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  1. Keep looking everyday. Was thinking the same thing
  2. Just saw/heard the show changes and all ive got to say is hot ####. That horn line is on fire. Shows starting to make sense and is getting cleaner. Wow. The ending is much better. I don’t know much about the technical aspects of guard, but who cares? They are incredible and have so many wow moments and are in your face begging to be watched the whole time. This IS the Cavaliers.
  3. Oh Colt-EEE. Larissa cracks me up. i love that da*n show. Lol.
  4. Great job!!! Never saw that. But the men are only guests not permanent, thus not considered to be a Rockette. Awesome video though.
  5. That’s what some of us have been saying all along. This decision was not out of choice but as a necessity. For them to claim anything else is insulting. If it was hard putting together a membership for this year, I could only imagine how hard it would’ve been after this seasons result. Maybe they saved 2020 with this decision.
  6. I grew up wanting to do high kicks with the Rockettes . But those pesky ladies don’t accept any guys in their line. i kid...I kid...but you get my point.
  7. Being a non profit, currently the Cavaliers membership are protected by law. National laws would have to change.
  8. Not to mention the all the barely clothed bodies during rehearsals as well as locker rooms, gym floors, buses, etc...
  9. Sums the situation up perfectly including the non profit membership. best read of the day.
  10. While I appreciate your side and understand your beliefs, I did join a fraternity in college. And while everything was not innocent I did learn many great qualities and develop bonds that I will never forget. Just like marching band and drum corps the fraternity taught me confidence. It molded me into a leader. We did great volunteer work. We were pushed to learn. The positives far out weighed the negative. DCI is much like a fraternal organization.
  11. Totally understand. And wasn’t judging the move. Just wanted to point out that there are those that do march in all male corps for the brotherhood.
  12. I’ll guarantee you that the Cavaliers board was aware that this was happening already. I’ll also guarantee you that before the Cavaliers were to do anything of this magnitude they will take the wait and see approach. Definitely sit back and see what happens with the Madison Scouts. If you aren’t aware the Cavaliers Organization is handled much differently.
  13. If it does happen I hope to the high heavens that the Cavaliers staff handles it better then Madisons staff. I honestly feel bad for the current members as well as the Alums who may have not known or seen this coming. I definitely don’t agree with the timing because instead of this looking like a progressive move it comes across as desperation from the organization. A move like this needs planning, it needs an action plan. They are basically needing to rebrand the Madison Scouts after 80 (?) years, Not only to the public but also the kids auditioning next year. Stability is key to success in D
  14. Hopefully we’ll both still be alive. and if does happen I hope it’s not handled like Madison.
  15. Unnecessary mental anguish? Please. And again the statement “it will happen.” Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. of course anything can happen. but it won’t happen because of the reasons it happened with Madison.
  16. Because young ladies have known since 1948 that the Cavaliers are an all male corps. Just like I knew growing up that I could never join the women’s swim team. Why can’t I? I could’ve tried out and beat them. That’s your argument. I should be given a chance right? I had more talent/more physical. Why can’t I be on their team? oh wait... I can try out for the men’s team??? oh wait...I can try out for another corps???
  17. Over dramatic much??? hey all you Cavaliers and parents of Cavaliers out there “Hope you never have a daughter or kids or a wife because you don’t want the corps to go co-ed”. Unbelievable.
  18. What wall? The bathroom stall??? Please stop trying to act like you know something that’s not there. I can’t say it would never happen, because who knows what laws someday get passed by government and then they’re forced. But if you think it’s going to be voluntary and in the foreseeable future you are highly mistaken. you think Madison Scouts alums have opinions, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve messed with a Cavaliers FMM.
  19. The Cavaliers have never had a female member and then told her she could no longer be a part of the corps. Madison yes. Cavaliers no. To me, basically kicking a member out of a corps for not being the right sex (Phantom/Crossmen) is far worse then knowing an organization with an all male tradition of 70 years won’t let me audition.
  20. Thank you for the thoughtful answer. So in your opinion was the problem the leadership and direction of the corps or the fact that the corps was all male???
  21. We can agree to disagree. that talented hard working kid can always choose to audition for another corps. The Cavaliers being all male does not stop your student from having the opportunity to march DCI.
  22. But that’s not the case. it was simply you are a male. You marched with us last year. We’re no longer having males in our guard. audition for another corps.
  23. Actually you’re forgetting the Open Class corps that are also part of DCI and women also audition for. And your argument will work with me when I can take my young male student who really wanted to be a member of this years Crossmen guard or audition for Phantoms Guard many years. Or how about that young man that cried when he was told he could no longer march Crossmen because they’re going female this year and he had to audition for another corps.
  24. Just because you don’t understand the comments from young men doesn’t mean their reasoning doesnt exist. Watch interviews on social media with Cavies members, talk to Cavaliers FMM, talk to men that have joined fraternities. It’s a BIG reason.