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  1. Which recap are you looking at? Cavies were only .05 thats five one hundredths of a point from Boston. I’d say they’re pretty even in the music caption. Visually the Cavaliers are dirty and it’s carrying over into the GE.
  2. The schedule I saw have The Cavaliers going on before Boston.
  3. If Bluecoats are currently in 1st and 4 points ahead of 6th place Cavaliers. That means you have 6 corps separated by 4 points. Would highly doubt there be a 2.5 point difference between the current 5th and 6th place when 6 corps are in the equation.
  4. Not sure why you keep thinking someone in the next grouping are going to pass the Cavaliers. Of course anything is possible but... head to head the Cavaliers scored almost 2.5 points higher then Blue Stars last night. That score was after 5 days with no shows and four days of changes. The Cavaliers have not even gone head to head with Crown and BAC yet. Cavaliers have just as much opportunity to move into 4th as someone else into sixth. While I agree with your groupings I don’t agree with some of your reasons.
  5. It’s easy.... fire them and replace them with a woman. Lol.
  6. The more I watch it the more I love the new ending.
  7. Agreed. I grimaced when they pulled out the female cut outs. Again. These were bad design choices by the staff.
  8. Agreed. Bluecoats as well with Tilt/Kinetic Noise/Downside Up. Lots of corps have had success without male/female gender references.
  9. You do realize that the last three years SCV has marched show designs that we’re gender neutral? They’ve had their most continual success in decades.All males or all females could have marched these shows and had been title contenders. I’m not sure an all male corps has been Madisons issue the last 20 years. And I’m not Not seeing the thematically tie in with the Cavaliers. Samurai /007/Machine/Immortal/Mad World/Propaganda/Men Are from Mars/Wrong Side of The Tracks (and more) had amazing design success using all males.
  10. Just watched the show for the first time. All the women in the world aren’t saving this 1980’s show design. This management team and designers need to be replaced.
  11. Seriously? And I did put an “lol”at the end. It is kind of ironic though that almost a month into the season and no videos have been leaked and within a few hours of us mentioning there’s one posted. Just kind of funny.
  12. Funny. Show was just posted. And who says no one reads DCP? Lol.
  13. Yesterday’s feed is much better quality. They’re leaving them up so u can watch whenever.
  14. Keep looking everyday. Was thinking the same thing
  15. Just saw/heard the show changes and all ive got to say is hot ####. That horn line is on fire. Shows starting to make sense and is getting cleaner. Wow. The ending is much better. I don’t know much about the technical aspects of guard, but who cares? They are incredible and have so many wow moments and are in your face begging to be watched the whole time. This IS the Cavaliers.
  16. Oh Colt-EEE. Larissa cracks me up. i love that da*n show. Lol.
  17. Great job!!! Never saw that. But the men are only guests not permanent, thus not considered to be a Rockette. Awesome video though.
  18. That’s what some of us have been saying all along. This decision was not out of choice but as a necessity. For them to claim anything else is insulting. If it was hard putting together a membership for this year, I could only imagine how hard it would’ve been after this seasons result. Maybe they saved 2020 with this decision.
  19. I grew up wanting to do high kicks with the Rockettes . But those pesky ladies don’t accept any guys in their line. i kid...I kid...but you get my point.
  20. Being a non profit, currently the Cavaliers membership are protected by law. National laws would have to change.
  21. Not to mention the all the barely clothed bodies during rehearsals as well as locker rooms, gym floors, buses, etc...
  22. Sums the situation up perfectly including the non profit membership. best read of the day.
  23. While I appreciate your side and understand your beliefs, I did join a fraternity in college. And while everything was not innocent I did learn many great qualities and develop bonds that I will never forget. Just like marching band and drum corps the fraternity taught me confidence. It molded me into a leader. We did great volunteer work. We were pushed to learn. The positives far out weighed the negative. DCI is much like a fraternal organization.
  24. Totally understand. And wasn’t judging the move. Just wanted to point out that there are those that do march in all male corps for the brotherhood.
  25. I’ll guarantee you that the Cavaliers board was aware that this was happening already. I’ll also guarantee you that before the Cavaliers were to do anything of this magnitude they will take the wait and see approach. Definitely sit back and see what happens with the Madison Scouts. If you aren’t aware the Cavaliers Organization is handled much differently.