blue Devils this year. I miss the way all of the Olmypic athletes used to march into the stadium in step. Now they just kind of scatter in without any formation at all. Who do they think they are....the Blue Devils?
  13. I don't understand how people are coming here with the idea that it could be more dangerous to stop a show during the middle of a performance than to let the corps finish..... HUH? Corps staff stop run throughs every day of the week and believe or not performing members do actually look at the DMs. When someone goes down during a performance and is unable to get back up every effort should be made the get them out of the way or to get assistance to them. There could have been something far worse than a twisted ankle or sprain. This is not football where a really long play rarely exceeds a few seconds. Last night during Academy's show we saw the way guard equipment was being blown yards away from it's release point. That show should have been stopped. I noticed that video is not on the Fan Network today. I wonder why.
  14. I wish they would quit making changes to the end on that show and focus on the obvious dirt still in the drill.