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  1. I think this statement is a prime example of what many here on DCP do with the Cavaliers and Blue Devils. These organizations have been consistently at or near the top this past decade. Yet everytime I visit this site members always find a way to put these programs or their shows down. I dont understand it! This is a very subjective art and we all have our right to opinions, but the same people just constantly choose to put down others in order to make their particular favorite look better and its very obvious those of you that do. "Their show is boring, there show isnt hard enough, their sh
  2. Sooooooo many Amazing shows by the Cavies this decade, very hard to rank, but here it is: 1) Niagra Falls (2000) 2) Frameworks (2002) 3) Machine (2006) 4) 007 (2004) 5) Spin Cycle (2003) 6) Four Corners (2001) 7) The Great Divide (2009) 8) Samurai (2008) 9) My Kind of Town (2005) 10) ...And So It Goes (2007)
  3. Totally agree...loved the new brass changes, need to be cleaner but definitly an improvement. The small visual changes were good as well. Still think that their going to need to do something more to help bring up the GE scores. While some may think this show boring I think it to be absolutely beautiful. This is an amazing year for drum corps and on any given night I believe anyone can win. Enjoy BD's show but dont understand the point difference between them and Cavies, Crown, Cadets. Maybe that will change in the coming week
  4. I agree, heard all the hype and hoped for more. fell a little flat. Not sure what Rhapsody has to do with the 30's since it was written and performed in 1924.
  5. if the show gets rained out tonight what scores would get averaged together for quarterfinals? it wouldnt be fair for this evenings corps if they would still use Allentown (assuming the show still happens tomorrow night).
  6. Is Seeding for Quarters based on the average scores of the the 3 regionals? And how does DCI determine who the judges will be during championship week? And when do we find out who they are?
  7. After years of experience marching in high school, college and with a championship drum corps i will tell you that a day off for some rest is much appreciated (and in the long run it is needed). BUT, it might not always be best for immediate scores. Shows are the best when they are most fresh to the member and when the staff can implement those changes needed to keep those scores rising. I promise you that 2 days of rehearsal with a tired corps are better then 2 days off with a well rested corps when it comes to immediate scores. Adrenaline is a miracle drug and when those tired kids hit the
  8. and agian not taking anything away from crowns score but you have to remember Cavies had a day and a half off while crown was rehearsing n performing n cleaning...
  9. it'll be interesting to see the Cavies score...they had the day off yesterday and went to six flags then slept in this morning till noon. hopefully a day of fun had them ready to make that final push leading into championship week.
  10. So when is it too much green? green bass heads, green plumes/sashes, 50 shades of green on the silks, green guard unis. FYI I am not a hater, but simply dont understand some of the choices for this show. It wouldve been more effective in my opinion if we saw no green until the end of the show or maybe every so often to prove the point. not cram it down our throats. also musically it seems to be wizard of oz based while visually it feels like jack and the beanstalk or jolly green giant. I know all the crown fans are going to be upset but i just dont get it ( i loved crown 07 08 subtle but to t
  11. while watching the madison show live this season many in the audience (includong myself) thought that they needed to add a main character, or hero to the show. The way the show is now is very confusing, like the character is fighting with itself, there is no real good v. evil...maybe someone, like a judge also felt this way and passed along the info to help develop the effect.
  12. 1 BD 2 Cavies 3 Crown 4 Cadets 5 SCV 6 Phantom 7 Coats 8 Stars 9 Knights 10 Crusaders 11 Glassmen 12 Colts
  13. Kinda off the topic but sorta the biggest pet peeve is: When I tell people im going to a Drum Corps show and they say " Oh, you mean like the movie DRUMLINE." I wanna scream each time.
  14. IN CHRONO ORDER: 1989: SCV 1993: Star of Indiana 1998: Cadets 1999: SCV 2000: Cavaliers 2000: Cadets 2002: Cavaliers 2006: BD 2006: Cavaliers 2006: Phantom
  16. I too attended their performance tonight...while I agree with some that was posted, i dont think this is going to be a show that makes the push for finals. I would say more in the area of 14-15. Of course its early and also depends on what they do on the field. But i left a little uninspired by their musical book. I hope they prove me wrong as the season progresses because i only wish them the best. Only time will tell.
  17. I dont care how good their show is, me personally find their "homemade" flags to be a complete distraction. And before anyone starts to lecture, I do understand the history behind them. Also, invest in some guard uniforms, wearing pajamas or workout gear on the field is gettin old. I took a first timer to a show last summer and after BK performed she turned to me and asked if the corps didnt have any money thats why visually they looked like that. Time to move on people...
  18. so I sat directly on the 50 yard line 4 rows in front of the judges for championships this year. all during quarterfinals i could hear the gockblocks from the guards practicing on the grassy knoll. I thought to myself "dont worry about it, theyll fix it for tomorrow night." Friday at semis sure enough there goes the gockblock again all during the shows. how the judges werent concerned was beyond me. you could hear it louder then the ballads on the field. I had enough! I missed a corps show walked down to the DCI "VIP" trailer and told them how bad it was and how everyone in my section was anno
  19. hey man i get at the airport at 3:30 and am just chillin in the indy area until i catch the cavies rehearsal at 7:30. so u can catch a lift from me, as long as you're not a serial killer or somethin ;)
  20. .....and SCV fiddler show 1992, with the bird whistles
  21. THANKS for the help....would the same apply for those of us going from the airport straight to bloomington?
  22. After lurking on these boards for quite some time now..i've finally decided to register. Heres my two cents on this season. A little background: i marched BD in 1990 and Cavies 91 and 92. I also have nothin but the upmost respect for phantom who over the years has become a favorite. This year ive had the privilege to see these corps perform in Phoenix, Denver, San Antonio and now Atlanta and in 11 days i'll be on the 50 yardline cheerin them all in Bloomington. I have every top six show audio and video since 1989..and have been to finals every year since 2000.Not bragging just showin my bac
  23. Does Anyone Know if the cavies did the ending? if so, how was it?