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  1. I’ll just leave this here.... (.....they’re not bugles)
  2. So, it turns out they planned it the whole time... Idiots.
  3. He left tour? I thought he at least stayed until the summer was over, and then quit....
  4. I couldn’t help but notice that Andy Grindle, the Brass Caption Head in 2018, completely erased any trace of his Pioneer connection from his LinkedIn profile. In a way, I feel for the guy, and the few staff who really wanted 2018 to be different than all the other typical Pioneer seasons. I wish him the best. He seems like he really was sincere and wanted it to be different.
  5. This sorta indicates that they stole it and were proud of it.
  6. When did this become something “every corps does”? There a post over on reddit showing a member of one corps with an item that clearly belonged to another corps, and some people are actually defending it as a common occurrence!!!! When I marched, albeit 20 years ago, if anyone in the corps flat out stole things from members of another corps, that was dismissal and the nearest bus stop home. I can’t imagine that this has become acceptable.
  7. Regiment used to have the biggest contra line in DCI when we had 14. Regiment IS low brass. They need the biggest contra line again. Make it 20......
  8. Looking at MM comments, the kids pretty much have to buy one of their meals a day at some restaurant while on tour. I may be mistaken, but I read something to that effect on reddit. Holy hell, that adds up money wise! We had more food than we could eat at Regiment when I marched. If you bought something at McDonald’s, etc, it was just because you wanted to, not because there wasn’t going to be a meal provided.
  9. Agreed, but Jim Wren wasn’t the great Jim Wren when he first started writing either. Will Pitts will mature as an arranger and do a hell of a job at Regiment. I hope....
  10. That is what is worrying to me....for all the talk that we’re doing, will anything really happen? Has anyone tried to wrestle the reins from Roman before, only to have him win out in the end and continue to do the status quo at Pioneer? Btw, has anyone heard how the MMs are holding up? Threads on Reddit have either been locked or not updated in a few days.
  11. As a parent, if I had to pay $2900 tuition fees for my kid to march at Pioneer (even though it’s the “lowest fees in world class”) just to find out they were being treated like garbage, I would be livid. Hell, I’m angry already about how these kids, who just wanted an opportunity to march corps, are being treated, and I don’t know any of them.