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  1. I say Bluecoats but like in 2011, it's almost too good. These shows seems to have a hard time keeping up with the awesome beginnings through the rest of the show.
  2. So many amateur lawyers on here when this issue comes up. I’m not a lawyer but I asked an Entertainment Attorney about this several years ago and he said DCI has NO responsibility for anything other than the standard disclaimer on tickets that the show should not be filmed, rebroadcast, blah, blah After that, the person who posts on YouTube is the criminal.
  3. My fantasy show 2011; Coats opener, Xmen ballad, Madison closer, BD feet, Crown lips and SCV drums. Throw in some Cavies rifles and PR flags. The closest to that tonight, The Cadets. My winners.
  4. Tell "that guy" to quit clapping in front of the mics on the sideline. ;-0
  5. Look it's human nature for fans who have reached new heights (3 years in 8th for Blue Stars) with aspirations for improvement to panic when they fall back a bit. It is all the same things that Crown fans began to say last year when they didn't hit 1st after the silver in 09, "our show is more complex", "we finish strong", "judge X hates us", etc. Take a deep breath Stars fans. I have no dog in this fight (formerly BD then SCV lover, not the last few years). I see BS, BK and BAC in a virtual tie BUT if not for their great percussion, I'd have the Stars alone in 11th.
  6. This year: SOA Xmen Blue Stars Madison Cavies Cadets PR BK Historically, BK and Bstars out, SCV and BD in.
  7. This is a VERY important part of judging for those of us who enjoy the guards but are not guard people. Sometimes the best guards are so busy dazzling us with technique that we are lost in their coordination with the show. There are many "simple" guard moves that look incredible and wow the crowd. The early 2000 Cavies and late 00 Crown guards were masters of giving us the best of both (no one has stood out at that in the last 2 years IMHO). I think the judges do read these differences well.
  8. I "want" Madison to decline BUT what if they take the place of the Blue Stars? That leaves only the the 7 that wanted to go outside DCI and create their own events. They continue to test the system on DCI's dime. We really need as many outsiders keeping an eye on this disloyal group as possible. There, I don't know how to vote...
  9. I'll second the "we don't know." I've been told that the moment of the fall does not count against them but if it takes "too long" (whatever that is) to recover either musically or visually the score will be effected.
  10. Bringing up Xmen and PC, I can see both having VASTLY better shows this year and then getting the same placements because of that great group in front of them. It's really a shame that their improvement "might" not be rewarded in the standings. I am already a fan of both shows!
  11. Hey Madison, Bloo and Stars fans, READ THE TITLE. Unless you are vying for 11th or lower (congrats, you're not), why are you arguing in this thread. There seem to only be about 30 people left commenting on this forum and 20 of them are from those corps. Can we talk a little about the corps in the OP.
  12. Well, she's been shacked up with someone none of us know for quite some time.
  13. I've only seen theater and video shows but my opinion is that I like almost every corps show better than last year. The few that I don't are almost equal to 2010 AND it's only JUNE! This year is already my #2 only to 2003 this century.