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  1. Kinda off the topic but sorta the biggest pet peeve is: When I tell people im going to a Drum Corps show and they say " Oh, you mean like the movie DRUMLINE." I wanna scream each time.
  2. IN CHRONO ORDER: 1989: SCV 1993: Star of Indiana 1998: Cadets 1999: SCV 2000: Cavaliers 2000: Cadets 2002: Cavaliers 2006: BD 2006: Cavaliers 2006: Phantom
  4. I too attended their performance tonight...while I agree with some that was posted, i dont think this is going to be a show that makes the push for finals. I would say more in the area of 14-15. Of course its early and also depends on what they do on the field. But i left a little uninspired by their musical book. I hope they prove me wrong as the season progresses because i only wish them the best. Only time will tell.
  5. I dont care how good their show is, me personally find their "homemade" flags to be a complete distraction. And before anyone starts to lecture, I do understand the history behind them. Also, invest in some guard uniforms, wearing pajamas or workout gear on the field is gettin old. I took a first timer to a show last summer and after BK performed she turned to me and asked if the corps didnt have any money thats why visually they looked like that. Time to move on people...
  6. so I sat directly on the 50 yard line 4 rows in front of the judges for championships this year. all during quarterfinals i could hear the gockblocks from the guards practicing on the grassy knoll. I thought to myself "dont worry about it, theyll fix it for tomorrow night." Friday at semis sure enough there goes the gockblock again all during the shows. how the judges werent concerned was beyond me. you could hear it louder then the ballads on the field. I had enough! I missed a corps show walked down to the DCI "VIP" trailer and told them how bad it was and how everyone in my section was annoyed by it. they told me that no one had brought this to their attention before me...are you serious? the judges couldnt hear that? To the reps from DCIs' credit they did get on the phone and resolve the problem shortly after.
  7. hey man i get at the airport at 3:30 and am just chillin in the indy area until i catch the cavies rehearsal at 7:30. so u can catch a lift from me, as long as you're not a serial killer or somethin ;)
  8. .....and SCV fiddler show 1992, with the bird whistles
  9. THANKS for the help....would the same apply for those of us going from the airport straight to bloomington?
  10. After lurking on these boards for quite some time now..i've finally decided to register. Heres my two cents on this season. A little background: i marched BD in 1990 and Cavies 91 and 92. I also have nothin but the upmost respect for phantom who over the years has become a favorite. This year ive had the privilege to see these corps perform in Phoenix, Denver, San Antonio and now Atlanta and in 11 days i'll be on the 50 yardline cheerin them all in Bloomington. I have every top six show audio and video since 1989..and have been to finals every year since 2000.Not bragging just showin my background for my thoughts.In my simple opinion these are your top three for 2008 (BD, Cavies and Phantom). Ive read comment after comment from other members so here are a few of mine. 1) I think Phantom definitly deserves top percussion, with cavies and BD following. So kudos to the judges. 2) Visually I think Cavies take this award, their program is stunning and effective and the new ending when clean will be incredible. While i understand BD to be 'absurd' there is way too much running to spots. And visually, though better than previous years i still dont think to be as demanding. And like others on this board feel their theme is giving too much leaneancy with the design. And Phantoms weak link is their show design. Im sorry just feel the designer could have done more with the program given:( I watched tonights programs again when i got back to my room and it just confirmed my opinions and others who were in the stands around me. 3) With the guards: BD seemed to be a little dirty tonight and cavies are starting to clean it up, as the scrores are starting to show. phantom is doing well but i dont think in the end they have the guard to overtake the other two. 4) Musically Phantom is the LOUDest and if thats how you decide a winner they got it, but i think they tend to get a little "blatty" in spots and their quality is being effected. While BD and Cavies may not be as loud, i think their overall quality of sound is much rounder and balanced. And in effectiveness, i know there are some who think the cavies book is too boring but tonight this music for me had the biggest chill factor. If I could predict the future Im gonna have to say finals in this order 1) Cavaliers, if they clean it up, and give us a little more volume, without compromising tone 2)BD,good program but not sure if it says championship , a little too "sloppy" for me. and i dont mean in performance by the members but in design 3) Phantom, love this corps but a show design that just doesnt do anything for me and can they play loud while maintaining tone quality? Thanks for readin my post and hope to see everyone in Bloomington!!!!!!
  11. Does Anyone Know if the cavies did the ending? if so, how was it?